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Circuit Court in Conecuh County on 9 January 2018: PLUS SOME

After all my court trials and tribulations over the last few years I must admit it has whelt my appetite for keeping up with certain persons, especially those geared toward trying, to coin a phrase from one of them, “sink my boat.”

It seems Ms. Rebecca Bennett, former Southern Pine employee and a person who when delivered a subpoena to come to my first trial as a witness, made the above statement. For those that can’t remember that far back Ms. Bennett was an employee at the Evergreen Office of Southern Pine who had “volunteered” to watch Terry Gray’s children in the event he wasn’t at his job at the next door Conecuh Animal Shelter.

Yep, Ms. Bennett is the very person that absolutely, in no uncertain terms, told my attorney that she would “sink my boat if she had to come to court” when she was subpoenaed the first time. As you may remember, the first trial was continued because the District Attorney had a “high profile” murder trial they wanted to get out of the way before I was put on trial.

I’m betting a lot of people couldn’t really tell that a high profile murder and a vehicular homicide took place at the same time of my “phony” arrest for “Interference with Custody” charges just because of the local news coverage. My face and articles about me seemed to cover the front, middle and end of the local news and the rest of the world was placed on ignore.

Aw, well, I got a little distracted reminiscing and lost track for a moment. Getting back to Ms. Bennett, the same person that was going to sink my boat also threw me out of the local Southern Pine Office under threat of calling the police on me. My big transgression there, I actually wanted to talk to her about what she had seen on the day I was placed in a position where I was compelled to take Terry Gray’s children to their mother.

All that hatefulness on Ms. Bennett’s part was probably derived from her deep concern over who was going to take care of missing Southern Pine money. Seems the story put out by her was she had to leave Southern Pine for health reasons, seems Southern Pine no longer needed her services after monetary shortages in her area. Proof positive taking others peoples “stuff” is not conducive to good health.

Anyway, she is charged with “Theft of Property in the 1 Degree,” a Class B felony punishable by 2-20 years in prison. On Tuesday she was to be in court to forward a plea but, evidently, she failed to receive notification. The judge did note that during the morning session 5 individuals criminally charged were to have appeared and notice was sent. By virtue of no one showing up there must have been some miscommunications.

Not to worry, her absence on Tuesday will not stop the justice system from moving forward. I certainly feel that sometime this year she will need to worry about keeping her own boat afloat. Karma does have many looks and this time it’s an in your face look.

Ms. Bennett was not the only person of interest to me on Tuesday, it seems Terry Thomas Gray, that wonderful “father of the year” persona filled with lies that got the ball rolling to create all the problems that plagued me for 4 ½ years was scheduled to appear too.

If you’ll recall when all my troubles started my face was all over the front of the local newspaper several times. It’s amazing to me that when Mr. Gray was arrested in March 2017 on charges of rape in the 2 degree, (Statutory Rape), not one article, not one picture, not one utterance was made about him in the local news. It’s as if it is a normal course of business that an almost 40 year old man should have sexual encounters with a 14 year old girl. In fact, Gray has 2 female children in that age area. Wonder how he would feel if some dirtbag were to have abused his girls that way? Course they don’t live with him, he turned custody of them over to his mom years ago. No since burdening himself with trying to be “daddy” to too many, just keep the ones on hand that provide you with food stamps and medical care.

Mr. Gray did show up for court and when asked, stated he wanted a jury trial. I really don’t think that I didn’t rape her, she gave it to me, is going to fly considering her age.

I think it will be advantageous to include a picture from Gray’s Facebook pages here, keep in mind he has a court appointed lawyer that we, the everyday, common tax payer is bearing the cost for:

In case you can’t really see the bills in the picture they are all $100.00 bills. His explanation for this landfall is, he hit the lottery. Again, let me remind you all that he has an appointed lawyer that the tax payer is putting up the bucks for.

In keeping with his improved status in life, he has moved to the Judge Salter estate on Middle Road. Remember he’s not having to pay for his lawyer, you are.

I think one more picture would be appropriate for here:

 A person of his means must have a decent ride. Remember, you’re paying for his lawyer.

It’s almost hard to grasp that someone the District Attorney’s and State Attorney General’s Office basically portrayed as that aforementioned “father of the year” image could sink so low as being arrested for molesting a 14 year old girl.

Isn’t it hard to believe I would be crucified for having the wellbeing of 2 minor children in mind and attempting to protect them in the best manor possible compared to this?

     Remember Gray had all the help in the world from Commissioner John William Andrerws Jr. during my ordeal. Amazingly Andrews did not show up to support Gray the other day. Of course Andrews has his own problems with 6 counts of drug distribution against him.

Karma, I’m enjoying it.