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Welcome to my world

Posted on April 15, 2013 at 6:08 AM Comments comments (264)
Greetings to all who see this.  I'm not up to speed on blogs and stuff but my website managers keep saying it's a great way to communicate and I'm willing to try it.
I encourage everyone to look over my website at
I created the website to ensure I could maintain my media status at meetings, etc. 
I'd really had no problem with my media status linked to WPPG until Mayor Wolff, the owner of WPPG, made it a point to pull me to accomodate the local newly elected bulling commissioner in the county. 
Mr. Wolff has assured me this is just a "temporary" thing until the city election is over.  Well, after having been pulled three times over the past 2 years for standing up for my beliefs and choices that had no detriment to the station via the FCC, I told him I was not his yo-yo.  Coincidentally, all three times were to accommodate the same person.  Wonder what he's got on the Mayor.  Whatever it is it's certainly can't be a two-way street 'cause Wolff didn't get what he needed for the city dealing with the bond issues needed and help from the commission.
I had intended for this to be a news outlet and post things dealing with news items, commission meetings, council meetings and other meetings plus items of interest.
Unfortunately things have gotten into a situation where I feel compelled to use it to describe what's happening to me.
Rest assured anything going on in my life now is being driven by a select group of our county commissioners who don't want the rocks kicked over to show their waste, ineptitude, disregard of the rules and laws of our land, etc.
I believe they figure if I'm wrapped up in having to fend off charges and false allegations I'll be to busy to keep an eye on them but, I don't think they know just how much drive and determination I have.
I hope this website can be used to bring to light all the news that's fit to print and keep the citizens of Conecuh posted on what's happening in their government.
Anyone wishing to post on this website please send me what you want to put up.  I reserve the right to publish or reject at my discretion without explanation.  Any submitted items become the sole property of Conecuh County News and Views.
Anyone wishing to advertise on this website may feel free to contact me.  You'll probably be surprised how little it cost in money but, just like the city employee threatened simply because they liked the Conecuh County News and Views Face book page, you may have to have some intestinal fortitude to place your name or business on here.
Wish me luck and help if you dare.