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"It's my road I tell you, MY ROAD, can't no body drive on my road without my permission, don't get on my road, I mean it now."

Wonder what makes that face so RED?????

Rant Time Again

Sometimes it’s just not enough to do one rant, there are actually occasions when seconds are needed other than when voting on issues.

With that said let’s get right to this issue.

This rant is directed at one person, Johnny Andrews, District 3 Commissioner.

Just who do you think you are besides the biggest drunken, bulling idiot in Conecuh County?

To set the background so everyone will know what’s going on Thursday Tess and I attended a special call meeting of the Murder Creek Lake Authority held at the Town Hall in Repton. We decided we were running ahead of schedule we would take a circuitous route getting there and look at some things on the way. We left Highway 84 in Belleville turning left on County Road 15. We continued on Country Road 15 until we reached the Lennox Community where we turned again on County Road 7 heading back to 84. In fact we had just a touch of business in that area we wanted to check on.

Evidently my phone service is not that good in that area because we traveled back to 84, went to Repton attended the meeting and I had no indication I’d received a call.

The meeting ended at approximately 5:20 PM and we started heading back. Somewhere between Repton and the airport my service must have picked back up ‘cause I got that ticking noise indicating either a text or missed call. Tess took a look at my phone and, “Lo and Behold,” it seems I’d missed a call from someone who seems to think they’re elected God and Savior for Conecuh County. My phone was blessed with a message from no less than JOHNNY ANDREWS.

Tess opted to play the message and we sat in utter awe as the “voice of the self-anointed one” graced my phone. Contained there on was a slurred, difficult to understand rant about what am I doing in his neighborhood, that he has videoed me yet once again and is compiling evidence in some type of long, ongoing harassment and intimidation scheme I’ve been involved in.

I was dumbfounded for a period of time wondering just exactly what offense I’d created by simply driving on a public county road that MY TAX goes to keep up.

I made the decision not to post anything about this until I could have it checked out more completely if some of you are wondering why you’re just now seeing this posting.

I took the recording to a laboratory and had it analyzed in an attempt to discover just exactly what I could have done to provoke such an asinine and stupid tirade from a community and county leader, a pinnacle of leadership and properness?

It took the better part of the day but finally we got results on what was going on. After careful analysis, breath analyzer testing and an I. Q. evaluation, it was concluded not only was the author of the message a complete idiot but their low I. Q. was supplemented by some Joe Palooka alcohol type spirits. Immediately I saw what I was dealing with and, quite frankly, I was not surprised any in the least. It simply confirmed what I’ve been saying for a long period of time now; our illustrious commission is being managed by a drunken bully and his right hand man, recognized by the brown stains on the tip of his nose.

As soon as I could recover from the fear and intimidation factor that washed over me I knew I need to formulate a response so that brings us to now.

Mr. Andrews are you really so stupid you cannot figure out you need to stick to some of those others that you’ve managed to bully and coward into following your every lead and stop trying your little intimidation tactics on me? I am amazed at the continuing level of stupidity you succeed in attaining every day. Is it only booze or are you also heavily self medicated?

Allow me to say this also if I may. If you see me traveling the highways and byways of Conecuh County or any other place be assured that I’m paying for the gas in my vehicle, I’m not billing the county for the miles I’m driving, unlike you. Furthermore, unless I stray from the road more than right-of-way distance it’s really none of your business what I’m doing and, unless it’s property under your control, it’s still none of your business.

Only one thing really bothers me about you and that’s the “teaching” process you used when you were in our school system. It really concerns me that you may well have taught some of the poor students that attended your class to be that special kind of stupid you exhibit. I’ve heard on more than one occasion of your “gentle” treatment of slamming some of the ball players into walls etc. What a role model you are.

As you said in your closing message on my phone, “have a nice day.”

Rant Time:

Well it’s been a while since I’ve updated anyone on the giant phony criminal case against me.

I’m sure by now everyone is aware the local D. A. has attempted to graciously back out of a mess he got caught up in and passed the buck on this capital crime to the Alabama Attorney General for continued persecution, note I did not say prosecution. I’ve heard the D. A. has designs of getting a term in office on his own accord, not just be appointed to the position. Hope no ghost from his past jump up to bite at him.

Just to show how silly things are going, on two separate occasions the Attorney General’s office has contacted my attorney asking him to have me pass information on as to how they can get in contact with the very person they are representing, the person who originally filed these phony charges to start with. Does anyone see humor in this?

Remember the State of Alabama was so broke it closed down Circuit Clerks offices throughout the state on Wednesday’s. Yep, couldn’t get nothing (I know, double negative but I feel doubly negative about this mess) done at the Circuit Clerks office on any Wednesday state wide. Well, that got changed just a short time back due, as I understand it, to some high power attorneys being disturbed at not being able to get anything done on those Wednesdays and now they have the money to keep the Clerk’s office open.

Here’s what I find a little odd about that. There is insufficient money to maintain and keep open an office essential to the operation of the justice system but they have money to pursue little ol’ me ‘cause I committed the terrible crime of not abandoning (like their father did) a 9 year old and a 5 year old but instead took them to their biological mother. I’m amazed the feds haven’t been called in yet but wait, it’s still two more months before it’s scheduled to come to trial, if they hurry perhaps Eric Holder will jump on this one.

Anyway, I see humor in the fact they are so hot to nail me to the cross but yet they cannot find, locate or know where their “star” complainant and witness may be. Sure am glad my attorney and I asked for a speedy trial, perhaps this will be over during this lifetime.

If this whole thing doesn’t show folks just how broken our justice system is, nothing will. Just go ahead, climb back in your hole, pull the dirt in and wait until something happens to you.

Enough of that, time for a brand new rant that I’ve sat on and thought about for the past week. This of course deals with the work session at the commission meeting of 25 August.

One of the issues on the agenda was an operating manual for the animal shelter. Lord knows they need one, I just hope they get it right.

Anyway, discussion got underway and there are some changes that Chief Impounding Officer Sid Lambert brought to the document he had originally submitted. One of which was the understanding of the word “impounding.” Seem Mr. Lambert was under the impression that he or someone he designates might be authorized to go out into the county, impound animals and possibly issue citations to animal owners. Attorney Bishop laid this to bed quickly. I can just see it now, a 2 member animal shelter employee group taking on the duties of keeping the shelter clean, the animals fed and watered, exercised, etc. On top of this they are going to mount their sturdy county supplied ride and traverse the highways and byway of good ol’ Conecuh looking for animals abused and neglected. Wonder just how far this authority would extend? Can they park their vehicle on the right-of-way, go into your back yard or out to your barn and see if you have any cats that haven’t caught enough mice?

I’m not a person adverse to a punishment administered to those who abuse, neglect or mistreat animals but I’m also a proponent of “keep off my property” or, if you just can’t, stand by for whatever may befall you. Pretty soon the animal shelter could have more authority than the county sheriff’s department.

If the animal shelter continues its current trend it won’t be long before it should be the largest department within the county. At one time that department operated with NO overtime, in fact no overtime was a policy dictated by both Commissioners Cook and Andrews when they were chairman and just prior to Mr. Lambert being hired as Chief Impounding Officer. After that the cap came off and overtime was absolutely authorized. I wonder if this had anything to do with Mr. Lambert not being hired in at a pay grade he might have been promised? Seems as if some of the commission body balked when others wanted to allow a new hire to come in making more than their foreman of 20 years.

It was pointed out during this discussion by Commissioner Millender that he was curious what was going on with the animal shelter, it’s as if nothing comes before the commission body dealing with the shelter and its operation. Mr. Millender asked once more about the “receipt book” that had been the topic of discussion for the past two-three months. No answers were forthcoming other than the “receipt book” was the property of the Humane Society and they refuse to allow anyone to see it. This is the same Humane Society whose Vice-President, John Crutchfield, stood in front of the commission body in March and plainly stated (I have a recording) the books were open to anyone who desired to look. Caught with their pants down, the policy has evidently changed. As Lee Peacock said in his newspaper article, what do they have to hide?

Commissioner Millender went on to ask who allowed the Humane Society to invoke all the privileges they seemed to enjoy at the shelter. No answer was forthcoming so Mr. Millender then stated he heard a letter from the Humane Society had been sent to the commission advising they were withdrawing their support from the shelter. Mr. Lambert stated he’d received such a letter and had given it to County Administrator Judy Covan. Ms. Covan said she held such a letter effective (she thought) 26 June. Mr. Millender then asked why that had not come before the commission body. Again, no answers. Commissioner Millender asked if the Humane Society still conducted their meetings at the animal shelter. Mr. Lambert said he thought the last meeting they’d had there was in April or May. Mr. Millender then asked who authorized them to conduct meetings there to start with; nothing had come before the commission body dealing with this request.

After a rather pregnant pause Commissioner Cook, with what appeared to be great effort, raised his hand (not his arm) from the top of the counter he had been resting it on and said in a low tone of voice, head hung down, that while he was Chairman he had authorized the Humane Society to have “ONE” meeting in the shelter spaces. I almost choked sitting in the audience as both Mr.’s Cook and Andrews had been instrumental in shoving the Humane Society into the shelter going so far as to tell the shelter employees they would have to cooperate with the humane society and basically giving them free reign of the area most especially to hold their meetings and any fund raisers on the property.

In fact I have a copy of a sworn statement Mr. Andrew gave to the Evergreen Magistrate in March 2013 dealing with him having me arrested over an incident at the animal shelter where he showed up with Duann Brown and Angela Boutwell, President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Humane Society supposedly to conduct an employee training session. Just exactly what positions did Ms. Brown and Boutwell have with the county at that time?

Both Commissioner Cook and Andrews were members of the Humane Society as is Mr. Lambert. In fact it was the Humane Society that footed the bill for Mr. Lambert to go to Michigan for school training that would make him the most qualified for the Chief Impounding Officer position. I guess they had a return on their investment for a period of time, lesson learned, greed will get you in the end. It was inevitable with them running the show that the Humane Society would push their way into the shelter. I say Mr.’s Cook and Andrews were members of the Humane Society, I’m not sure but popular rumor has it they are no longer members since the shenanigans of the receipt book and the unaccounted for “donations” to the animal shelter has risen. How fast and how far can you run to attempt to dodge the stink of misappropriations? Some commissioners remind me of a ‘possum, they are too greasy to fry, gotta boil them first, not that I would speak ill of a ‘possum.

Anyway, things wound down from the “work session” with a break coming before the start of the commission meeting.

Mr. Cook circulated the room going to Mr. Funderburk and Mr. Staples who were there to discuss the refinancing of a bond issue in regular session. Not being one to hold my tongue very much I couldn’t help but make a remark to others in the commission chambers that I had learned one thing about Mr. Cook during the last session, it was quite obvious he had no Pinocchio blood in him. When questioned why, I said he’d have a two foot long nose after some of his statements.

Mr. Cook couldn’t help but overhear and came rushing to me asking what I’d said. Naturally I repeated it for him. He asked if I was calling him a liar to which I did not respond in the negative. He went on to state he prided himself on trying to tell the truth and I told him he was a dismal failure. He said something else to me and I responded to him that he had certainly shown me the caliber of person he was with his statements and actions. I then asked him if he’d like to hear recordings I hold proving his statements to be false. He said something to the effect if anyone had them I would because I’m known for recording everything. I couldn’t argue with him, just reassure him that because of people like him it was not a bad habit to have.

Well, I feel better now.

Hopefully some of the citizens will see how our justice system works and take a stand to make things change.

Hopefully some of the citizens will see what we have in certain commissioners and let them be the one term wonders they richly deserve to be. I for one am sick of the drunken bully approach, I have no back bone approach, I’m just in it for me approach. If anyone feel this pertains to them just remember, sometimes when the shoe fits or the Foo S---- you have to wear it.

Fleecing the Public.

Welcome to another of my rants dealing with both elected and appointed public officials and their way of getting around the Alabama Open Meetings Act or Sunshine Law.

Executive Session: That’s the for hiding what’s going on and it is abused much more than one would think.

I invite all officials, elected or appointed, to take a look at Alabama Code 36-25A-1 through 11. There’s a lot of good stuff contained in there and it can help keep an honest person from going to jail. The only real problem with this is, getting the justice system to do their job, but I digress.

So many of our officials, both elected and appointed, are not bad people, they just don’t have the time to look, study and determine what they are responsible to and for. some are shady characters well aware of what’s contained within 36-25A and choose to go their own way until someone steps up to stop them.

Approximately 2 years ago I discovered such behavior and filed charges against the offending body. the legal system did not want to perform their job and take action so anything needing fell back on me requiring that I pay out of my pocket in an attempt to correct wrongdoing.

Several years ago I investigated a local rural water system and discovered illegal activities up to and including what can only be termed as theft of an undetermined amount of but well in excess of a quarter million dollars of water system customer’s money. Mismanagement ran rampant within this water system and armed with the information I had (primarily in the handwriting of the water authority itself) I attempted to get the local authorities involved but to no avail. I made 3 trips to the attorney general’s office in Montgomery and the very best I got was a statement from one of the lackey’s employed there that, “Mr. Windham, it’s not murder or rape so it’s not high enough profile for the attorney general to do anything.” So much for justice. Again, I paid out of my pocket to bring this group to court in an attempt to recover the public’s money.

As I tell virtually everyone, America is a fine place to live; they have everything including a wonderful legal system. the one thing they don’t have is a justice system. As soon as one is devised and catches up to our “legal” system this will be the greatest country in the world.

Back to the Alabama Open Meetings Law and the ongoing hiding of public business.

Believe it or not, should an executive session be legitimately called it cannot be like a smorgasbord of items to be discussed. One item, one executive session. Constantly you hear “we’re going into executive session to discuss good name and character, pending litigation, etc., etc. Not right folks, not right!!!!!! Also, going into session is to be a voice vote issue and each person in the group is to vote. Along with there should be some estimate of a time limit on how long the session will last. There is NO voting in executive session, the body must come back out into regular session to vote.

It seems almost every elected or appointed body thinks once those doors close and the public is out of sight and sound its open house for whatever they want to do.

If you attend the meetings on a regular basis and be aware of what’s going on you can actually catch certain things that you haven’t heard before and then raise questions. recently a situation came up where this very thing happened in a government meeting and enough of a slip of the tongue was made where I picked up on something that had never been discussed in the open. Upon questioning the governing body, no one seemed to remember exactly where that information had been discussed. the attorney was on hand and when asked if it could have been discussed in executive session, he admitted that, yes, it had been.

Folks that’s illegal government, I don’t care who you are. Now a great portion of the public is sitting out there saying, “Gee, who really cares.” Take a look at your budgets and see what’s going on there, when you see the outlay of money amounting to millions of dollars do you get concerned? I can answer that question that most folks don’t care and don’t know. That’s your money people, these people are put into to manage your assets (money) and you let them get away with this. Would you turn over to someone like that and allow them carte blanc? Woe unto you if you do.

I really can’t understand why any group of elected or appointed officials would want to go into executive session to start with. So long as they conduct business in the open they are protected from being sued, not so with business conducted in executive session.

I’ve been to numerous meetings from water to lake projects, to business issues and tons of others. The abuse of the executive session is not regulated to our commission body or our city council. I really think the bad habits of our major entities in using and abusing the executive sessions teach the others bad habits and they learn fast.

It really makes one wonder, especially me, when I make a picture of a certain item already being done then attend a meeting where 3 hours after I made the picture it is an issue that must be voted on. Why vote then? It’s already being done so what difference does it make? It would have been really funny had the motion failed. I’d love to see how some of them could have backed out of that gracefully.

it’s your money, it’s your government, and it’s your right to know what’s going on inside that little group of folks. I encourage you to get involved, monitor what’s happening. Being elected to an office does not make you an untouchable God; it makes you even more accountable to your fellow man.   


The morning after the special election seems to be the proper time to voice one’s opinion as to what is happening in our world.

First of let me say that this is a different America today than what was turned over to me as I achieved adulthood. My peers of yesteryear actually left me a better country than that I’m leaving my offspring and I am both disappointed and sorry that.

Today we have a gigantic division in what seems to be the ruling systems that we have used for so long.

Now in my seventies and having survived many presidential elections, I find myself flabbergasted at the treatment afforded the legitimately elected President. I have no understanding of what or why Trump has no chance to do anything, he is in worse shape than a lame duck anything. If it’s something he is trying to introduce or bring about such a hullabaloo is raised it’s easier to give it up and move on than try to enact it. That should be an embarrassment to every American alive. Right, wrong or indifferent Trump can’t be in left field on everything and he is the PRESIDENT.

A move is underfoot to pass a new tax bill but…….the reaction against it is being led by the same group of miscreants that are against anything he proposes. Is this tax bill right? Is it wrong? One thing for sure, someone’s not going to be happy whatever the outcome.

As referenced before, it’s split along party lines.

I have a question for every elected official in our illustrious government regardless of party affiliation. Every time I hear a Republican speak on our economy, taxes, budgets, etc. I hear them say they are against deficits. Every time I hear a Democrat speak on our economy, taxes, budgets, etc. I hear them say they are against deficits. What are our elected bodies comprised of? With the exception of one person, they are made up of Republicans and Democrats. How can we, with our elected officials on all sides being against it, have deficits? Where do the lies come in? Where do the lies stop? That’s an easy question, they stop with the voter and by voter I mean someone who’s informed, not the typical uninformed mass that go to the polls to cast their ballot. You all have seen the uninformed person; they’re the one that shows up with a toothpick in the corner of their mouth saying “who we got to vote for today?” Either that or someone that shows up and says “Oh, I’ve got to vote for so-and-so, I used to work next to his daddy and he was a good man.” We’ve also got the noddle that says something to the effect of, “he’s my neighbor, I’ve got to vote for him.” With an attitude like we can only hope their neighbor is not Al Capone or some such person.

People, wake up. Don’t look around and ask what’s wrong with America, look in the mirror and ask that question. If you don’t like the answer, do something to change it.

Winston Churchill once said “You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Much as stated in a popular song “you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” it’s your turn.

One thing I find most distasteful about the most recent election is one I don’t think the good citizens of Alabama have any idea or given any thought to but rest assured, the powers to their way to control an election and took it. The big money people of Washington bought this election.

Had I not just underwent five years of hell by being falsely accused of something and finally having the truth come out I might well have been susceptible to jump on the bandwagon of “Oh those poor women.” I am not stepping out to defend Roy Moore in any matter but I do want to remind everyone (although it is a blatant lie) everyone is to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

I gave 28 years of my life defending and fighting for this country in an attempt to keep it the land of the free and the home of the brave but unfortunately that is not the way it truly works out, something else our forefathers left us which no longer applies.

I sincerely hope Judge Roy Moore is not guilty of the accusations against him and is able to satisfy that to the public. If not, then I hope he faces the appropriate punishment for any transgressions.

I sincerely hope Doug Jones becomes the best Congressman from the state of Alabama and represents us well.

Perhaps it was just the down-right dirtiness of this election that has put doubt in my mind about Jones but the group identified as Highway 31 that fell in behind him and ran all those abhorrent advertisements of half-truths, outright lies innuendoes and him setting in his tall chair acting as if he was above the fray only indicated to me that he approved of them. Doug, you can drop that self-righteous attitude now, the elections over.

I guess the recipe is complete now and, if it’s not one we can live with, and if we can find those aforementioned “informed” voters, it can be changed next election cycle.


County Commission 11 December 2017

Meeting called to order by Chairman Byrd at 9 AM.

Invocation offered by Commissioner Campbell followed by the of Allegiance.

Roll Call showed all members present. The agenda was approved as written and the minutes from 27 November and 29 November were approved as presented.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

There were no new hires however there was one from the engineering department. A total of 11 hours overtime required approval. 3 hours for motor vehicles and 8 hours for the animal shelter.

A brief mention was made of a possible change in hours of the animal shelter but nothing definitive was announced.

Claims Approval:

Under the $500.00 there were 9 over the limit claims for approval. There were no claims under the $3,000.00 limit.

Safe Room:

Ms. Stallman was unable to attend the meeting but had sent an email to the administrator asking that pay request #10 be paid in the amount of $48,154.00. County payment for the added on was $2,488.50. County Administrator Brown asked what type of payment the commission wished to make for pay request #9. The counties legitimate payment is 25% of the bill. All issues were passed by unanimous vote with the 25% payment being made to #9.


Mr. Johnny Brock noted no spaces can be occupied until the fire marshal has approved the alarm system and the system must be monitored. A charge of $34.95 per month is charged by ADF to monitor the system. Mr. Brock volunteered to be the point of contact when alarms go off. A motion to this effect was made and approved by unanimous vote.

Mr. Brock addressed a Lyeffion Water Grant for 2 generators had been approved several months back and noted the payoff factor was to be the Commission pays in full and gets a return from the state. Total bill $19,970.00.

Mr. Brock announced he was in receipt of a check for $10,269.86 paid to EMA for meeting all EMPG requirements. Good job Mr. Brock.

Commissioner Millender suggested Mr. Brock conduct a dry run fire drill for benefit of county employees.

County Engineer:

Mr. Winston Foshee had one request to make. The Jerry Thomas Family requested they be allowed to adopt, and post a sign to this effect, a portion of the Loree Road. The Adopt A Mile program was created to allow citizens to accept responsibility for and keep clean a certain portion of a road.

County Administrator:

Ms. Stephanie Brown advised that DHR had requested to extend the current lease on the DHR building for an additional year. The new lease goes into effect on 1 February 2018 at a price of $1,106.76 per month. Lease approved by unanimous vote.

There will be an Admin workshop in Prattville. Ms. Brown expressed a desire to attend. Approved by unanimous vote.

County Attorney: Not available.

Commissioner Comments:

Commissioner Riley informed the commissioners he had received several complaints about the condition of the flag at the courthouse. He thanked me for furnishing both a U. S. and Alabama Flag for the courthouse.

No comments from the news media:

Adjourn: 9:20 AM

County Commission Meeting 27 November 2017

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd, followed by an opening invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call showed all members present.


The agenda was approved with one minor modification. Item 7 was set as a discussion on economic development between the City of Evergreen and the Conecuh County Commission. County Attorney Bishop asked this item be moved to item number 11 which is the County Attorney’s report.


The minutes of the previous regular scheduled meeting and the special call meeting of 21 November were approved as read.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

For the first time in my was nothing to come forward under this report.

Approval of Claims:

There were no over the limit claims to report.

Janice Myers Resolution:

Recently retired and longtime county worker Ms. Janice Myers was recognized for her 28 years of service to Conecuh County. This resolution was presented by County Engineer Winston Foshee, her supervisor during her final phase of employment. Ms. Myers will be a missed individual.

Cooperative District Board Appointment:

A motion to nominate Ms. Janell Stott to the position was made by District Five Commissioner Millender, seconded by District Two Commissioner Riley.

Upon this nomination and second, District Three Commissioner burst out with an interjection that he could not understand this board of commissioners. He went on to say that they had a person ready and available in this room now that had been to a variety of schools and programs based on this very same thing and they, (the commissioners), ignoring the facts before them. He went on to reference a statement made by Commissioner Millender in the recent past dealing with where Millender stated he thought this board did not know what they were doing. His entire tirade was aimed at getting himself put back on that board after he was not re-elected to it. (Perhaps the county is looking down the road at not being able to hold office from prison if he is found guilty on the 6 counts of drug distribution he currently faces).

A call for the vote resulted in 4 ayes and 1 nay with being the dissenting vote.

Conecuh Safe Room:

There was no one available to give a report on the safe room.

County Engineers Report:

1. Mr. Winston Foshee advised the commission that he had a person that was resigning from his department. This person had been hired in at an operator 1 position which meant they were not required to get a CDL license meaning they could not drive much of the equipment assigned to the engineering department. Foshee asked to change the position from Op 1 to Op noting this would improve the performance of his department. Motion made, seconded and passed to change the position.

2. Foshee noted a practice of purchasing new bush hogs every three years had been in practice and had worked well for the county. He noted this was the third year on the current bush hogs and requested permission to order new ones and, in the spring, put the current ones on the Gov. Deal board. Permission granted.

3. A request for overtime was made due to the impending agreement to help Reid State rework and repair some of the area set up for CDL testing. Mr. Foshee noted that Reid State will pay all the expenses incurred during this repair; he simply needed to make the commission aware that overtime would be encountered during this process. Permission granted.

4. Mr. Foshee recommended that for the impending Christmas holiday season that each district determine whether or not they were going to have their workers take leave or continue to work. A motion to allow this was passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Foshee had no further business to come before the commission. Mr. Millender recommended there be a work session with the engineering department after the next regularly scheduled meeting.

County Administrator:

1. Ms. Stephanie Brown informed the commission body that the IBM server contract was about to expire and requested they approve a renewal of the same at an annual cost of $2,990.00. This recommendation was approved.

2. In with the she also told the commissioners the AVG protection software was expiring and requested to continue the 30 licenses issued to county computers. Cost for this is $900.00 per year. Request approved.

3. Ms. Brown asked if the commission was ready to set the holiday schedule for 2018. She had prepared a proposal for next year’s holidays and it was approved by unanimous vote.

4. Ms. Brown informed the commissioners that the 2 December meeting needed to be rescheduled to stop a conflict with Christmas Day. It was determined the meeting would be rescheduled for Wednesday, 20 December 2017.

5. The annual Christmas Party is scheduled for 15 December, 11:30 AM-1:30 PM. The offices will be closed during that period.

6. A problem with an A/C evaporator core created a situation in the courthouse causing a fire alarm to go off. Ms. Brown noted that when the alarm went off it lead to a touch of confusion and people not really knowing where to go or how to respond. After it was determined to have EMA director Johnny Brock establish and promulgate procedures to follow in the event something like this happened again.

County Attorney’s Report:

Attorney Bishop noted that the cooperative district board formation putting both the city and county working together placed both himself and the cities attorney, Richard Hartley, working together on a common goal. He requested from the commission that he be authorized to move forward with Mr. Hartley on the goals set and that an advisory board established to advise the Cooperative District Board.

It was duly noted that time is not becoming our friend and whatever needs to be done to get the program off the ground needs to be done post haste.

Motion to allow Bishop to move forward passed by unanimous vote.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Riley encouraged the commission to move as fast as possible toward getting everything in order to work toward bringing businesses to our county/city.

Mr. Riley also noted that the recently discussed arena has a strong support group behind it and he wanted the commissioners to try and set a meeting date with this group to move forward on establishing an arena.

andrews, not willing to give up on the appointment to the Cooperative District Board again launched into how this board did not know what they were doing. He stated that the actions taken by the board by not re-appointing him had already cost the county a business that had been ready to come there and the actions of today (again by not re-appointing him) would likely cost another client to pull out.

(My opinion through his bullying, pushing and hardball tactics of the previous term of commissioners finally gotten the opportunity to see what several of the other commissioners had to live with when and his little cowardly coalition would support him even when he was wrong. Now the shoe is on the other foot and he has become as ineffective as last year’s news yet he can’t seem to give up the idea that he’s still in charge. Amazing what an election can do toward righting some wrongs. Also, let’s not forget he could still be facing 60 years in prison when his trial for distribution of drugs comes up. Enjoy I’m sure you’d tell me that if the shoe was on the other foot.)

Commissioner Byrd stated he had been approached about a lack of handicap parking and access facilities for the voting public at the old health department. Commissioner Millender noted repairs were already underway to correct this situation.

Executive Session:

A motion to go into executive session to discuss pending litigation and personnel was made. A voice vote All commissioners voted yes with the exception of who voted no.

I questioned if any action would be taken after the executive session and was told none was expected. I left. 

Evergreen City Council Meeting 7 Nov. 2017.

Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order by Mayor Wolff at 6 PM.

Roll call showed all members present.

Minutes Approval:

Minutes of meeting approved unanimously.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

1. Retired Teachers day is Tuesday, November 14, 2017. The City of Evergreen proudly plans to sign a proclamation designating it as such.

2. Veterans Day Program:

Currently scheduled at Hillcrest High School on 9 November 2017 at 9 AM. Upton is the guest speaker

3. There will be a ceremony at the Evergreen-Conecuh Veterans Monument presented by Southside Magnet School. Scheduled for Wednesday, 8 November at 12 PM.

4. Fuel testing scheduled at local gasoline stations:

The weight and measures division of Alabama Agriculture and Industries was called in to check a gas station that appeared to have some problems with proper gas/diesel delivery.

The weight and measures check revealed that water was present in the diesel fuel and the pumps were out of calibration on gasoline purchases.

Anyone believing they may have a station with problems please contact Mr. Bobby McNeil with the City of Evergreen.

5. The law firm of Beasley Allen has a class action suit for opioid drug problems and has asked the city to join them in the action. After discussion and being informed there was no cost to the city, a motion to join Beasley Allen passed by unanimous vote.

Old Business: None

New Business:

1. The city agreed by unanimous vote to join the county in to bring about an Economic Development program.

County Commissioner Michael Riley of District 2 presented a plan whereby the city and county would contribute equal amounts of money working to bring industry and business to the area. Together they have hired an economic director who has will be under contract to produce. If, after a reasonable period of time nothing is forthcoming his contract can be invalidated.

The proposal will include an advisory board to consist of 11 members with each commissioner and each council member appointing a delegate. Meetings will be held at the depot on a scheduled basis and the advisory board is expected to report back to both the commission and

2. 2018 City of Evergreen Holiday Schedule was approved as printed.

3. A resolution for a one-time salary supplement was passed by unanimous vote.

4. County Fire Association contract change:

This is merely an extension of an existing grant contract. Will cost the city nothing. Passed by unanimous vote.

5. City Clerk Appointment:

Jerry Caylor made a motion to keep Carrie as the city clerk with no pay increase seconded by Skinner.

A quick vote was called for and resulted in a 4-1 affirmative vote. Fountain attempted to bring on the appointment but was not recognized until after the vote was taken. When asked she stated she abstained from the vote because she was under the impression that the city was to re-advertise for the position and move on from there.

6. Discussion 703 N. Main Street House:

Compliance Officer Bobby McNeil is to send the owner, Terry Matthews notice that, upon receipt of the letter, he will have 90 days to complete the repairs that have been going on for many years. If the project is not acceptable after that time frame the issue of what to do about the property will be revisited.

7. Resolution on Rural St. house:

Mr. McNeil advised the council that the Ann Scott residence is in a horrid state of disrepair with weeds, debris and litter all around. Mr. McNeil was directed to contact Ms. Scott and inform her the city would be taking action toward demolishing the house if actions were not taken to correct the situation.

8. Attorney Richard Hartley provided the council with a loan modification for EE&A (Shoney’s). A motion was made and passed by unanimous vote to accept the attorney’s recommendation.

9. Attorney Hartley also recommended approval of a lease assignment for the Shrimp Basket. The council accepted the attorney’s recommendation by unanimous vote.

Accounts Payable:

Approved by unanimous vote.

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn 6:25 PM approved by unanimous vote.

County Commission 9 October 2017

Call to order 9 AM by Chairman Byrd.

Invocation by Commissioner Millender followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call showed all member present.


With one correction to the previous agenda, the agenda was approved by unanimous vote.


The minutes of both the regular meeting of 25 September 2017 and the Emergency Call meeting of 29 September 2017 were approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

There was 1 new hire at the jail, position of cook and 1 new hire at the commission office for secretary. Reported accepted by unanimous vote.

Claims Approval:

There was one claim over the $3,000.00 limit and one claim over the $500.00 limit. 1.5 hours of overtime was reported. was approved by unanimous vote.

Revenue Commissioner:

Mr. Jimmy Bell came before the commission body with a unique request. He noted his staff had a position for and money budgeted for a finance clerk position but his current employees have covered that position without the addition of another person. He asked if he could utilize the funds set aside for the position and pay it out to the current employees covering the position. After much discussion Commissioner Andrews made a motion to accept the Revenue Commissioner position. His motion died due to lack of a second and it was determined to allow the look at this situation and make a recommendation at the next meeting.

Cooperative District Resolution:

A resolution to the Cooperative District Board Articles of Incorporation came before the commission body for approval.

The Evergreen City Council has already approved this resolution and made their board appointment(s). The city’s resolution was to approve the district body to 7 members with the county having 3 appointments and the city having 3 appointments and then to allow the city to make one more appointment which must be approved by the commission.

The main jest of the resolution is to allow more members to be appointed to the Cooperative District Board. When put into a motion, the commission body voted unanimously to accept this resolution but not as the city has presented it to them.

The city nominated Mr. Tim Dantz, Bank of Evergreen, to be the seventh member of the board. The county agreed to the 7 member board member, to be added via a vote by the Cooperative District body.

The county countermanded that a non-voting position of CFO created for a financial advisor.

Motion to accept passed the county body by unanimous vote, now it must go back to the city for their stamp of approval.

In District Board meetings were held in a /skelter manner with no real announcement being afforded ample notice so citizens could attend. A firm meeting date of the second Wednesday of the month at 10 AM in the depot has been approved by both bodies.

Conecuh County Safe Room:

Grant writer Cara Stallman was on hand with 2 outstanding invoices for the safe room. She encouraged the commissioners to stop by and take a look at how things are shaping up. The invoice request for July and August were approved by unanimous vote.

County Engineer:

Mr. Winston Foshee presented the commission body with his recommendation of bid awardees from the previous meeting. A motion to accept and approved Mr. Foshee’s recommendation was passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Foshee informed the commission body that our established paved roads are decomposing and suffering due to a lack of funds. He strongly recommended that any monies set aside for new paving be diverted to the existing roads. (Commission approved this by unanimous vote). Mr. Foshee noted it cost approximately $55,000.00 per mile to resurface and maintain these roads, not to mention that several bridges are being aged and will need rework also. He noted that to continue having good roads more funds must be made available.

Commissioner Campbell asked Mr. Foshee about getting some of the older culverts replaced on the roads that receive a lot of large truck traffic. Mr. Foshee informed Mr. Campbell that he was well aware and on top of culvert replacement.

County Administrator:

1. Ms. Brown reported that Pro-Air has discovered a compressor needs replacing in one of Motion to replace made and passed.

2. The agreement with Republic on garbage pickup needs to be redone.

3. She informed the commissioners that the new lift must have a phone installed for passenger’s safety. there are a few other problems with the lift. Mr. Millender moved that the lift fixed/repaired properly. Passed.

4. She noted that courthouse security cannot communicate with each other for whatever reason. It was determined that this reported to Sheriff Brock for action.

5. It was announced there were 5 bank accounts set up. A motion to allow Ms. Brown to move money as necessary to pay county bills was made and approved.

6. It was determined a special meeting be set to discuss the latest changes to the employee handbook. This meeting Wednesday, 18 October 2017, at 10 AM.

County Attorney:

Nothing to report from Mr. Bishop.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Riley suggested the body look at holding a work session once per month prior to a meeting. He noted that certain things were coming out that he had not been aware of and they could have been addressed in work session.

On 25 October a 2 part meeting will be held with the county’s economic director. The meeting will take place at the depot starting at 10 AM with a briefing on what the economic director has found so far. The next meeting at 2 PM will be with the focus group of that attended the Reid State program a short time back.

Commissioner Millender asked the county attorney what was the purpose of having an agenda. , it sets the items to be discussed during a meeting and who may address the group.

There were no news media comments.

Motion to adjourn approved at 10:04 AM.

County Commission Meeting 25 September 2017

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd, invocation offered by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

All members were present for roll call, the agenda was approved as printed and the minutes from the previous regular meeting, 2 called meetings and a special called meeting approved by unanimous vote.


No new hires were reported. There were 2 separations from the sheriff’s department and 1 from the jail. There was a total of 6 hours of overtime, 1.5 hours with the motor vehicle division and 4 with the animal shelter.

Ms. Cathy Gardner from the probate office was on hand with questions about why the overtime hours pertaining to her had been denied at the last meeting. She informed the commission body that she had indeed worked these overtime hours; they were approved by her department head and were necessary to ensure the special election was covered.

Probate Judge Booker also came to the meeting and spoke on Ms. Gardner’s behalf telling the commissioners this is a typical thing at any election cycle and he was disturbed at the questioning of pay. He noted it is not his nature to just shove overtime into play.

Ms. Gardner also noted that Chairman Byrd had approached her and told her prior to the last meeting there would be no problem in getting her overtime pay yet that happened. Ms. Gardner went so far as to call Chairman Byrd a liar.

It appears some changing circumstances created this situation and things will get worked out.

Approve Claims:

There were no over the limit claims, motion to pay bills was approved by unanimous vote.

Annual Bid Openings:

1. County Road Department: Mr. Foshee opened all county bids and noted the bid amounts. He asked permission to hold the bids for evaluation and come before the commission with his recommendation for approval at the next meeting.

2. Commission Administration Items: There were 2 items to come before the commission from the Administrator Offices: \

A. The Evergreen Courant was the only bidder for county advertising. Their cost is .25 cents per word per week.

B. The next bids were for pest control of all county offices. Two bids were received with Salter’s Extermination being the low bid at $360.00. Motion made and passed by unanimous vote to use the lowest bidder.

Co-operative District Board:

It was duly noted the terms of the county personnel serving on the cooperative district board have been expired since last November. An individual motion to appoint Commissioner Riley and Chairman Byrd to the board was approved by unanimous vote.

County Safe Room: No one available to make remarks on Safe Room

County Engineer:

Mr. Winston Foshee noted a citizen present in the audience was on hand to request closure of a road in District 2. The road currently known as Notta Road runs through private property and terminates at the only house on the road. After it

City Council 19 September 2017

Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff, all members present for roll call.

Approval of the minutes:

Minutes approved with one correction.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

The electric department has done a great job in Florida dealing with disaster relief. Should return tomorrow.

The airport was opened for storm evacuees however, they have all left now and all is back to normal.

Old Business:

1. Approve CDBG invoices for the safe room. Unanimous vote.

2. Resolution for grant administrators services dealing with park project grant. approved by unanimous vote.

3. Resolution for engineering Awarded to Goodwyn, Mills Cawood.

4. Discussion of employee overtime. Caylor asked that Superintendents make note of why overtime was approved. Interim City Clerk Hinson noted this was already being done on time cards. Mayor Wolff and Attorney Hartley stated there needed to be a change in the Magistrates business routine. By law anyone arrested must be brought before the magistrate for bond hearing. The current magistrate has been going to the county jail to cover this but, for future reference, the police department will bring them to her. Both Mayor Wolff and the city attorney would have a meeting with the municipal judge and magistrate. Upton noted that, in his opinion, the positions could be done away with considering the city prosecutor has passed away.

New Business:

1. 2018 severe weather tax holiday is scheduled for 23-25 February 2018. Motion to this effect passed unanimously.

2. Halloween trick or treating will be 31 October 2017 (Tuesday). No further details at this time.

3. Team Jackson 5K walk/run will be held Saturday 21 October, 8 AM. Approved by unanimous vote.

4. Board appointments:

A. Planning commission needs 2 persons from each district.

B. Board of adjustments needs 1 person from each district.

C. district currently of Mayor Wolff and Upton however, their terms expired November 27, 2016. As per Attorney Hartley, they have been operating in an Ultra Vires condition since their terms expired. This is a legal term meaning that anything they have done was beyond their legal power of authority. The attorney also said any actions or decisions made could be legally questioned.

Motion by Skinner to keep the same members on the board. This was seconded by Upton. Upon for Mayor Wolff and Upton along with Skinner voted to keep themselves on the board. A like number of opposing votes came in from the other council members. did not carry. Prior to the tie vote Council Fountain forwarded the question of “can more people be added to the board.”

Attorney Hartley pointed out he had been kept out of the loop when the cooperative district board had been formed and he was in a position he had to call the bond attorney, Barry when he needed information on the board.

Upton stated that it was his understanding it had to be an elected official on the board. Davis corrected him and informed him the wording simply stated to serve on the board one must be a qualified elector. (Voter),.

Upton stated that some of the council members were not on the same page then singled out Council person Caylor saying to him that he has problems of his own.

5. Adoption of Budget for 2018:

presented by Interim City Clerk Hinson. He noted this was his best guess based on the 2015 audit. Must be adopted prior to 9/30/2017 for benefit of the USDA Library Grant. Motion carried with Fountain and Davis abstaining.

Fountain asked Interim City Clerk Hinson how long is it going to take to get a budget together for the city. It was noted that Mr. Hinson provides a weekly budget at his other job at Pike Road.

Fountain questioned the status of Bobby Skipper, is he fired; did he resign? She noted she had seen him going in and out of the Depot and wanted to know why. She was advised that he had resigned and she requested from the Interim City Clerk a copy of his resignation paperwork.

Executive Session called for at 6:45 PM for the purpose of discussing personnel issues.

Returned to regular session at 6:52 PM

Accounts payable approved by unanimo0us vote.

Adjourned at 6:55

City Council 5 September 2017

Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order by Mayor Wolff at 6 PM.

Roll Call showed all members present.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by unanimous vote.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

Mayor Wolff announced the passing of the City Prosecutor Tommy Chapman earlier in the day.

Davis led a prayer for the family in this sorrowful time.

Fountain asked for assistance in publicizing the Reid State Community Relief Drive for the citizens damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Mayor Wolff assured her he would get it announced over the radio.

“Paws in the Park” program will be held at Evergreen City Park on 23 September from 9 AM to 3 PM.

City Planning Commission needs new appointments.

Caylor noted that he was aware the terms of the Co-operative District members expired last November and asked how to go about appointing members. Mayor Wolff informed Mr. Caylor that the city appointed two members and the county appointed two members and Mr. Dantz was appointed by the board itself.

Old Business: None

New Business:

1. Bid proposals to install a heat pump at Carver Rec Center have been received. Two bids were returned, Alabama Refrigeration was declared the low bidder and was awarded the job.

2. Superintendent Sullivan requested to attend the Urban Forestry Association annual conference to be held 4-6 October. Mr. Sullivan said all he required from the city was a $115.00 registration fee and reimbursement for 2 evening meals. All other expenses are already handled. Request approved by unanimous vote.

3. Received notice of Veterans Day program at Hillcrest High School on 9 November 2017. For more information contact Mr. Obie Norris at the school

4. A request for authorization to file a JAG Grant Application for police department equipment ($24,000.00 Grant). Request approved unanimously. This is an ADECA grant.

5. Superintendent Sullivan gave a briefing on city protocols outlining the duties and responsibilities of Department Heads in preparation for the possibility of weather damage from the approaching storm. Mr. Sullivan gave an inventory of items already purchased and as diesel, gas, sand The fuels are in position at the city shop and the sand is placed under the overhead bridge. Department Heads must be prepared 5-8 days prior to the storms scheduled hit.

Electrical Department Superintendent Adams has ordered overhead wire in the event they suffer electrical damage from the storm.

Superintendent Davis reported his department is as prepared as possible. All pumps are functioning.

Superintendent Sullivan noted that should it seem that the storm is going to hit us he wants to position crews in strategic areas such as the hospital, nursing home, North and South Main and Liberty Hill areas whereby, as soon as it is safe to start, these crews will be able to start pushing debris out instead of having to push it in and clear. Should Evergreen be positively identified as being in the cone of certainty Crowder Gulf will place assets on

Crowder Gulf and Evergreen Concrete are the only companies granted contracts to clear debris.

Volunteers are not encouraged nor wanted to assist in debris moving. During the intentioned volunteers actually did more damage than good.

6. Skinner and Caylor requested speed bumps be placed on Palmore Drive. This comes as a result of citizens asking for something to help slow down the reckless drivers in the area.

7. Caylor questioned the status of the budget for the library that is due by 1 October. This is budget driven as a part of the cities good faith for the library grant and was discussed at a previous council meeting.

Accounts Payable: Approved unanimously

Caylor wanted to address overtime but, because it was not on the agenda, it could not be brought up.

Adjourn: 6:27 PM

Commission Meeting 28 August 2017

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Millender. Invocation by Commissioner Byrd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call showed all members present.

Approve the Agenda:

The agenda as written was approved by unanimous vote.

Approve the previous minutes:

The minutes from 14 August were approved as written.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

There were no personnel changes to note. There were 39 hours of overtime as follows; Probate Office 9 hours; Motor Vehicles Office 2 hours; Sheriff’s Department 26 hours and District One 2 hours.

Chairman Millender noted that the Probate Office had 9 hours of overtime requested. He also pointed out that at the previous meeting a motion had been made to only pay for the overtime involved with Election Day.

was made to pay all overtime charges except those from the Probate Office. passed by unanimous vote.

Claims Approval:

There were no over the limit claims for both gasoline and general funds.

Rotation of Chairman:

Chairman Millender noted his time as Chairman was to end before the next regularly scheduled commission meeting. It noted that at the first meeting of this commission body it was determined by unanimous vote the rotation cycle would be District 5 Commissioner as chair followed by District Four, Three, Two and One. A motion for Commissioner Byrd to assume the chairmanship was made and passed unanimously.

NAACP Spokesperson:

Mr. Jerome Gray addressed the commission about what was perceived as a problem with how the commission body had dealt with Ms. Shawnee Booker, E-911 Director, at the E-911 meeting on 14 August 2017.

Most of Mr. Gray’s points were based on a letter Ms. Booker had written to the Commission Body and the NAACP. In also noted she had decided to file an EEOC complaint.

Mr. Gray pointed out a variety of things that were primarily prefaced with his beliefs and also asked several questions about which direction the body planned on going. He also asked if Ms. Booker had been a different sex and/or race would she have been treated the same.

Even though there is supposed to be a time limit on presentations, Mr. Gray was allowed to go beyond this time frame.

At the end of Mr. Gray’s Chairman Millender asked if any board members had anything they wished to respond to or say. Attorney Bishop spoke up and noted that anything said could possibly be construed to fall under the category of “Good Name and Character” clause of executive session and recommended this issue be taken up at an executive session at a future time.

Grant Writer Report:

Ms. Cara Stallman addressed the commission body on the safe room progress and advised there was 119,000.00 invoice still outstanding.

She also spoke of the impending CDBG. One of the requirements for the CDBG is to have a written plan dealing with any language barriers so all persons will be informed as to what is going on. This requirement is a federal law that is now required for CDBG applications.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee advised the commission he was in receipt of a proposal from Woods (Inc.) dealing with the pre-purchase (selling) of used dump trucks. was determined this pre-purchase plan could be beneficial to the county. Mr. Foshee was directed to check into getting other pieces of equipment into this same program.

Chairman Millender asked Mr. Foshee if he was aware of or had any dealings with a state program dealing with “Keep Alabama Beautiful”. Chairman Millender noted that under this program the state would furnish or at least help in getting trash bags, pickup sticks and safety gear for people involved in trash cleanup. Mr. Foshee was tasked with looking into this program and how it could/would help the county.

Mr. Foshee informed the commission body that he had been approached about helping Reid State correct an erosion problem on campus. He stated he had looked at the situation and felt that it could easily be handled by the engineering department. He went on to note that he had proposed doing this job on a Friday with the college paying for the equipment The commission body voted unanimously to allow Mr. Foshee to pursue this project.

County Administrator:

Ms. Stephanie Brown informed the commission of monies owed to the Co-operative district based on of an agreement with the cooperative district. The amount of money owed in sales tax is; from the Shrimp Basket, $3,579.74 and Piggly Wiggly; $7,780.37. Motion to pay passed by unanimous vote.

Ms. Brown noted some problems with the courthouse closing scheduled. This will be addressed at a work session.

Ms. Brown is in receipt of a check for $11,940.00 for the 2017 year. This was awarded as a low loss refund based on the counties low number of accident losses.

County Attorney:

Mr. Bishop reported he is still conversing with the bank and the hospital dealing with the cosigning of a loan.

Commissioners Comments/Announcements:

Commissioner Riley announced he had been in contact with Mr. Tim Covin and there was a show coming up on 16 September.

Chairman Millender called for a work session to be scheduled. After discussion Tuesday, 5 September was the day settled upon. Items for discussion are budget hearings and paying a bonus to county retirees.

News Media:

I asked if roadside cleanup by inmates had resumed and was informed the cleanup was in progress again.

I asked if I could acquire a copy of the letters referred to in Mr. Gray’s presentation. Chairman Millender stated he would discuss it with the attorney.

Executive Session:

An executive session was called for and by unanimous voice vote; motion to go into executive session was approved. 10:09 AM.

Request to return to regular session approved at 10:35 AM

Motion to adjourn: 10:35 AM

E-911 Meeting 14 August 2017

Call to order at 10:20 AM by Chairman Millender.

All members were present for roll call.

The agenda was approved as written and the minutes of were approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

No change in hiring. 67 hours of overtime needs approval.

Approve Claims:

Income revenues were $23,461.78, expenditures totaled just over $35,000.00. That leads to a deficit of $12,000.00.

E-911 Director’s Report:

Ms. Booker asked about the pending purchase of furniture for dispatch.

Ms. Booker informed the board that a 2017 conference for E-911 was scheduled to take place in October.

Attorney’s Report:

Mr. Bishop was unavailable meeting.

There were no members comments or announcements.

New Media Comments:

I had a few questions for the E-911 Director. I asked how many people were assigned to and was informed a total of 11 people were This included Ms. Booker, 2 employees and the rest were dispatchers.

I also asked who had hiring and firing authority for E-911 employees. Ms. Booker acknowledged she was the sole authority on hiring and firing, all applications came to her and she determined who to interview and who to hire. I also asked if they were merit employees and was informed there were no merit employees at E-911 and there was no requirement for prospective employees to go before the merit board.

I further asked for and was told of the total 11 employees only one of them was not African-American.

When I finished my questing Chairman Millender called for a motion to adjourn and a basic brouhaha broke out.

It was determined that members of the fire association had been denied the opportunity to be placed on the agenda.

It was determined that an association meeting with association members only would be held Thursday,17 August 2017 at 6 PM at the E-911 office.

A motion to adjourn was finally made and the meeting was adjourned at 10:50 AM

County Commission Meeting 14 August 2017

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Millender. Invocation given by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:

All members present.

The agenda and previous minutes were approved as read.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

There was one new hire for the jail, corrections officer, and one new hire for the engineering department, prisoner guard. There were two separations.

A total of 46.5 hours of overtime was listed as needing approval.

Ms. Lee is in receipt of 2 from Probate Clerk Cathy Gardner advising that there will be overtime request dealing with the election scheduled for 15 August. One memo dealt with O. T. for election night. A motion to approve this overtime was made and passed by unanimous vote. Any other overtime will be evaluated received.

A discussion of overtime pay ensued with it being noted that non-merit employees are not covered under the current county employee handbook.

Claims Approval:

There were 4 claims over the $500.00 limit and 1 claim over the $3,000.00 limit requiring approval. These claims were approved by unanimous vote.

Cooperative District Report:

David Cook came before the commission to give a report on the standing of debt and income dealing with the Cooperative District. He noted permission to create the cooperative district had been done by means of a legislative act.

Cook gave out several figures dealing with income and outlay for the Cooperative District. He spoke of the user fee of .0195 imposed by the city. What this amounts to is a tax increase using the different facilities contained within the cooperative district. Long story short, the customers using these places are paying almost .02 more in tax than they would if they were outside the district and includes the businesses located in and around the cooperative district such as Burger King, Hardees etc.

It was noted at its inception in 2013 an initial $8,545,000.00 was borrowed to get the project underway. In a 2017 additional $4,000,000.00 bond was floated. In conjunction with cooperative district owes the Bank of Evergreen $700,000.00 and the City of Evergreen $150,000.00. Based on Cooks statement, these are approximations of current debt.

Cook noted that Conecuh Sausage will have a building under construction soon. It will be located in the district near the will showcase Conecuh Sausage products.

Conecuh Safe Room:

Grant Writer Cara Stallman brought the commission up to date on payment issues with the safe room. She is attempting to streamline the return of grant monies to the county so they don’t have to wait so long on getting a portion of their money back. Ms. Stallman also had two invoices she wished to combine into one and asked they be approved for payment. Motion to pay these invoices passed by unanimous vote.

Sheriff’s Report:

Sheriff Brock advised that he had the contract for the phone upgrade to the jail in hand and asked to get it signed by the chairman. When asked, Sheriff Brock told the commission body that the electrical upgrade for the jail lighting was well on its way to becoming a reality.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee discussed the oldest side cutter with the commission. It had been recommended that it be sold and a price of $50,000.00 be asked. two offers, both from the same company, for this piece of equipment but the highest bid has only reached $32,000.00. Mr. Foshee did tell the commission he had spoken to the interested party and they stated they would pay as high as $35,000.00. It was determined to hold this piece of equipment for a while longer and see what develops. It was determined that the engineering department be the sole user of the side cutter.

Mr. Foshee noted he was following on resurfacing that had been in effect for a while. He noted that C. R. 43 was on the list to be resurfaced and he expects to get some additional funds from the state this year. If this comes true, he proposes to go forward with C. R. 43 from those additional funds.

County Administrator:

Ms. Stephanie Brown had little to bring before the commission this meeting. It was noted that a resolution dealing with the closing of the courthouse was confusing. It was suggested that all commissioners read it and be prepared to correct and vote on it next meeting.

County Attorney was missing.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements: None

News Media:

I asked if the trash pickup by prisoners from Atmore was still in effect and was told it had been discontinued but a new guard had just been hired and it would resume.

I noted to the engineer that his bush hog crew was doing a great job taking down weeds and grass but unfortunately they were also getting mailboxes and signs.

Motion to adjourn approved: 10:10 AM

City Council Meeting 1 Aug 2017

Invocation offered by Mr. Lee Peacock.

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff.

Roll Call showed all members present.

Previous Minutes:

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

Mayor Wolff announced the Conecuh Sausage contract for the new building at Liberty Hills was signed last Friday.

Mayor Wolff announced the city has $298,847.00 in its special gas tax account.

Upton interjected asking for Caylor to resign for having supposedly violated the ethics law, stating that he had admitted it in the last meeting. Upton also noted that he wanted Economic Director Bobby Skipper’s resignation too. Mayor Wolff stated that Mr. Skipper had assured him his resignation was forthcoming.

Mayor Wolff moved to regain control of the meeting by noting he was done with the Mayor’s reports and comments.

Old Business:

1. City Attorney Hartley has drafted an ordinance dealing with the disposal of certain solid waste items. This ordinance is in response to problems dealing with contractors and other individuals leaving waste materials for the city to dispose of after they completed their jobs. Will publish a copy of the ordinance in a separate posting.

A motion to suspend the rules so this ordinance could be voted on was approved by unanimous vote. motion to approve the ordinance also received a unanimous vote of approval.

2. Grant writer Cara Stallman brought forth a pay request *8 for the Safe Room Project. This project is actually a county project but payments must be routed through the city due to grant requirements. Motion to approve resulted in a unanimous vote of approval.

3. Two resolutions dealing with unsafe structure and a declaration of weeds and debris in the Hillcrest Dr. Apartments was submitted by Mr. Bobby McNeil and received approval by unanimous vote. Mr. McNeil advised he had also sent a letter to the owner of the apartments at the end of Cooper Street requesting they clean up the area around them.

4. Mr. McNeil requested approval to clean property at 131 Magnolia Avenue. These are out of state owners who Mr. McNeil has sent two notifications to asking them to clean their property with no action to date. A motion to allow the city to clean this property up and put a lien on it was approved by unanimous vote.

New Business:

1. Ms. Janelle Riley of the Conecuh Oldtown Black Belt Heritage Museum group was recognized. Ms. Riley came before the council requesting help with the Heritage Museum on Hwy. 84. Considering the fact the Cultural Center has been sidelined due to problems with the building, Ms. Riley that the city help with the ongoing program being headed up by her group.

Attorney Hartley noted the city could not make any contributions due to the group being a private entity. It that the local radio station used to do help get a roof on the building.

Accounts Payable:

Approved by unanimous vote.

Motion to go into Executive Session approved at 6:27 PM.

Return to regular session at 6:58 PM.

Motion made by Upton that the city retains Warren Averett auditing company to audit the books of the Magistrates office for the past 8 years. passed with Caylor abstaining due to his association with the office during the time frame the audit was requested.

Upton brought up the removal of Bobby Skipper from his current position again. Attorney Hartley stated there was no need to talk of Bobby Skipper again, what was done was done and he was to be gone.

Adjourn: 7:01 

City Council Meeting 25 July 2017

Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff. Roll call showed all members present.

Previous minutes:

Previous minutes were unanimously approved as read.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

A possible date of the 4th Tuesday was mentioned as a meeting date for budget hearings.

Attorney Hartley noted he had been in contact with the USDA in response to the Interim City Clerk’s mentioning at the previous meeting that the USDA could call for repayment of the Grant for the Library due to the city not having presented them with a budget. Mr. Hartley stated he had promised the USDA a budget by 1 October.

Mayor Wolff recognized Council person Upton (Mayor Pro tem). Mr. Upton called attention to a letter from EPD Sgt. Wright he and all other council members had received with concerns about the current magistrate and actions taken by her. Mr. Upton stated that this letter was in conjunction with other complaints dealing with the magistrate’s office.

It was noted there were allegations of wrongdoings by the magistrate in the way suspects in domestic violence cases had been handled, as well as suspected D.U.I. arrest. It noted that suspected domestic violence offenders were being released within 4 hours with no restraint orders issued. As per statements from former city magistrate, now city Jerry Caylor, a person should be held for at least 12 hours in both suspected domestic violence and suspected D. U. I. cases.

There were also allegations of improperly handling of monies by the magistrate. Based again on statements from former magistrate Caylor, any monies received in should either be deposited in the appropriate bank or left in a drop box contained in City Hall.

It was noted that Constable Chris Askew and Ms. Brenda Riley, owner of a local bail bonds business, both spoke against the magistrates handling of bonding arrestees out.

Attorney Hartley advised that the city could face liability should any complications erupt due to a continuation of domestic violence or any accident occur from an incapacitated driver released early. Mr. Hartley also noted that only two people within the city could call for an auditing Chief Simpson, Evergreen Chief of Police, or Mayor Wolff.

Mayor Wolff asked for a motion to call for an audit and requested notification be sent to the Alabama Attorney General’s office for their assistance.

Motion forwarded by Upton and seconded unanimously.

Old Business:

1. Superintendent Sullivan came forward seeking advice on how to handle contractors or landscapers leaving debris on city property for city equipment to pick up. He noted this has developed into a problem due to the excessive amount of trees, limbs, etc. The city’s equipment is inadequate to handle the situation.

It was also noted that mowing services are allowing grass clippings and other items to be blown into the roadway making it necessary the city workers also clean up behind them.

Mr. Sullivan has already contacted surrounding towns and cities to see how they handle these occurrences in their areas. It was noted those surrounding places required the contractors to remove any debris related to their work.

When asked how to handle it, the city attorney noted the city needed to pass an ordinance which he agreed to draw up and have ready for approval.

2. Grant Writer Stallman was not present but had supplied the Mayor with information about a grant she has the park. If awarded, this would be a $250,000.00 grant for the park with the city having to put in 10% ($25,000.00) in money or in kind work.

a public hearing is scheduled for 5:30 PM on 1 August 2017. This is open to the public and attendance is encouraged.

Ms. Davis asked if any of this money could be directed for Carver Rec. Center. The pool motor has just been replaced at a cost of $6,000.00 for the pump and $2,300.00 for installation. Interim City Clerk Hinson stated the motor was a victim

When asked by the mayor where were supporting statements pump Mr. Hinson had none. Mayor Wolff noted the city does have insurance. Mr. Hinson allowed the installer to get away without making any such statement. Mr. Hinson was directed to contact the installer and request such a statement.

3. The vacating of an old easement right-of-way was discussed. This was an easement granted by Mr. Robby Bolton several years ago. A motion to do the vacating was seconded and passed by unanimous vote. To Attorney Hartley for action.

New Business:

1. The ATRC Area Agency was up for renewal at no additional cost. This is the group that delivers food to our aging population. Motion to continue contract passed by unanimous vote.

2. Superintendent Sullivan asked for approval of a contract with G & K uniforms to furnish uniforms for permanent workers. Suggestion

3. Economic Developer Bobby Skipper informed the council that Pepsi has agreed to donate $10,000.00 to the city of Evergreen provided the city will build a concessions stand dedicated to allowing Pepsi to be the official drink and sponsor of events held at the airport.

was determined that Mr. Skipper should return

estimates construction. This will be addressed next meeting.

Accountants Payable:

Approved by unanimous vote.

Davis requested a decision on setting a date for work/budget sessions. A decision was made to hold these meetings on the 2 Tuesday of each month.

Fountain forwarded concerns on the misuse of city vehicles. She has had complaints of people using them for grocery shopping with members of their families being transported in these vehicles and other illegal use to include going out

Mayor Wolff addressed this issue by advising Council persons and Department Heads to hold offenders accountable.

Adjourn: 6:50 PM

Conecuh County Commission Meeting 20 July 2017

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Millender. Prayer offered by Commissioner Riley followed by the of Allegiance.

All members were present for roll call except District 3

The agenda and previous minutes were approved as read.

Payroll/personnel report:

There were no separations or new hires during this time frame. There were 8 hours of overtime to be approved.

Ms. Leigh pointed out there is a problem with the merit board. Mr. Fronz Killebrew, who was elected to the board during the last meeting, contacted Ms. Leigh and informed her he did not want a position on the merit board.

For the time in the last 8 months another problem with getting a 5 person merit board seated.

Discussion as to the best route to follow to finish this conundrum ensued. It was finally determined that Mr. Jerome Boykin would be put on the merit board. He was the next runner-up from the last vote taken.

Claims approval:

There were no claims over the fixed limits that required approval.

Conecuh Safe Room:

No report available.

Mr. Jerome Gray—NAACP letter

Mr. Gray addressed the commission body and stated he had prepared and sent a copy of a letter to each commissioner. He noted that the vote dealing with the merit board composition today offset a great portion of a complaint outlined in his correspondence.

Mr. Gray explained why the county operates under the merit board system. He also explained how the NAACP was originally organized and its primary purpose. Mr. Gray had the full opportunity and time to explain the NAACP’s position.

Mr. Gray also addressed the issuance of ABC licenses and how the county needed to establish a policy dealing with either the issuance or denial of a permit.

Revenue Commissioner:

Mr. Jimmy Bell came before the commission body asking the chairman be allowed to sign a renewal contract with Intergraph Government Solution Renewal. This is an annual requirement and, when questioned, it was determined the contract followed the same cost lines as the previous year. A motion to allow the chair to sign the contract was approved by unanimous vote.

County Engineer:

Mr. Winston Foshee reported the bush hogging is nearing completion. He also noted the inmate program is still working well.

Chairman Millender informed Mr. Foshee he had been approached by the B. O. E. asking for help with building parking spaces for Hillcrest football area. There has already been dirt hauled into Jaguar Drive to build up an additional parking area along the road however, there is a need for more dirt and some work to prevent the drive from washing away. Mr. Foshee seemed to think he could handle this with no problem.

There was also a request to blade off and pave an area around the southside school. Again Mr. Foshee thought this would not be a problem.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown notified the commission she was in receipt of a request from Sparta Academy requesting the commission to purchase an advertisement in their book. The cost is $250.00. Chairman Millender noted that each year both Sparta and Hillcrest ask for these advertisements. It was suggested and moved that the commission body take action and vote for both schools to receive payment for this. passed by unanimous vote.

Ms. Brown informed the commission she had a letter requesting that Mr. Preston Fluker re-appointed to the Hamden Ridge rural water authority board. Motion to approve resulted in a unanimous positive vote.

County Attorney:

Nothing to report.

When questioned about the hospital/county loan situation Mr. Bishop noted the hospital needed to re-do paperwork.

Commissioners Comments and announcements:

Commissioner Millender suggested the commission body accept a policy dealing with the agri-complex discussed at a previous meeting. The major problem now is financing. A look at trying to get grant money is in the works. Motion to approve passed by unanimous vote.

News Media Comments:

There were no media comments

Executive Session:

A call for was made and received unanimous approval.

started at 9:52. It was assured there would be no action taken on termination I departed the area.

Commission Meeting 10 July 2017

Call to order by Chairman Millender at 9 AM.

Invocation offered by Commissioner Byrd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, approval of the agenda and approval of previous minutes.


One new jail department, cook.

There were 67.5 hours of overtime.

Merit board nominations from the engineering department were announced as:

1. Jerome Boykin

2. Jeppie Dees

3. Fronz Killebrew

Chairman Millender called for a vote on Jerome Boykin. There were 2 votes cast for Mr. Boykin by Commissioners Millender and Byrd.

A call for on Jeppie Dees resulted in one vote for Dees

Mr. Killebrew received two votes from Riley and Campbell.

Chairman Millender asked the county attorney how they should proceed from this point to which Mr. Bishop responded that Dees be eliminated and a re-vote between Boykin and Killebrew take place.

The final result of the votes were two for Boykin (Millender and Byrd) 3 for Killebrew (Riley, Campbell ).

Chairman Millender started to move forward from there but was interrupted by who made the statement that the very thing the merit board was in place for was incorrect. He went on to amplify that the racial makeup of the board, something the board is in place to ensure does not happen, was incorrect. The elected board consists of 1 Black member and 4 Caucasian members.

Chairman Millender responded to that this was exactly what he had attempted to make the commission aware of and the votes had been cast.

(Anyone the irony in the fact the swing vote cast his vote then protested his vote)?

Claims Approval:

There were 3 claims above the $500.00 level in need of approval. There were no claims over the $3,000.00 level in need of approval.

Public Hearing for Evergreen Medical Center Loan Situation:

This hearing deals with the request that Conecuh County a loan for the benefit of the EMC.

The EMC CEO gave a short opening remark.

The floor was for any interested persons to make remarks. I took advantage of this opportunity to ask what was the amount of the loan ($750,000.00).

I then noted this request had been discussed in the past and information passed to the public was there was no risk for the county, this loan was guaranteed by the hospital group EMC belongs too. I asked if this was a true statement and was assured by Mr. McClendon this was the case.

I then asked if they were in such a position to make this guarantee why did they need the county to co-sign? I was informed that the hospital group had such outstanding loans they could not qualify for another loan without a co-signer!!!!!!!

County Attorney Bishop was then asked if he was satisfied with the paperwork from the hospital. Mr. Bishop advised he had not received certain paperwork items as of yet and he could not make a recommendation until he had this paperwork reviewed.

Chairman Millender asked the board if they would give a conditional recommendation of approval for the loan if, after receiving the paperwork, Mr. Bishop found everything to be in order.

A motion to approve the chairman’s recommendation was approved by unanimous vote.

Conecuh County Safe Room:

It was requested the commission make a final determination on the name to be placed on the exterior of the safe room building. There was also a question as to whose name was to appear on the plaque. It was determined the names for the plaque would be the commissioners in office when this project was approved.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee advised he had nothing to come before the commission.

Commissioner Riley how things were going with the side cutters and was advised one side cutter was in operation full time, the other was in use when a crew was available to run it. Also, bush hogging should be finished next week and a crew should be available for the other side cutter.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown announced she was in receipt of an invoice facility for juvenile incarceration. The invoice was for May services and in the amount of $4,450.00. A motion to pay was approved by unanimous vote.

A resolution for a one-time bonus payment to 38 retirees was tabled until the next meeting.

A discussion to reschedule the next commission meeting due to Ms. Brown’s unavailability for the next meeting was next. determination, the next commission meeting will be held Thursday, 20 July, at 9 AM.

A budget hearing meeting date of 14 August at 1 PM was adopted by unanimous vote.

A maintenance renewal agreement with no changes was adopted by unanimous vote.

Chairman Millender ask who is responsible for handling the impending election. No answer.

County Attorney:

Nothing to report

Commissioners Comments/Announcements:


News Media:


Executive Session:

An executive session to discuss good name and character was called for and met with unanimous approval.

Executive Session:

Begins 9:26 AM

Ends 9:48 AM

It was recommended and approved the new payroll/personnel clerk’s probationary period end in November.

Adjourn: 9:49


City Council 6 June 2017

Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order by Mayor Wolff at 6 PM.

All members present

Previous minutes approved by unanimous vote.

Mayor’s Report & Comments:

Coop District has more businesses moving in soon. More info to follow later.

Old Business:

1. Recommendation for bids for pre-disaster removal and disposal contract. Superintendent Sullivan reported that Crowder Gulf had held the contract but declined to renew. Mr. Sullivan has drawn up dealing with items in the contract. Bid packages have been returned with Crowder Gulf being the low bidder at $209,000.00. There will be no payment unless services are needed, primarily for hurricane cleanup relief. Any city monies spent on this cleanup will be reimbursed by FEMA. Motion made and seconded. Vote 4 ayes, 1 abstain.

2. Resolution for vacating portions of Edwina & Crestview Avenue was introduced. Passed by unanimous vote.

3. Approval of Airport Grant Contracts passed by unanimous vote. This will have a 95% FAA grant payback.

New Business:

1. Resolution for municipal water pollution prevention program passed by unanimous vote.

2. Request to Cal baseball league for purpose of assisting with the cost of 8U tournament at City Part 9-12 June. Request approved by unanimous vote.

3. Request for 2 annual to Conecuh Board of Education for the purpose of assisting with the cost of Hillcrest High Drumline attendance & performances at Summer Drumline Camp 1 week in July. Passed by unanimous vote. Ms. J.J. Jones suggest the city buy uniforms. Mayor Wolff noted the B. O. E. handle that aspect.

4. Request to purchase 2 used 2014 P/U trucks for the street and electric departments. Cost $34,650.00 for both, This money has been raised via insurance claims and selling of salvage material. There will be $12,240.00 remaining from this fund after this purchase.

5. CDBG invoices for the safe room were approved.

6. of City Clerk next on agenda. called for this discussion.

session 6:15 PM

session resumed 6:29 PM

After executive session Caylor made a motion that Mr. the City Clerk position provided Mr. Hinson would comply with 2 stipulations; he must give up a job in the City of Pike Road and he must relocate to a local residence. was 4 ayes, Council person’s Fountain and Davis voted against hiring Mr. Hinson.

Mr. Hinson declined to accept either stipulation unless a higher salary could be negotiated.

Accounts payable approved.

Adjourned: 6:35 PM

Commission Meeting 22 May 2017

*Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Millender. Invocation led by Commissioner Byrd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

*Roll call showed all members present.

Motion to approve the agenda and minutes of previous meetings

*Approve Payroll/Personnel Report:

There was one new hire in the jail.

There were 15 hours of overtime requiring approval.

Payroll/Personnel report approved by unanimous vote.

Ms. Lee mentioned again the merit board nominations. This led to a long discussion as to how to go forward with these nominees’ names. It was determined one of the nominees was not qualified to be on the merit board and their name was struck.

Commissioner Riley asked if each commissioner should rank the nominees on a ballot and select the ones with the highest amount of votes.

wanted to know if there was still an active merit board. Chairman Millender noted that in several instances a board or board member continued in the position until a replacement was named, so yes, there is an active merit board. , all commissioners will come to the next meeting with their nominees listed and resume from there.

Ms. Lee noted that Auburn has recommended they stop working on the job descriptions and complete the employees’ handbook first.

Again a lengthy discussion began with the cost factors already spent with Webb and Elly (attorneys) in getting a handbook, how much more the cost is going to be and when it’s going to be ready. This has been a work in NO progress for almost 4 years.

andrews stated Mr. Brasfield with the Association of County Commissioners told him that the handbook should be drawn up by attorneys, reason being, they know all the legal ins and outs to prevent possible lawsuits. andrews went on to state that the current handbook in use is a 1988 vintage handbook and in dire shape for replacement. It was noted that Webb and been paid a money but nothing of a workable stature has been received.

determination, have the Auburn group come down for a face to face with the commission at a future meeting. andrews was the only nay vote to this solution.

*Claims Approval:

There were no over the

*Conecuh County Safe Room and CDBG Public Hearing:

Conecuh County Grant Writer Cara Stallman reported things with the safe room were moving along nicely. She also noted that the return money from the grant has yet to be returned to the county, however, it is the works. Other draws are continuing to amount but the commission voted not to pay out any additional funds until the money owed them is paid.

She noted that the public meeting was to discuss a CDBG for the Southwest Water Authority dealing with a line change on Ramer Road. The current line is a 3” line and they intend to put in a 6” line to give the consumers better water pressure. In conjunction with this 6” line, they will also be installing fire hydrants. Should any citizen desire to have a fire hydrant placed by their residence provision are in place allowing those citizens to pay a fee and get that water meter. If you are a citizen served by this water authority and want a fire Board of Directors and work with them.

amount of grant is $350,000.00 of which the county will put in $50,000.00 and the water authority will put in $50,000.00.

*Nicole Hyatt from JACO was next on the agenda desiring to discuss the conduct of she was

andrews stated he wished to discuss this situation and asked the chair if this would be a good time. He was told to bring it up under commissioners announcements and comments.

*Jerome Boykin-Concerned Citizen

Mr. Boykin noted at the last commission meeting a request been denied to Mr. Eddie Rudolph. Mr. Rudolph’s request was for a business to be in District One. Mr. Boykin asked Commissioner Campbell to reconsider his denial of the request. Mr. Campbell noted that he was still not in favor of approving the request.

Mr. Boykin’s next requested action on the Springhill Road. This is a section of road in District One. This road comes off C. R. 42 (Brooklyn Road) and a portion of it is paved. There is a section (7/10 mile) containing approximately 30 houses and 50+ residents that is not paved and the citizens have asked for more than 4 years to have something done to their road. It is heavily traveled by oil trucks and is a constant sore spot. Mr. Boykin asked the commission to make a commitment to these citizens and put the money in the next budget to cover this paving.

District One Commissioner Campbell said he if favor of paving that section provided funding is available. wants revenues checked first. is to attempt to find money to pave at least 1 mile in every district. (Last time this was considered the oil money went flat and it had to be abandon).

*Sheriff’s Report:

Sheriff Brock reported the inmate phone system update. He stated it was supposed to be updated every 3 years. The sheriff also noted that 4 cars are ready for placement on Gov. Deals.

andrews deemed this the best spot to discuss item 6 on the agenda dealing with JACO. It seems JACO has a mining operation in place and have several heavy trucks carrying gravel out of the mining area. There have been directions for these trucks to travel set in place but it seems these trucks (according to ) do not follow the prescribed route but instead take C. R. 7 to reach their destination. states that gravel falls out of these trucks in large quantities and creates a hazard to normal C. R. 7 traffic. He noted that on numerous occasions he has had to call his road crew to the area to clear the road.

He asked the sheriff for help in getting this truck traffic stopped.

Sheriff Brock noted he patrolled that area on a regular basis but did not have the manpower to dedicate someone to be on hand all the time.

be installed to take pictures of the illegal happenings. He also asked the county attorney what could be done to which Mr. Bishop said he would look into it. He went on to ask if it would be possible to get ALADOT involved considering these people are ignoring the law.

*County Engineer:

Winston Foshee, County Engineer, reported the first round of road mowing is almost completed.

Mr. Foshee announced the Federal Aid project on C. R. is moving along. Wiregrass Construction was the low bidder, Conecuh’s portion of the job will cost $123,000.00.

Mr. Foshee informed the commission will be available starting 13-14-15 June. If any commissioner has anyone they would like to send this is the prime opportunity. Both Commissioners Byrd and Campbell wish to send part of their road crew.

*County Administrator:

Ms. Stephanie Brown informed the commission she was in receipt of an invoice from the juvenile facility in Baldwin County in the amount of $3,570.00 for services rendered. Conecuh has a contract with Baldwin County dealing with the holding of juvenile offenders county heavily.

There is no money by all appearances, they are going to escalate immensely in the immediate future.

The invoice for the Cooperative District tax holding for the months of January, February March have been paid in the amount of $10,000.00 +. Ms. Brown noted that method to take this money out on a monthly basis and relieve the clerk from having to compute this withdrawal. Motion made to accept the RDS service system was approved by unanimous vote.

Gilmore Services will be here on 14 June to conduct a shredding operation for the county. They intend to set up in the employee parking spaces on the side of the Board of Education offices. Please make plans to park somewhere else on that day and if at all possible, try to find another route to take instead of traveling Jackson Street.

A GASB statement must be done for the Department of Examiners prior to their audit. Cost is $5, 000.00. Motion to do the statement approved by unanimous vote.

*County Attorney:

Mr. Bishop stated he has not heard anything back from the hospital at this time.

*Commissioners Comments and announcements:

Commissioner Millender noted the Wooten balloting box is moving to China. This will require a contract with the property owner who will receive $125.00 per election for use of the property.

It was noted we do have an upcoming election and the question of who will handle the election requirement of getting the balloting boxes in place and the assorted items that go with it arose. By unanimous choice, this duty was assigned to the County Administrator.

*Executive Session called for by unanimous vote. Matter of Commerce or Trade.

Began 10:32 AM

Ended 11:06 AM

News Media:

No comments

Adjourn: 11:08

And the Pride Continues

Why does it seem LENOX is mentioned in all the druggie stuff as of late?

Check the Evergreen Courant for the week prior to District 3 Commissioner (lives in LENOX) being arrested for distribution. An arrest at the 4 in LENOX, an arrest at the junction of Hwy. 41 and C. R. 7 (going to LENOX) and now, on I-65 at the LENOX exit.

What’s up with that??????

Conecuh County deputies seize hundreds of bottles of 'purple drink'

Sunday, March 2017, 4:38 March 2017, 6:19 pm CDT

By WSFA 12 News Staff

(Source: Conecuh County Sheriff's Office)


Conecuh County sheriff's deputies seized a total of 822 bottles of "purple drink" Saturday night, according to the Conecuh County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page.

According to the Facebook post, deputies were conducting 65, close to the Castleberry/Lenox exit, when they discovered the substance. "Purple drink," also known as "purple rain" or "purple stuff," is a type of cough syrup.

The entire amount seized is worth $700,000. It is the biggest bust in Conecuh County history.

Copyright 2017 WSFA 12 News. All rights reserved.

Speculation, Rumors

WELL, with all the big news breaking last week and then going dead in the water it leaves one’s imagination open to on what if’s, maybes, speculation rumors.

After looking at all the Facebook entries and seeing the gamut of responses there dealing with the idiotic, bizarre, unknown, way out in left field and a few with a little reasoning behind them, it’s time to let fly with above what if’s, maybes, speculation rumors.

Here’s an update on what’s in circulation. If you don’t like one, keep reading and pick another.

item, let’s get it out that, by appearances, a company named Power South Energy Cooperative has blocked both the Monthly View and Conecuh County News and Views from being seen from their servers. What’s this mean? Power South distribution members include Southern Pine Electric which is tied in bed to Johnny Andrews by virtue of them having put Andrews on their Operation Roundup Board in 2013. This appointment was done under the recommendation of Evergreen Southern Pine Office lead man, Rodney Hildreth, a former Conecuh County Commissioner. It was passed by the Board of Trustees during a time frame when David Cook, another former Conecuh County Commissioner, was chairman. Mr. Cook has been on the board of trustees since Moby Dick was a minnow and we already know the “partnership” formed by Andrews, Cook Hildreth when they all served on the Conecuh Commission during 2012-2016. By the way, neither Cook nor Hildreth continue to be a Conecuh Commissioner however, I have it on good authority Cook lust to get back in that position.

What does this possible blocking of the 2 websites most critical of the actions of the commissioners and most especially Johnny Andrews, and the ones not afraid to point out the wrongful actions of the same? Maybe nothing or maybe they don’t want the power company employees to have knowledge of what’s going on in “their” management system.

As long as I’m on it, I really want to know why Southern Pine finds Conecuh’s Caucasian commissioners so valuable to their company and image and why they didn’t place any black commissioner on any of their boards. Every Conecuh County Commissioner serving during the 2012-2016 terms EXCEPT those of African-American background held some type of position within Southern Pine. Now that one of those sterling picks has been arrested for distributing drugs it appears a move has been made to ensure the employee base will be stymied from finding out this information.

Got that out of the way.

Johnny Andrews says he’s not guilty, he’s been set up. Right!!!!. Let’s wait till this plays out before we declare Andrews guilty or not guilty.

One thing to keep in mind, how many of you really think the FBI and Alabama Attorney General’s office are going to arrest Andrews for marijuana distribution and not have their ducks in a row about this? Speculation, how many of you think Andrews is the beginning and ending point of the line for what’s going on? Rumor, Johnny holds information about Dr. Dino, his pet project that he unleashed on the Lenox area going so far as to find him, (Dr. Dino), a place to build the biggest dinosaur in the world. How is Conecuh going to function? We’re the Collard Green Capital, Big Foot Capital, SERFI Capital, Sausage Capital, and now we’re on schedule to become the Dinosaur Capital!!!

That’s an awful lot of sugar for a dime when most of our residents can’t afford a dime due to a lack of industry that’s been lost over the years because of poor/mismanagement of our county/city/town leaders. IF Andrews does wind up guilty and is convicted of being a drug dealer just how does one propose this to be a good thing for our county? I can only imagine the businesses rushing to come here where we have all these “capitals.”

Continuing speculation, Andrews, as a member of the Cooperative District Board, has some type of insider information about some purposed there. Even I’m aware of what I perceive to be a lack of action and/or follow up to some issues that should have been addressed there.

Jim Allen, owner/publisher of The Monthly View has a website located at with a survey on his website where one may vote as to what they think will be the next issue addressed. You can have a choice The County Commission; Evergreen City Hall; Castleberry Town Hall; Repton Town Hall; other: These are in addition to the two others mentioned above.

Rumor, if Andrews is guilty, how did he deliver the “goods.” As the local collard growing king, his collards were not certified “weed” free. Yep, “allegedly” he put the illegal stuff in with the good stuff and just carried it in. I can recall seeing him on several collard delivering missions, makes me wonder if all those people getting collards from him might have been getting “bonus material.” Again, let’s not jump to the conclusion he’s guilty yet…

Unconfirmed rumor but to good not to put out there. His former cohort on the commission, David Cook, gave Andrews a ride back to Prattville (where he was initially arrested) to get his pickup. This was after Andrews was booked in the Conecuh County jail. In addition to giving him a ride, it is rumored Cook posted his bond.

I actually went by the jail to get a copy of the booking paperwork and a mugshot. I everything about the case was no booking paperwork, no mugshot and no as to what his bond was or who posted it.

I was told it was sealed paperwork due to it being an ongoing investigation. That certainly leads me to speculate there’s gonna be more arrest warrants issued.

If all will take time out to remember a situation in the recent past with teacher, a search warrant was issued and several months later an arrest warrant was issued. We may be looking at something very similar dealing with this case. It could be months before we could really be put “in the know” on anything dealing with Andrews and his arrest.

One other thing that can be speculated on is "how much bail." Following are the for Alabama with what should be the proper charges and responding bail outlined in red.

Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure

Rule 7. Release.

Rule 7.2. Right to release on one’s personal recognizance or on bond.

(a) BEFORE CONVICTION. Any defendant charged with an offense bailable as a matter of right may be released pending or during trial on his or her personal recognizance or on an appearance bond unless the court or magistrate determines that such a release will not reasonably assure the defendant’s appearance as required, or that the defendant’s being at large will pose a real and present danger to others or to the public at large. If such a determination is made, the court may impose the least onerous condition or conditions contained in Rule 7.3(b) that will reasonably assure the defendant’s appearance or that will eliminate or minimize the risk of harm to others or to the public at large. In making such a determination, the court may take into account the following:

1. The age, background and family ties, relationships and circumstances of the defendant.

2. The defendant’s reputation, character, and health.

3. The defendant’s prior criminal record, including prior releases on recognizance or on secured appearance bonds, and other pending cases.

4. The identity of responsible members of the community who will vouch for the defendant’s reliability. 5. Violence or lack of violence in the alleged commission of the offense.

6. The nature of the offense charged, the apparent probability of conviction, and the likely sentence, insofar as these factors are relevant to the risk of nonappearance.

7. The type of weapon used, e.g., knife, pistol, shotgun, sawed-off shotgun.

8. Threats made against victims and/or witnesses.

9. The value during the alleged commission of the offense.

10. Whether the property allegedly was recovered or not; damage or lack of damage to property allegedly taken.

11. Residence of the defendant, including consideration of real property ownership, and length of residence in his or her place of domicile.

12. In cases where the defendant is charged with a drug offense, evidence of selling or pusher activity should indicate a substantial increase in the amount of bond.

13. Consideration of the defendant’s employment status and history, the location of employment, e.g., whether employed in the county where the alleged offense and the defendant’s financial condition.

14. Any enhancement statutes related to the charged offense.

(b) BAIL SCHEDULE. The following schedule is established as a general rule district and municipal courts in setting bail for persons charged with bailable offenses. Except where release is required in the minimum schedule amount pursuant to the Rules of Criminal Procedure, courts should exercise discretion in setting bail above or below the scheduled amounts.


Recommended Range Felonies:

Capital felony $50,000 to No Bail Allowed

Murder $15,000 to $ 150,000

Class A felony $10,000 to $ 60,000

Class B felony $ 5,000 to $ 30,000

Class C felony $ 2,500 to $ 15,000

Drug manufacturing and trafficking$ 5,000 to $1,500,000


For those needing information on VA forms. Please take a look and see if you can find what you need here.

Contact me if you need further assistance and I'll do what I can to help. 

Something New and worthwhile

City Council Meeting 2 May 2017

Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Meeting called to order by Mayor Wolff. All members present

The previous minutes were approved as read.

There were no opening remarks from the mayor.

Old Business:

There was no old business on the agenda.

New Business:

1. Fire Chief Ricky Nobles noted an Emergency Medical Responders certification course for Evergreen VFD member is available for $170.00 per student. Computed at 25 students the maximum cost of $4,250.00 to be paid from the Fire Tax Fund. Motion to approve by Caylor, 2 by Skinner. received vote.

2. Mr. Bobby McNeil reported Hillcrest Apartments behind Jalisco’s restaurant are considered substandard and a “repair or remove” order is being considered. These apartments are deemed a fire hazard and as of no new electric meters will be installed. There are 16 apartments impacted. A motion to approve the no new installation of electric meters was made by Skinner, 2 by Caylor and received a unanimous vote.

3. Conecuh County Training School/Thurgood Marshal Alumni Association requested permission to hold a parade in downtown Evergreen on Saturday, July 1, 2017. To start at 8 AM. Motion to approve by Davis, 2 by Upton. Again a unanimous vote.

Caylor expressed concern over city financials and the personnel handbook.

To start Mr. Caylor requested the city clerk make available a memo or statement of some nature to explain overtime, items such as how much, who is getting it, etc. Mr. Caylor also expressed concern as to why the city is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep to the gym at the old high school considering the city does not own this property.

In conjunction with these questions from Mr. Caylor, District 5 Representative Davis also wanted to know what happens with money raised at functions/games held there and why there was accountability of these funds. Attorney Hartley responded that there were no contracts with management at this facility the city has no control over the activities or money. Mr. Hartley did suggest that a contract could be negotiated whereby the city could perhaps get a percentage of the money raised there.

Upton recently attended a League of Municipalities meeting. He noted other cities have the league collect overdue accounts such as electric, water, sewer etc. The League charges $25.00 and collects past due monies from tax refunds. The $25.00 fee is rolled into the collections it cost the cities nothing. The city clerk was with doing a resolution to this effect and the city will broach it at the next meeting. Skinner the Gas Board already employees this method of collection and it works well for them.

Fountain asked Economic Director Bobby Skipper what was in the works for new businesses coming to Evergreen. Mr. Skipper responded that there are 3 businesses at the Liberty Hill development in the building stage. Expected income from these businesses $80-100,000.00 per year. This money will go back into the cooperative district.

The question arose as to when the city could expect to get some of the $400,000.00 back from loans to the cooperative district. Mayor Wolff asked Mr. Skipper about money available to the cooperative district. Mr. Skipper advised that after making their $300,000.00 bond payment roughly $50,000.00 would be available. Mr. Skipper invited any concerned about business and Evergreen, please come by his office and he’ll gladly show them what’s on schedule.

Mr. Skipper did note that Wal Mart has signed a least on the old Gerber Building to it for storage while a local Wal Mart store undergoes renovation. another unidentified company is negotiating a least on the Gerber Building. At this time no other information was available.

It was announced Tenax is closing down one of its major facilities and relocating it to Evergreen. This should bring in about 80 additional jobs.

Caylor noted that an executive session was needed to discuss the applications for the city clerk position.

Motion for executive session made and passed. started at 6:23 PM.

Return to regular session 6:59.

Three names announced for interviews to the clerk position Kenya Davis; Greg Griffin and Mike Hitson Interim City Clerk.

Fountain directed the Interim City Clerk to notify al interviewees by certified letter.

Motion to Adjourn: 7:02


Move over California, Evergreen is on its way to matching you. Colorado, we’re going to prove you can’t capture all the good stuff in the world.

Yep folks, look for good ’ Evergreen Alabama to make a wild and lurid attempt at becoming another first for the great state of Alabama, you know the place where governors buy their way to safety by appointing attorney generals to senator positions, the place where these same governors negotiate their way out of jail by pleading to lesser charges and resigning, the place where bedroom debauchery in all 3 governors mansions is the word of the week, the place where a husband can gain a cushy, paid position by the governor. Ah yes, send me Lord, send me, but only to poke fun.

Evergreen (and Conecuh County), not content to be the sausage of the world, continues to seek its way too cheap fame by creating another staggering first.

All these first and/or capitols of are becoming confusing. I suppose if you can’t be well known for one thing just keep throwing other things out there and hope, like a ball of Velcro, it’ll stick somewhere. Just to name a few that come to mind: SERFI (a proud claim to fame), home of Conecuh Sausage, (great anytime but best for breakfast), Collard Green Capitol, (not bad but starting to grasp at straws), Bigfoot Capitol of Alabama, (dubious honor to say the least), the only county in the state that must have election observers as per the Department of Justice, (yes we can get national attention) and I’m sure the list could go on and on but I don’t want to take attention away from the “BIG MOVEMENT.”

The latest move as shown Channel 23 news gives us the topper for recent headlines. “City of Evergreen to Vote on the Legalization of Medical Marijuana.” Use to be a bottle of hooch hid in a rotten stump was all the Kickapoo joy juice one needed to attain that artificial high some seem to seek. I wonder if the City will administer this program. I’ve heard Denver is making a great deal of money off their legalization of this product, perhaps it this kicks off electric bills can come down.

I wonder if this move is made to help keep one of our most “prominent” citizens in business, after all, it’s only been a few weeks since the state and federal officers arrested District Three Commissioner Johnny Andrews for distribution of drugs. It just so happens Andrews serves on boards with the Mayor and some Council people. I’m in the wondering mode that perhaps this “medical marijuana” move might get retroactive approval and the cause for charges against Andrew might well disappear ‘cause it isn’t illegal now.

Just in case people can’t seem to pick up what I’m putting down, I’m not a fan of drugs in any form, liquid or solid. I can get high on life as it’s laid out. You all now have the information, it’s supposedly scheduled to be on the agenda for Tuesday, 2 May 2017.

County Commission Meeting 24 April 2017

Call to order by Chairman Millender at 9 AM. Invocation offered by Commissioner Byrd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

All members were present for roll call.

The agenda and previous minutes were approved as read.


One new hire at the jail to fill the position There were 46.25 hours of overtime.

Motion to approve payroll/personnel report made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

Claims Approval:

There were no claims over the limit in either the gasoline or general fund.

Motion to pay the bills made by Commissioner Riley, seconded by Commissioner Byrd and met

Conecuh Safe Room:

Keys were the topic of conversation for the safe room at today’s meeting. There will be a total of 17 keys issued, 5 of which will be master keys with access to all doors. The remaining 12 keys will fit different spaces with restricted access to those key holders.

Sheriff’s Report:

Sheriff Brock noted that, as directed, bid packets have been sent out for the remodeling of lights in the jail. All bids should be in by the 12 June meeting and are scheduled to be opened at 9:30 AM on that date.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee had nothing to report. When questioned about starting he informed the commission body it will commence next Monday. Mr. Foshee gave an update on the city garden noting that, to his knowledge, everything had been completed as to his part.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown advised the commission she had a labor quote $375.00 from Mr. Willie Johnson as to the cost of repairs to a wooden fence section at DHR.

Ms. Brown also noted she had quotes for repair/replacement of the outside wheelchair lift. Repair estimate $7,134.62, replacement with the lift being inside an enclosure, $26,354.08. The strongest recommendation was to replace the unit with an enclosed unit to protect the lift components from the elements. The commission asked Ms. Brown to get the plans submitted and bid the job out.

Ms. Brown noted there is a backup of documents needing shredding. She was directed to start the process to get the shredding company to handle it.

The commission received a check from ACCA for $13,000.00 for meeting safety goals.

There will be a chamber appreciation dinner at the Depot.

Ms. Brown issued a thank you to me for furnishing a replacement U. S. Flag for the Government Center.

There is some confusion on the hospital loan situation discussed at previous meetings. A work session style meeting will be held after the next commission meeting to ensure everyone gets on the same page as to how this is to be handled.

County Attorney:

Not present

Commissioners comments and announcements:

Commissioner Riley noted he has been asked several times if there is any way to utilized some mosquito control action at the E-911/Engineering Department.

It was noted that area is a swamp and wetlands Engineer Foshee will touch base with the city about spraying.

Media Comments:


Merit Board nominations were to have been turned in to Ms. Lee by last Thursday. She presented this list to the commission body and is as follows:

1. Mary Moncrease.

2. Willie Crutchfield

3. Franz Killebrew

4. Jerome Boykin

5. Nell Stolt

6. Leon Windham

7. Clayton Campbell

8. Homer Lyons

9. Donna Griffin

10. Cody Kidwell

The commission body will choose 5 of these people to make up the merit board.

Adjourn: 9:49

City Council 18 May 2017

Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier

Call to Order by Mayor Wolff

Roll Call showed all members present. Attorney Hartley not available.

Previous Minutes approved as read.

Mayor’s Report & Comments:

Mayor Wolff read a letter received from attorneys involved in the BP Oil Settlement. Mayor Wolff said he has attempted to call them several times but has not yet made contact.

The Mayor proposed asking for sponsors for the ballfields at the park. A total of $320,000.00 is needed to complete the 4 fields. Anyone interested in sponsoring a ballfield please contact city hall. The field will be named after them and a plaque will be put in place.

Old Business:

Bids were let for the maintenance of Jordan, Magnolia and the Old Evergreen Cemetery. 3 bids were returned:

1. Exclusive Lawn Care bid $2,000.00.

2. Tranum Lawn Care bid $2,125.00

3. Garrett Lawn Care $1,169.00

Motion to accept made by Council Person Upton, 2 by Council Person Skinner.

During Davis had questions about what area the lawn cutting would involve, such as the grass growing around the fence. Mr. Sullivan responded that the lawn care was strictly for grass cutting within the cemetery. Ms. Davis stated the grass around the fence needed attention too. She complained that Superintendent Sullivan was ignoring her district and providing better care to the other districts. Mr. Sullivan informed Ms. Davis her district received more attention from his department than any other district and he has paperwork to back up the amount of time spent in each district that he could make available for review.

Mayor Wolff stated he knew where and what Ms. Davis’s problems lay and he would show Mr. Sullivan on Wednesday, 19 May.

When the motion to hire Garrett came for a vote, it passed unanimously.

A resolution on of public nuisance (unsafe structure) and overgrown weeds, debris, abandoned or junked vehicles was tabled because the attorney was not on hand.

New Business:

1. An ABC licenses for Fred’s was approved by unanimous vote.

2. Mr. Darwin Nix, who has recently returned to Evergreen, approached the council about placing (murals) on some of the downtown buildings. He proposed placing a painting on the Old Bank of Evergreen and at the former Harriett Hyde Studio. Mr. Nix intended to approach the Council of Arts in Montgomery about getting a grant but even then, it will be a 50-50 match from the city. Along with the matching funds he requested the city buy the paint and furnish him with a lift.

Council Person Davis advised that, in her opinion, this could not be paid from city funds. Mayor Wolff suggested Mr. Nix contact the Downtown Re-development Board for funding.

3. A resolution for the Sales Tax Holiday to be held on 21-23 July passed unanimously.

4. It was noted several citizens have requested both speed limit and no loitering signage be placed on MLK Drive. Mr. Sullivan noted he did not have the authority to lower the speed limit but he could take the “no loitering” request for action and would do so.

A citizen was recognized by Mayor Wolff. This citizen questioned why there were no speed limit signs on the upper end of South Main Street. He noted that anyone turning from Hwy. 31/84 onto South Main going toward the hospital will not be aware of the speed. Mayor Wolff stated he will contact the police department and attempt to get some speed limit signs posted.

Council Person Fountain addressed the lack of a City Clerk. She noted it has been more than 2 years since the city had a dedicated, actual clerk in place.

It was determined that a work session and review of applications needed to take place. A work session will be considered at the end of the next meeting and the applicants will be considered for interviews.

Accounts Payable:

Approved by unanimous vote.

Adjourn: 6:40 PM 

Conecuh Commission Meeting 10 April 2017

Call to order by Chairman Millender at 9 AM. Prayer offered by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

revealed all members present.

The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/personnel report:

2 new hires in the jail corrections officer. 1 separation in the jail corrections program.

There were 25 hours and 50 minutes of overtime with 13.5 at the department, 3 hours in the probate office and 8 hours for district one.

Approved by unanimous vote.

Ms. Lee also requested the commission allow her to send a memo to all department heads asking that time sheets be submitted by noon Monday on payday weeks so she will have time to get all the checks cut. This was put in the form of a motion and passed by unanimous vote.

Claims Approval:

Under the General 3 claims in excess of the $500.00 limit required approval.

Under the Gasoline fund 4 claims in excess of the $3,000.00 required approval.

2 of the gasoline fund claims dealt with upgrades to the jail.

Motion to approve claims passed by unanimous vote.

Conecuh Safe Room:

Grant writer Cara Stallman advised that another invoice in the amount of $133,034.00 had been received. Commissioner motioned that the invoice paid.

Chairman Millender asked how much money from previous invoices had been received back. It was noted that no grant funds have come back in yet and there are 2 already paid invoices.

withdrew his motion when it became obvious it would not receive a second.

The commission determined they would hold off on paying thins invoice until some reimbursement from the grant funds were paid.

Sheriff’s Report:

Sheriff Brock reported the jail lights had been worked on and were operating in great form.

He also reported the old police vehicles had to be stripped of all lights installed. He also noted he has been in contact with a local recycle dealer about purchasing and towing these obsolete vehicles away.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee informed the commission body he had a resolution that needed approval and signature dealing with the /county agreement dealing with the resurfacing of County Road 85. Done.

He also reported a new has been received and is in use now. He stated another new should be in sometime this month and they would continue using the old one until then.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown informed the commission body the “back to school” date has been changed. The date the state has set for the is 21-23 July 2017. This date was also adopted by the commission body to fit Conecuh’s needs.

She reported that the County Coroner Mike Lambert had submitted an email requesting an appointment to the position of Deputy Coroner. After it was determined the county would not put the deputy coroner on the county payroll any monies earned would be the responsibility of the coroner. Also, they determined the county would not pay for any training for the position.

Mr. Lambert advised that a necessary training program for the position would be going into session today, 11 April 2017 and he could not pay for the cost of sending the deputy coroner to the school. After much the commission, with the input of legal advice from the county attorney, determined they could pay for the cost of the schooling.

Mr. Lambert nominated Mr. Lee Crowder to the position and it was approved by unanimous vote.

Ms. Brown again addressed the merit board appointment situation. It was noted that nominations for the merit board were determined by the following. The engineering/road department has 3 nominations to submit, 3 nominations are to come from the courthouse and 3 nominations from the commissioners. From it will be the responsibility of the commission body to appoint 5 to the merit board.

Commissioner Millender stated he thought some confusion existed in the nomination process. He noted that no county employee that has been retired from the county for less than 2 years is eligible. He also stated he’d had reports and phone calls that some nominees names had been tossed when they were turned in. He directed that nominations be resubmitted and ready for appointment by the next meeting. In the event some of the nominating bodies had more than 3 names turned in the highest three were to be the names submitted.

Commissioner Millender directed that Ms. Lee be the contact point for the merit board nomination and will be the person to spearhead these nominations through. Any questions please direct them to Ms. Lee.

County Attorney:

Nothing to report as per Mr. Bishop.

Commissioners Comments and announcements:

asked about any response from the hospital loan request. As per the attorney, nothing yet.

Superintendent of Education, Dr. Byrd, has sent a letter to the commission asking for their support in the Magnet School project he is working on. The commissioners stated the letter he had written looked great to them and voted to accept it as submitted.

Chairman Millender noted that some customer of Southern Pine had complained about both the smell and appearance of the animal shelter located next door. Commissioner Riley will take this for action.

Commissioner Riley brought up a request for help with the previously discussed community garden project. He stated he had been approached for help with grading a pad for it plus perhaps a few loads of dirt. After it was determined that this could and would be a good project for the area and there would be minimal cost to it. A motion to proceed was made and passed by unanimous vote.

Commissioner Millender noted that the appearance around the courthouse has deteriorated and some action needs to be taken to get it back up to speed. He asked Commissioner Riley, who owns a landscaping if he would look at things, come up with suggestions and ideas and pass them to the county engineer for action. Commissioner Riley stated he would gladly do so.

Commissioner Campbell noted the flag at the courthouse has deteriorated badly. It was determined the flag needed replacing. I volunteered to furnish the county with a replacement flag.


Motion to adjourn approved at 10:53 AM.

This is an opportunity I just can't pass up.

For all of those who thought Johnny Andrews had a belly tattoo I furnish the following as proof otherwise:

Picture courtesy of Jim Allen, of The Monthly View

District 3 Commissioner Johnny Andrews at " Dino's" Compound In Lenox

For more info visit Jim Allen's Website at:

Just how much fun can you have with this? Contributions accepted by email.

1. After a round of "SHOW ME YOUR BELLY BUTTON" at the Dinosaur Adventure Land District Three Commissioner Johnny Andrews breaks out in laughter because he doesn't have one.

2. Just give me a minute to get out of my new shirt and I'll show you gonna do what!!!!

3. Oops, I meant to wear a button up.

4. I'm a member of the governing officials of Conecuh County, are optional.

5. I didn't realize I'd have get half-clad to star in these youtube movies.

6. What do you mean no shirt, no shoes, etc., don't you know who I am?

7. Hahaha. Look where I've been hiding the dinosaurs.

8. District 3 Commissioner Johnny Andrews celebrates winning a "Manspreading" contest and shows us his winning pose. (WARNING: Illegal in some states.)

9. I haven't had this much fun since new motor grader.

10. To heck with giving them another $175,000.00, from now on this is what the IDB can expect from me.


The below list is a listing of what is known as Minor Collector Roads.

The grade number is the current condition of the road. The higher the number, the better the road.

The roads with lower numbers should be considered first for repaving/repairing.

Why does it seem LENOX is mentioned in all the druggie stuff as of late?

Check the Evergreen Courant for the week prior to District 3 Commissioner (lives in LENOX) being arrested for distribution. An arrest at the 4 way sign in LENOX, an arrest at the junction of Hwy. 41 and C. R. 7 (going to LENOX) and now, on I-65 at the LENOX exit.

What’s up with that??????

Conecuh County deputies seize hundreds of bottles of 'purple drink'

Sunday, March 2017, 4:38 March 2017, 6:19 pm CDT

By WSFA 12 News Staff

(Source: Conecuh County Sheriff's Office)


Conecuh County sheriff's deputies seized a total of 822 bottles of "purple drink" Saturday night, according to the Conecuh County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page.

According to the Facebook post, deputies were conducting a safety off Interstate 65, close to the Castleberry/Lenox exit, when they discovered the substance. "Purple drink," also known as "purple rain" or "purple stuff," is a type of cough syrup.

The entire amount seized is worth $700,000. It is the biggest bust in Conecuh County history.

Copyright 2017 WSFA 12 News. All rights reserved.

By all Evergreen has one more rejection and one more lost opportunity.

On Monday, 27 March, the city received a letter from Wal Mart advising that Wal Mart is not interested in coming to our little acre of earth. This after the multi-person Evergreen entourage visit to Wal Mart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. Not totally sure who all made the trip but I know the Mayor and one member of the City Council, Chamber of Commerce/Economic Development Coordinator Bobby Skipper County Commissioner Johnny Andrews functioning, I suppose, as a member of the Cooperative District Board. I’m not exactly sure who footed the bill for this trip but I’m positive it can be run to if need be.

Why did Wal Mart elect not to come here? Who really knows but just think if you were a major business would you come to Conecuh?

Let’s take a look see and think about why I would or wouldn’t come here.

On the positive side the prime thing that should govern anyone’s way of thinking whether they are buying a house or putting in a business. I believe the word of the day is location, location, location. There is no doubt we have a wonderful location. The weather is not cold, not hot, not violet (even though there is the occasional tornado/hurricane). We are at a crossroads with I-65 super slab running north and south, Highway 31 running an almost parallel route and good old Highway 84, the El Camino Corridor, running east and west. We have a modern up to date airport capable of handling some pretty fair sized aircraft, a Greyhound Bus terminal a beautifully restored Historic Depot.

There are some buildings of various sizes available in or near town. An industrial complex begging for business and the continually growing Liberty Hill project. Housing is not a real problem for any executives that feel they need to be near the business. Schools??? They are a work in progress. Living here one is less than a drive from Montgomery or Mobile. Granted we are a little short on entertainment but if we could get that toe in the door that’s very subject to change.

Those are positives, now let’s examine the detractors.

Although I am personally against drugs in any form, the arrest in Castleberry over the past few years has only shown that our county is a growing conduit for trafficking of illegal substances. Top that off with the lawsuit(s) against the Town of Castleberry and its police chief and what does that equate too? It smacks of speed traps and entrapment. Think of Georgiana and how things were there. Don’t drive 1 mph over the limit or face a ticket taking money out of one’s pocket. I’m not advocating that anyone should break the law but I am advocating that the law should administer and use their authority with a little less zeal.

Would you want to bring your family or business into an environment like that?

Let us continue to look and again, I’ll go to the problem we face here with drug situations. In the last few editions of about a drug arrest at the 4 way stop in Lenox, well out in the county and on county roads. Another drug arrest at the intersection of C. R. 7 and Highway 41 near Lenox, still well out in the county. Next is a stop and arrest on I-65 at the Castleberry & Lenox exit where of an illegal drink is seized. Don’t know if that was being transported into our county or was just being transported through it.

We have the shame of a well-documented arrest of one of our top elected officials, a county commissioner charged with the duty to run our county and manage our assets, arrested on charges of distributing an illicit drug. In this commissioner was part of the visiting party to Wal Mart headquarters. I'm sure they're impressed. Yes, this would be Johnny Andrews, District 3 Commissioner.

These examples are only the skimming of the surface of our county. At booking reports of those put in the county jail was available to the populace and were actually reported in the newspaper. One could determine who and what charges an individual was booked into the jail under, what their bond was and who bonded them out. It seems as if that information has been pushed to one side as no longer pertinent or needed.

How many of you knew there were 50 registered sex offenders in Conecuh? That is the current number due to death, change of address, etc. no one knows just how accurate that number really is. Again, no reporting puts people in a position where they don’t know and the sad part is, an awful lot don’t care.

If a major company (big business) was looking at coming to Conecuh you can bet your bottom they are looking at these “statistics.” Again, put yourself in their shoes, can you find more reasons to come to Conecuh or can you find more reasons not to come?


Conecuh County Commission Meeting 8 January 2018

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd. Invocation offered by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

All members were present for roll call.

The agenda was approved as printed and the previous minutes were approved after one amendment. Approval received a unanimous vote.

Payroll/ Personnel Report:

There were no personnel changes reported. There were 8 hours of overtime originating from the animal shelter that needed approval. 4 hours logged for 25 December and 4 hours logged for 26 December 2017.

Motion to approve met with unanimous vote.

Commissioner Millender asked how accounting was for Christmas vacation time. He stated he’d heard that some employees were using annual leave, sick leave and PTO to be able to enjoy a full, uninterrupted week of leave. Mr. Millender noted this was illegal and an improper management of the leave policy. He also asked if the appointing authority was signing the leave papers to which Ms. Lee responded with a yes answer.

Claims approval:

Under the $500.00 general fund limit there were 5 claims in excess of the limit requiring approval.

Under the $3,000.00 gasoline fund limit 1 claim was in excess.

Motion to approval the claims met with unanimous approval.

Conecuh Safe Room:

There was no one on hand for a safe room report.

County Animal Shelter:

County Impounding Officer Sid Lambert reported that there had been another increase in the cost of spay/neutering in the amount of $10.00. This brings the total fees charged for services to $120.00. Currently this fee is paid by the county with the adopting party paying it back. Mr. Lambert suggested that the county charge a $25.00 “pull” fee to come to the county and put spay/neutering and shots charges on the adopting party.

After discussion the commission body approved this recommendation noting that the animal shelter manual must be re-vamped in that area to reflect the same.

Mr. Lambert also asked about the waivers being used to cover the counties backside on the behalf of volunteers at the animal shelter. The question was should a waiver be signed every time a volunteer helps or will one signed waiver be sufficient. After discussion and noting that there are very few volunteers, it was determined to fill out a waiver for each person on each occasion.

Sheriff’s Department:

Sheriff Brock informed the commission body that he currently has 2 vehicles incapacitated one of which is a Tahoe. The Tahoe has a bad motor in it and the cost for repairs is $710.00for a used motor with no warranty or $810.00 for a motor with a 36,000 mile warranty. The commission agreed to purchase the new motor for the vehicle.

Sheriff Brock did not have a full report and/or evaluation on the other vehicle at this time.

County Engineer:

Mr. Winston Foshee announced there will be a safety issues meeting to be held in Prattville on 12 and 13 February 2018 and asked if anyone was interested in attending. Mr. Foshee announced he would be attending and the commissioners agreed to canvass their people to see if anyone was interested.

Mr. Foshee requested permission to start the process to sell 4 motor graders in the June time frame. Commissioner Millender asked who he would be contacting to sell these graders. Mr. Foshee responded with the usual list of contacts when we sell equipment. The commission body granted permission for Mr. Foshee to start the process.

County Administrator:

Ms. Stephanie Brown noted the tax rebate checks for the Shrimp Basket and Piggly Wiggly are in. The Shrimp Basket portion is $3,000.00+ and the Piggly Wiggly is $7,000.00+.

An invoice from Baldwin County dealing with charges for Conecuh County juvenile detention was presented in the amount of $2,205.00. A motion to pay these charges met with a unanimous vote of approval.

Ms. Brown advised the commission body that a Legislative Conference will be held in Washington D. C. on 3 March. Plans need to be made now as to who will be going.

County Attorney:

Mr. Anthony Bishop informed the commission that there were some changes to the medical care agreement with the sheriff’s department. It was determined this would be a charge to the sheriff’s department and required no action by the commission.

Mr. Bishop then informed the commission that he had been in discussions with Evergreen City Attorney Hartley over the composition of the Cooperative District membership. It was noted that it had been determined and voted that the membership would increase to 7 members, 3 appointed by the city and 3 by the county. The city has now nominated and voted to place Mr. Tim Dantz and sent the same to the county for their approval.

Commissioner Riley told Mr. Bishop that this was not the way he remembered the agreement about the board membership. He stated the initial understanding was the aforementioned 3/3 appointments then that board would get together and recommend a 7 member. That 7 member was then to go before the city council for their approval and before the county commission for their approval. This would offset/prevent any one group from gaining a majority controlled vote.

Attorney Bishop stated he would get back with Attorney Hartley over this issue.

Attorney Bishop then noted that the soon to be organized Economic Development Organization would be provided a building and utilities by the city and this would not be listed as part of the charges for the Economic Developer.

Mr. Bishop also relayed that the Economic Development Board, as per Attorney Hartley, would consist of the 5 commissioners, 5 city council members and the mayor.

Again this would be another obvious advantage to the city when it came to voting matters. The commission opted not to make any decision on this until further discussions.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Campbell noted that Circle W Trailers had donated 4 loads of sand for the Hillcrest Agriculture Department. It has already been hauled and Mr. Jeremy Knox will take care of spreading and placing it.

Commission Millender advised the commission body that Mr. Roberts, the NEW economic director, needed to have some kind of show that he was being hired. He needs to go to work whereby he can have some income. The commission discussed the agreement they had with Mr. Roberts and the city and determined that it would be in everyone’s best interest to hire Mr. Roberts post haste. Commissioner Riley made a motion to this effect and it received unanimous support.

News Media: Nothing from the news medial

Motion to Adjourn: 10:50

City Council Meeting 9 January 2018

Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier followed by Mayor Wolff calling the meeting to order at 6 PM.

Roll Call showed all members present.

Approval of Minutes:

The previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

Mayor Wolff had no comments or reports.

Old Business:

A discussion dealing with the “agreement” between the Conecuh County Commission and the City dealing with appointment of a 7 member to the Cooperative District Board was the only topic of under the heading of old business.

The city had nominated and elected Mr. Tim Dantz to be the 7 member of the Board of Directors however; when this nomination/election was sent to the county for approval no action had been taken.

Various speculations were discussed as to why the county had not approved this nomination with nothing firm being determined. Attorney Hartley stated that everything had been done in accordance with the current member’s desires.

Council person Fountain suggested the council and commission meet together and see if any differences can be worked out. Mayor Wolff stated he would see the commission and determine what route should be taken.

Evidently there were some raw feelings at the meeting as this statement seemed to gear things up. Statements were made that Mayor Wolff’s suggestion was not palatable to others. It was indicated that some were in belief that the “true” story may not come back to the council.

At this time Council person Davis announced she would like to call for an executive session to discuss good name and character of a member of the council. After a short discussion Mayor Wolff asked for a motion to go into executive session. Motion made and seconded with a unanimous vote by all to go into executive session.

Executive Session start: 6:20 PM

Regular Session reconvene 6:30 PM

Tensions remained high in the council chambers with announcements of undue agenda manipulations being forwarded and accusation of unfair treatment being made that the citizens of District 5 did not receive ample services as compared to the other districts.

New Business:

It was noted that accounting updates for FY 2016/2017 were still in progress. City Clerk Ms. Smith noted that the current auditing firm, Meadows and Company C. P. A. of Greenville, had informed her they were still 45+ days from completion.

Attorney Hartley noted that the 45+ days was unsatisfactory, everyday there was a delay in completion the city suffered. He noted that due to the lack of record keeping the city’s bonding ability rating was reduced. He stated he would contact the auditing company himself and attempt to expedite.

(How do you say thanks Mike Hinson?)

Accounts Payable: Payment of bills was authorized by unanimous vote.

Motion to Adjourn: 6:40 PM

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Conecuh/Butler County Youth Rally

The Conecuh/Butler County Youth Rally welcomes you to attend their meeting at Old Town Church on Hwy.84 on Saturday, 3 February 2018. Registration time is 11 AM and the program “Kicks Off” at noon. Admission is free and there will be home-style cooking items on hand for you to partake of.

Based on conversation with Mr. Tim Covin this is a program that has been instituted by people from the churches of both Conecuh and Butler Counties in which the young people get to travel, meet and have a good time amongst themselves with good, clean fun and an opportunity to learn something from a variety of guest speakers.

For this meeting everyone is encouraged to bring out their Auburn/Alabama colors. The guest speakers for this meeting will be Auburn alumni Tyler Ingram and Alabama alumni Red Coleman.

There will be an open microphone after the guest speaker’s finish. This will give anyone in the audience an opportunity to share anything that’s heavy on their mind or heart.

Come one, come all and have a fun filled day.

City Council 20 February 2018

Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff.

Roll Call showed all members present.

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as read.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

Bower Memorial Church requested permission to hold their annual 5K run. Motion to approve by Council person Caylor and seconded by Council person Davis. Motion carried.

Mayor Wolff announced that the South East Alabama Gas Company return was $95,000.00 for this period. Council person Skinner sits on the Gas Board and it was declared that this return was to go toward completion of the park. Motion made followed by a unanimous vote in favor.

Old Business:

1. Discuss asphalt patching and resurfacing. The contractor has already started patching based on a list from Superintendent Davis. Upon completion of the patching work whatever funds left will be used for street paving.

2. Parks and Recreation report. Superintendents Sullivan and Martin have stepped up to the plate and assumed the leadership role for getting the park area completed since Mr. Thomas’s retirement. They brought pictures of what has been accomplished to include the cleanup of the Ever Fun Park, tree removals and the cleanup of the old park areas. The pond area has had a facelift in the shape of brush and debris removal. The pool pump at Carver Rec. Center went out. New parts have been ordered so it should be ready by summer time. New shatterproof basketball goals are being ordered. Netting will be installed to prevent balls from rolling downhill. Toilets at the gym are going to be replaced.

3. Proclamation for Hillcrest 3A football championship team was tabled because the plaque has not made it back.

4. Advertisement for a park superintendent has been tabled to allow the city council more time to review and update the requirements.

New Business:

1. A meeting for Code Officials will be held May 14-17. The council approved Mr. Bobby McNeil attendance at this event.

2. The city will be advertising for a bookkeeper soon. City Clerk, Ms. Smith, advised she has a CPA on hand at this time working on the audit. 2016 books should be ready in a few weeks and 2017 should be ready in two months.

3. An advertisement will be run for a full time city magistrate. Job requirements will be taken from the Code of Alabama. When this issue went to vote Council person Caylor abstained because of his previous position as magistrate.

4. Fourth of July fireworks show will be held on 3 July. Everything else remains the same as last year.

5. Harris Software Company Smart Fusion is ½ the price of the other company the city was working with. There is still bond money to cover the cost and the council voted to accept Harris’s services.

A pole agreement between the city and Uniti Fiber (Mediacom) was introduced.

This proposal was presented by Mr. Larry Ryland dealing with a pole rental agreement with the aforementioned company. Some of the council members had not received this proposal and stated that, until they’d had time to read and exam it they would not vote in favor of it. This proposal was tabled until the next meeting.

Approval of Accounts:

The payment of accounts was passed by unanimous vote.

Adjourn: 6:35 PM

Conecuh County Commission Meeting 26 February 2018

Call to order by Chairman Byrd at 9 AM. Prayer by Commissioner Campbell was next followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call by the Administrator showed all members present.

The agenda was approved as printed.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

Ms. Leigh noted there were no new hires during this time frame. There was one separation from the Sheriff’s Department. There was one (1) hour of overtime requiring approval. Motion to approve the payroll/personnel report passed by unanimous vote.

Ms. Leigh pointed out the county handbook has not been approved. Commissioner Millender noted there were still some minor problems in the handbook. He also noted that the merit board has yet to respond to the handbook and their input is absolutely necessary. Mr. Millender also noted that the current merit board does not seem to be functioning very well. Mr. Jerome Boykin, merit board member, was in the audience and asked to speak on the merit board. He noted that the merit board had established a once per month meeting minimum, just in the event a county employee needed to approach them. Mr. Boykin stated that the meetings are sometimes cancelled simply because the chairman cannot be there. He also noted that when the merit board meets it’s normally only 3 people that show up. In his opinion the meetings should not be cancelled and attendance must go up.

Again, it was pointed out that the handbook has been available for a reasonable period of time yet several members of the merit board have not bothered to pick them up.

Suggestions on how to improve the merit board were offered with the most positive one being to set a rule in place that anyone missing three (3) meetings in a row will be asked to resign from the merit board. A motion was made to adopt this rule. When the vote came down for the recommendation there was a unanimous vote response to enacting the three (3) missed meeting rule.

Ms. Leigh addressed the Deferred Compensation Plan. She noted this is a good thing for the employees and she wanted to be able to call a meeting of representatives and workers to have the plan fully explained. After discussion it was determined the routine to be followed would be to invite the representatives to the next commission meeting and work from there to set up a meeting with the employees.

The county is in receipt of an invoice from Baldwin County dealing with housing juveniles. Cost to the county $10,185.00.

Approval of Claims:

No over-the-limit claims were presented.

Conecuh Safe Room:

Nothing to report at this time.

EMA Director’s Report:

Mr. Johnny Brock presented two (2) grant documents for chairman’s signature. These are checks the county gets from the state and federal government for Mr. Brock having achieved the milestones set. The check from the state will be $5,796.00. The federal check will be a much more juicy check.

Commissioner Millender asked Mr. Brock about conducting some fire drills to ensure everyone knew what/where/when they were supposed to report in the event of a fire. Mr. Brock advised him he would take care of the drill procedure very soon.

It was asked if grant money for camera’s still existed. Mr. Brock said it was still available but it they wanted to apply for a grant they must do so ASAP. Mr. Millender encouraged Mr. Brock to get on the project of getting cameras for the lower section of the court house.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee advised the commission everything was on track for getting the new motor graders and for selling the old ones. He said we should have the new machines on hand by 10 April.

Mr. Foshee noted he had a petition to close a portion of a dirt road in District One (1). The dirt road runs through property owned by Mr. & Ms. Joel Pate. Motion to approve request passed by unanimous vote.

A question dealing with the bridge repair on Winston Bell road arose. The pipe is in place and the work should be done soon.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown advised that the termite contact needed to be renewed. Cost to the county $500.00. Approved by unanimous vote.

One of the DHR Board Members term has expired. They still express a desire to serve on the board. Motion to reappoint approved by unanimous vote.

Ms. Brown requested to attend and Admin Conference to be held 9-10 May. Permission granted by unanimous vote.

County Attorney:

Mr. Bishop noted that the State of Alabama and several other lesser entities such as counties, cities and towns have elected to engage in a class action style lawsuit against the manufactures of opioid distributors. The county can engage in this lawsuit with no requirement for any funding. Should there be a settlement made in the suit the class action attorneys will get a percentage of the proceeds and the remainder will come to the county. Unanimous vote to participate in the legal action.

It was noted that the local amendment on the voting house has not yet passed. Suggestion forwarded to contact our local house rep., Mr. Greg Albritton.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Mr. Andrews, District 3, stated he had been approached by the B. O. E. bus supervisor asking for help from the county dealing with buses bogging down at their end of the day stops. They are sinking into the ground when sitting still overnight. It was determined that each commissioner follow their own mind keeping in mind this is to help our children get to school.

News Media:

I asked if there had been any further determination dealing with the payment for the office of Probate Judge. I was advised more information needed to be gathered before any suggestions were offered.

I also asked the Administrator and the Commissioners if any of them had received a letter from the Blackbelt Heritage group. They all responded they had not received any correspondence.

I noted that Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), a disease that causes the massive deaths of deer, had been discovered in our neighbor Mississippi. This disease can devastate the deer population. Current regulations state that no deer carcass from a state experiencing CWD can be transported over state lines. There are also several rules and regulations about how venison can be transported from an infected state.

With CWD knocking at our door and current habit of many hunters to just dump deer carcasses along the roads, into the waterways, etc.; it would be very easy for Alabama to have an outbreak of CWD.

I suggested to the commissioners that it could be to all’s advantage if they could/would set up 2 or 3 areas within each district whereby a hunter could take the remnants of dead deer to an that area and dump them in an already dug hole and ever so often the commissioners could have their equipment return and cover these remnants.

Mr. Andrews also noted that there is an overabundance of dead deer along our highways that should be removed too.

Motion to adjourn: 9:45 AM

County Commission 12 March 2018

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance followed.

Roll call showed all members were present.

The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/personnel report:

There were no new hires however there was one separation from the jail force. There were 2 hours 5 minutes of overtime for approval. Motion to accept followed by unanimous vote.

Several dates were offered for instructions on the Alabama Deferred Compensation Pay program. The Commissioners chose 19 March at 10 AM for this presentation.

Ms. Leigh noted that she was still receiving some time sheet memo’s late.

Ms. Leigh advised the recommended changes to the new handbook had been made. When the commissioners were questioned as to the possibility of approving it, it was noted that the merit board still has not forwarded their recommendation. It was determined a vote would be taken on the approval of the handbook at the regular commission meeting of 9 April.

Claims Approval:

There were five claims over the $500.00 level in the general fund. Four claims exceeded the $3,000.00 limit with the gasoline fund. Motion to approve the claims was met with unanimous positive votes.

Conecuh Safe Room:

County Administrator Brown informed the commission body of the amount owed at this time. She noted that $56,254.87 was the total amount owed. Commission voted to pay up to today’s invoice.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee that a federal aid fund will be used to repave County Road 26 from Highway 31 to the junction of C. R. 22 in Brownville.

He also noted that guard rail damage to two different areas (C. R. 30 and C. R. 22) has been evaluated with an estimated cost of $9,000.00. A motion was made to do these repairs and passed unanimously.

Mr. Foshee was highly encouraged to attend a work session to be held 26 March at 1 PM.

County Administrator:

Ms. Stephanie Brown noted that an appointment to the DHR Board was needed. Commissioner Millender noted that Ms. January had served on that board for 30 years and had indicated to him that she did not desire re-appointment. Mr. Millender did note that Ms. Ellen Hall had expressed a desire to serve. Board appoint of Ms. Hall was by unanimous vote.

County Attorney:


Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Riley noted that he had spoken to the merit board members as promised.

Commissioner Millender noted that the discussion dealing with the probate judge salary will be held during the 26 March meeting.

New Media:

No comments

There was a general recognition of the Magnet School students that attended todays meeting.

Motion to go into executive session carried by unanimous vote.

Executive session began at 10:35 AM and I left. 

Council Meeting 20 March 2018

Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to Order:

At 6 PM by Mayor Wolff, roll call showed all members present, the minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

A completed proclamation on parchment paper was produced dealing with the Hillcrest High School championship team performance. This proclamation will be presented at the banquet scheduled for 6 PM Saturday 24 March, 2018.

The Waffle House should be opening either this coming Saturday or Monday.

Old Business:

A parks and recreations supervisor position new hire was tabled to allow all council members to review job requirements. Council person Fountain had the best copy of proposed job descriptions and her input will be used as the guideline for establishing the needed requirements.

New Business:

Conecuh County Heritage Week presentation program is scheduled for Friday, May 4, 2018 at the Veterans Monument from 10 AM -2 PM.

A discussion of the Evergreen City Park CDBG with Cara Stallman was next. Ms. Stallman had 3 resolutions in need of passing.

First, allow the mayor to sign all grant documentation.

Second, hire a grant administer (Grant Management, LLC). Cost $27,500 from the grant fund.

Third, hire an engineering firm to oversee construction of the park. (Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, GMC). Cost $30,900 from the grant fund. It was noted the city had already paid GMC for the drawings and other items pertaining to the park. It seems the general sentiment is GMC would be receiving double payment for single work. The mayor will be discussing this double cost issue with Mr. Carter of GMC.

The back to school tax exempt holiday is scheduled for 20-22 July.

Executive Session: 6:15 PM

Council person Upton introduced a situation within the Magistrates office. This situation was warranted as executive session material and a motion to enter into executive session was passed by all members with the exception of Council person Caylor who recused himself from voting or attendance at the session due to his having held the position of magistrate in the past.

Return to regular session: 6:42 PM. No discussion.

Approval of Accounts: Unanimous vote to approve.

Motion to adjourn at 6:42.

Council Meeting 20 March 2018

Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to Order:

At 6 PM by Mayor Wolff, roll call showed all members present, the minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

A completed proclamation on parchment paper was produced dealing with the Hillcrest High School championship team performance. This proclamation will be presented at the banquet scheduled for 6 PM Saturday 24 March, 2018.

The Waffle House should be opening either this coming Saturday or Monday.

Old Business:

A parks and recreations supervisor position new hire was tabled to allow all council members to review job requirements. Council person Fountain had the best copy of proposed job descriptions and her input will be used as the guideline for establishing the needed requirements.

New Business:

Conecuh County Heritage Week presentation program is scheduled for Friday, May 4, 2018 at the Veterans Monument from 10 AM -2 PM.

A discussion of the Evergreen City Park CDBG with Cara Stallman was next. Ms. Stallman had 3 resolutions in need of passing.

First, allow the mayor to sign all grant documentation.

Second, hire a grant administer (Grant Management, LLC). Cost $27,500 from the grant fund.

Third, hire an engineering firm to oversee construction of the park. (Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, GMC). Cost $30,900 from the grant fund. It was noted the city had already paid GMC for the drawings and other items pertaining to the park. It seems the general sentiment is GMC would be receiving double payment for single work. The mayor will be discussing this double cost issue with Mr. Carter of GMC.

The back to school tax exempt holiday is scheduled for 20-22 July.

Executive Session: 6:15 PM

Council person Upton introduced a situation within the Magistrates office. This situation was warranted as executive session material and a motion to enter into executive session was passed by all members with the exception of Council person Caylor who recused himself from voting or attendance at the session due to his having held the position of magistrate in the past.

Return to regular session: 6:42 PM. No discussion.

Approval of Accounts: Unanimous vote to approve.

Motion to adjourn at 6:42.

Evergreen City Council 3 April 2018

Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff.

Roll call showed all members present.

Previous minutes were approved as read.

Mayor’s report and comments:

Mayor Wolff directed Council person Upton to discuss with Sheriff Brock the current cost of housing inmates in the local jail facility. Current cost is $45.00 when first booked, regardless of time, then $40.00 per day afterwards. Chief Simpson recently attended a conference where the subject of jailing cost arose. Chief Simpson reported back that some counties are charging $10.00 to house inmates.

Old Business:

The position of Parks and Recreation Supervisor was discussed. It was noted that the salary would be listed as between $35,000-$40,000.00 when they advertise.

It was also noted that Mr. Brian Martin, current city employee, is acting as the supervisor now and is doing a superb job. Council person Upton recommended Mr. Martin take over as the supervisor with a $200.00 per week raise. It was pointed out this move would fulfill the need for the Parks and Recreation Supervisor and save the city approximately $30,000.00 per year.

Council person Davis opposed the idea and it was tabled for later discussion.

The Waffle House donated the sewer lines and right of way to the city. Motion to accept made by Council person Upton, seconded by Council person Skinner.

New Business:

The current gym contract is expired. It was discussed that Council person Upton talk to Dr. Byrd, Superintendent of Education, about giving the gym to the city. Currently the city bears all responsibility for the maintenance, upkeep and supervision at the gym, why not own it? For action.

The Bo Campbell Rodeo was next on the agenda. The city will pay the initial cost of the rodeo for the Chamber of Commerce and will be reimbursed after the end of the Sausage Festival and Fly-in. This same procedure was followed last year with no problems.

The position of Magistrate was discussed. It was determined the city council should review the applications and forward their recommendations as to the best qualified. The final determination will be made by Mayor Wolff and Chief Simpson. The magistrate’s position is currently being filled by magistrates from Monroeville who are being paid $12.00 per hour.

Accounts Payable:

Received unanimous vote to approve.

Adjourn: 6:31 PM

Commission Meeting 9 April 2018

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd.

Prayer and pledge led by Chairman Byrd.

All members present for roll call.

The agenda and previous minutes were approved as read.

Payroll/personnel report:

There were no new hires. Sid Lambert was separated from the animal shelter. A total of 1.5 hours overtime was approved for the Probate Judge Office.

When a vote was called for andrews opposed the separation of Lambert. Motion carried by majority vote.

Claims Approval:

There were 8 claims over the $500.00 limit requiring approval including 2 invoices from Escambia County juvenile detention. Commissioner Millender announced he was working with the sheriff toward finding a way to lessen or stop these charges. Motion to approve met with unanimous approval.

Safe Room:

Grant writer Cara Stallman presented a list of items the commission body must completed prior to getting a $20,000.00 remaining portion of the current grant. Ms. Stallman also announced that she was aware of an additional $81,000.00 in funds available for the safe room however it will require a request for a grant extension which must be submitted through the city. The original grant was to the city who was unable to maintain the grant due to a lack of funding. The city in turn, gave the county the grant rights to execute the safe room. That is the reason all paperwork has to travel a circuitous route to get completed.

The city of Repton and Castleberry had submitted grant request for backup generators for times of power outages. There’s no way to run down or locate paperwork showing proper justification for these request. Both Castleberry and Repton will be required to withdraw their application request.

Bagby Elevator:

Ms. Kristy Eubank of Bagby Elevator came before the commission offering the county a service agreement with Bagby to inspect and repair the elevators the county is responsible for. The county advised they will take the review under consideration and tabled the request until they had time to discuss it.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee advised the 4 motor graders scheduled for sale had received the highest paid amount from J. M. Woods Company. The guaranteed amount the county will receive from them is $223,000.00 dollars for all motor graders. He also advised it will take approximately $20,000.00 to get the motor graders in a passable condition.

The engineer also requested the county allow him to negotiate a contract to use one company for sales of county equipment. His recommendation was to used Woods for this duty too. After discussion a motion was made and passed approving both the sales of the motor graders by Woods and to allow them a one year contract to handle county equipment sales.

Mr. Foshee pointed out that a work session needed to be held to determine financing of the new motor grader which should be received within a week or so. It was also noted the new bush hogs should be in next week. Commissioner Millender proposed that 15% of the oil revenues be placed in the rainy day fund. A motion was made to approve all these items and passed by unanimous vote.

Engineer Foshee noted the following roads, in this order, are on the resurfacing list for this year: C. R. 32; C. R. 54 and C. R. 19.

It was determined an emergency call meeting to cover items necessary to be discussed dealing with this report would be held on 10 April 2018 at 10 AM.

County Administrator:

Ms. Stephanie Brown asked the commission if they would be supporting the state wide recommended “Back to School” sales tax abatement. A motion to this effect passed by unanimous vote.

A request from the USDA dealing with repairs to the David Burt Building was next. The commission will look into the USDA’s request.

The semi-annual ALATOM meeting will be held in Demopolis this year. Ms. Brown needs a list of names of the commissioners intending to attend.

County Attorney:

Mr. Bishop presented a follow up to the presentation given by the solar panel company. He noted there were some document issues that needed to be resolved and he was in receipt of paperwork from the company correcting those problems. He also noted the chairman needed to sign that paperwork and return it.

Mr. Bishop also noted the leased county property by the KFC needed to have a new lease agreement tendered or possibly sell the property. A new lease will be renegotiated.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner andrews noted his district had purchased a new trailer recently and the old trailer was now surplus and was to be placed on the Gov. Deals site.

News Media Comments:


Mr. Thad House had some questions about the motor graders. It was deemed this was not on the agenda.

Motion to adjourn approved at 9:45 AM.