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Well here we go again. It appears that some of you who thought you actually owned and could control land you've had for years, land that you or someone from your past granted a right to a railroad company to use to make life for them better is coming back to bite you in the rear.

Two words I absolutely despise come into play again. Those words are "EMINATE DOMAIN";

Eminent domain in the United States refers to the power of a state or the federal government to take private property for public use while requiring "just" compensation to be given to the original owner.

Just wanted to get things out in the open and let everyone know my feelings on this mess. Not long ago these same words were echoed about a potential lake project in the county, a project that appears to be dead due to lack of follow up on behalf of the chairperson of the Murder Creek Lake Project.

I am one for legitimate, legal and above board actions taken by all negotiators to lead to our counties betterment, don't come and try to take away land based on bulls--t. Naturally they cover themselves by using the phrase "JUST" compensation but guess who decides how much is just compensation!!!

Almost all the contracts I'm aware of dealing with allowing the railroad right-of-way through parts of people's land contain a statement saying that if and when the railroad does not continue to exist the land reverts back to the proper property owner. That statement goes hand in hand with the old "honest, I'll respect you in the morning" statement with about the same results.

I am in receipt of a press release from Larson-O'Brien LLP, a law firm representing landowners involved in this fiasco. I am posting a copy of this press release with this story. Please note the meetings they refer to are next week, therefore you have little time to prepare for them but I strongly recommend that you attend one of the two.

Good luck to all involved. I know whatever happens it's gonna leave a bad taste in someone's mouth but don't take a bad taste and wind up with no money. It should be worth your time to go listen to this presentation.