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City Council 16 June 2020

Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff

Roll call showed all members present.

Previous minutes were ultimately approved after changes: Council person Caylor noted the minutes reflected a unanimous vote on pay raises for both the Clerk and Parks Director. He stated he had voted for a raise for the clerk but voted no for the Parks Director.

Prior to the Mayor Report Council person Davis insisted an approval of the agenda because she desired to have an NAACP lawsuit placed on the agenda for discussion. She stated the lawsuit was served on 2 June 2020 and felt it should be agenda worthy. This lawsuit involved questions on city management dealing with utility bills asked by the NAACP.

Attorney Anderson responded and told the council that not all lawsuits were brought before the council, typically it is reviewed from a legal status prior to being made general information plus this lawsuit has been turned over the cities insurance company for their review. There is also a 30 day time period in which to respond to a lawsuit and this lawsuit has yet to reach that time frame. Any questions or discussion on it would be premature.

The City Clerk noted she had received the lawsuit and forwarded it to the legal representation. She says she can make no comments about it until an answer has been filed and even then she is not in a position to discuss it.

(My understanding is the NAACP is requesting access to public records and the items in contention are the bills from the above named utilities. Approximately 4 months ago they attempted to gain access to these records but have yet to get them.)

Mayor’s Report:

1. A recommendation for a 5% pay raise for City of Evergreen Personnel was forwarded in the form of a motion. (This recommendation excluded Police, who recently received a $2.00 per hour raise/cost of living adjustment). Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Old Business:

Council person Upton asked to suspend the rules to open up an opportunity to discuss a local County resident, Moddie Taylor, who was born in Nymph in 1912. Mr. Taylor went to Lincoln University, attaining a B. S. degree in Chemistry. He received an M. S. and Ph. D from the University of Chicago. Mr. Taylor was a key member of the team on the Manhattan Project and Mr. Upton feels that some effort of recognition be made for him primarily in a plaque form.

A motion that Grant Writer Stallman pursue getting a grant for this recognition coupling this with Dr. Henry’s recognition discussed at an earlier meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Larry Riley discussed the trailer park he wishes to build on Ted Bates Road. Mr. Riley said he had made arrangements for Mr. Harold Kyser to run the sewage and water facility portion. Mr. Riley has received approval from the Health Department to install 10-12 trailers. He’s discussed the electrical impact with Southern Pine and was told everything was well there.

A motion to allow Mr. Riley to place a trailer park at that location was introduced and received a unanimous vote.

It was announced that at 8:30 AM, Friday, 19 June, a march across the overhead bridge would be held to commemorate Juneteenth.

Council person Upton noted that, thanks to donations from individuals and a $2,500.00 donation each from the city and the county, along with a $3,100.00 donation from the D. A. V., the Conecuh County Rescue Squad has received the money needed to purchase their rescue boat.

Attorney Anderson said he will make himself available for one on one conversation with the council dealing with the legal aspect discussed earlier plus any other legal concerns they may have.

Motion to Adjourn: 6:30 PM