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City Council 15 May 2018

Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order at 4:30 by Mayor Wolff.

Roll call: All members present.

Previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Mayor’s Report:

Mayor Wolff noted Evergreen Concrete has been removing the old slabs left behind from Magnolia Apartments at the rate of 1-2 per month to keep the city from being hit with a large bill. Council person Davis expressed concerns as to when the job would be finished. It was determined to allow Evergreen Concrete to complete the job as soon as possible. The broken concrete will be used to stop erosion on city right of way.

Old Business:

Mr. Sullivan received a check in the amount of $177,000.00 for work on the Miller Sellers Drive project.

Cell phone and phone usage policy developed by the council was brought before a vote. Passed by unanimous vote. City Clerk Carrie Smith is supposed to email me a copy of the policy today and I will post it for all to see.

New Business:

Resolution for lease/purchase of the street sweeper. Passed by unanimous vote.

Terri Webb will attend quality assurance and supervisor seminar. Approved by unanimous vote for the city to pick up the tab.

Annual MWPP report and resolution (waste water report) was approved unanimously.

Resolution awarding park professional engineering service was granted to Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood.

Accounts Payable: Approved by unanimous vote.

Mayor Wolff open the meeting for inputs from the floor.


A city resident complained about a group of high school students creating a disturbance in her neighborhood one night last week. She stated she had attempted to contact Chief Simpson but had received no response. Mayor Wolff advised her to come in at 8 AM Wednesday morning and they would discuss with the chief her problems.

Council person Upton addressed the 2 following problems:

Too much speeding, streets seem more like drag strips.

Littering is ongoing problem. A police officer was observed seeing someone toss garbage from a vehicle yet no ticket was written. Mayor Wolff for action.

Council person Fountain noted sewer work on Crawford Street approximately 1 year ago and the road was left in a mess. Need to re-pave that area.

Council person Caylor spoke on behalf of the city clerk’s pay. Seems Mike Henson, previous city clerk, was paid $65,000.00 per year yet when Ms. Smith took over the job the best they wanted to do for her was grant a $2.00 per hour raise leaving her well below the pay level of the previous dirt bag that held the position. Recommendation is put her on salary.

No action was taken on the recommendation.

Council person Davis brought up bushes and trees around houses needed cleaning up. Ms. Davis has been working with Compliance Officer McNeil in pointing out houses with problems. Mayor Wolff thanked Ms. Davis for her assistance in working with Mr. McNeil.

A discussion about resumes for the positions of park manager and bookkeeper was brought up. It was agreed that the council needed to review them.

One of the applicants for park manager was in the audience and Council person Upton noted that was his pick for the job.

Adjourned: 5 PM