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First on the agenda was Ms. Beatrice Forniss, former state economic developer. Ms. Forniss is currently employed by Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood. She came to address the commission body on ways to promote and finance the proposed arena that has been bantered about for a year now.

Ms. Forniss addressed the commission on how to acquire grants and money and to advise the commission on the manners and usage of the arena to create the most income and interest in pursuing this project.

Ms. Forniss left the commissioners with several things to think about, uppermost is just how serious the county is about getting the arena. She promised to come back and help if the commission decides to move forward.

EMA Director:

The newly installed cameras and better ways to operate and position them were discussed. Mr. Brock has been in contact with the installer for the cost factor to move one of the monitors on the second floor to a wall mount. Also, to install a monitor at the lower door and to install a system away from the public whereby a law official can review all monitoring systems if the need arises. The cost for these modifications and training to be held on operations factors involved with the system was estimated at a cost of $3,800.00.

Sheriff’s Report:

Sheriff Brock advised the commission that the three vehicles placed for sale on the Gov. Deal list had not met the minimum bid amount. None of these vehicles are in running condition.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee advised that bids for bridge repairs on County Road 63 needed to be opened. These bids were opened with the following results:

1. Under the construction factor Murphy was the low bidder at $195,249.00

2. Steel piping low bid was $28,750.00

3. Components only had one bid at $174,927.96

Mr. Foshee asked for time to review and check all the bids and report tomorrow at the regular commission meeting. The commission body agreed to this request.

Mr. Foshee spoke briefly on the new motor graders and the GPS system they have. This system shows idle time, moving time, location and almost anything else one can think of. Watch out drivers, big brother is watching.

Mr. Foshee asked about the county drug testing policy. He was wondering if it had gone by the wayside, if so, could it be restarted and asked for the guidelines around random testing.

County Administrator:

1. Ms. Brown advised the commission body that the state severe weather tax holiday needed to come before them at the regular meeting. She advised that two options existed for this holiday and they could select whichever one they wanted.

2. Water intrusion into the courthouse was discussed again. A bid to check out the reason for the leaks was offered at a cost of $2,935.00.

3. Ms. Brown made the commissioners aware that they must approve the County depositors at the next meeting.

4. The holiday schedule needs approving at the next meeting.

5. Invoices from Baldwin County dealing with housing juvenile defendant’s needs approval.

6. A travel expense invoice from the economic developer needs approval at the next meeting.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

It was announced District 4 needed a truck driver.

The voting center at the Castleberry Nutritional Center was a topic for discussion. It seems a 90 year old lady fell at the polling place due to weeds and debris in the area. It seems that there is a failure to understand who takes care of what at this school system building. Hopefully something will get worked out about this and no one will get hurt or harmed while trying to vote.

Discussion of county paid insurance arose. Ms. Brown was tasked with checking cost factors and see if there might be a way to improve insurance coverage at a cheaper price. She will work with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and see what works out.

Mr. Millender noted that the Animal Shelter must be talked about. It was determined that the county would maintain operation of the facility and would advertise for employee(s).