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Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff, all members present.

Previous minutes approved by unanimous vote.

Mayor’s Reports and Comments:

1. Mayor Wolff wished to thank the parents, teachers pastors for the good behavior exhibited by school students.

2. Superintendent Sullivan noted that there is currently $992.00 of sign damage ranging from being hit by a vehicle to vandalism. He is working to get them replaced.

3. Volunteer Fire Department of Evergreen suffered a loss of two people who were hurt during an unofficial city function of offloading an 18 wheeler involved in a wreck. Workman’s Compensation says they will not pay any lost wages because they were not involved in their regular job. there is no current resolution to this situation.

Old Business:

Council person Davis was on the agenda with questions about utility bills. Ms. Davis requested a public meeting for citizens to attend and allow the City Clerk to give a visual presentation dealing with a line by line explanation of the utility bills. Ms. Davis said she has had numerous constituents approach her about their bill and she believes this effort will help explain to the citizens how their meters are read and what each line represents.

City Clerk Smith noted there had been announcements in the local paper telling people their billing cycle dates were changing.

One of the audience attendees asked where all the taxes listed on utility bills were coming from because each service has a form of tax applied to it. Mayor Wolff responded that the taxes had always been there. Prior to the new billings, the taxes were not out in the open as they are now.

City Clerk Smith explained that the fuel surcharge listed on the bills was a charge applied to the utility bill based on a variety of circumstances. Each month the fuel surcharge is applied but, until it is reviewed and accepted as correct by a third party engineer in North Alabama, paid for his services, it is not billed to the citizens.

It was decided that a meeting for the citizens would be made available to explain this system and answer questions. The date and time will be published in the Evergreen Courant.

Superintendent Sullivan presented a resurfacing update on city streets. The resurfacing project was unable to start until 12 October due to a lack of asphalt. The plant opened on Thursday and East Lane, Belleville, Marley-Mitchell and parts of Factory Street are to be the first to be resurfaced.

Superintendent Sullivan reported on the bid openings for engine servicing of city vehicles. Three bids were returned. One of them was in an improper form and was discarded, the 2 remaining bids were from Padgett’s Garage and Interstate Towing with Interstate Towing being the low and adopted bid.

New Business:

One-time bonus for RSA retirees passed by majority vote with one abstention, Council person Caylor did not vote because he is an RSA retiree.

Compliance Officer Bobby McNeil discussed the weed and debris at 230 Magnolia. He has sent two letters to the owner. Mr. McNeil asked the council if he could proceed with a weed and debris cleanup considering the owners are not responding. Permission was granted.

Accounts Payable:

Paying the bills was approved by unanimous vote.

Adjourn: 6:58 PM