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Normally I take little pleasure in seeing someone face legal troubles but in this case I’ll make an exception. After all this person has put me through personally and what he and his cohort did to my wife also, this just creates a good feeling all over more than anywhere else. The only thing that will put more icing on this cake is if he should implicate David Cook in some manner. That would bring the Bobbsey Twins full circle but I really don’t expect that to happen. ‘Course I never really expected anything else to happen either.

With lying Terry Gray waiting on trial to answer for his accusations of statutory rape and now this accused dope dealing individual being called to face a jury of his peers, it seems Karma has almost run a full course, and she has teeth.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the media handles andrews situation. I wonder if he will get to enjoy all those “speculations” that creeped out on me.

I am thrilled to see the Attorney General’s office will be handling the prosecution, perhaps they will send a better, more skilled attorney than handled my case. I hope so anyway because I sincerely feel Andrews has worked hard for and richly deserves to pay for his crimes with a little “behind the bars” time.

I recall there was no slack up in my persecution when it was pointed out that I could stand to lose my military retirement, something I’d worked 28 hard years to get while protecting lying slime such as this and Terry Gray. Wonder how safe his retirement will be from the school system. Me thinks there will be a slack up on the buying of new pickups.

Anyway, Happy Easter to me.