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City Council 18 September 2018

Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff.

Roll call showed all members present.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by unanimous vote.

Mayor’s report and comments:

Mayor Wolff talked about the meeting of the previous day where the county, city, and city IDB held a joint work session/brainstorming gathering to discuss how to go about getting the Gerber Building up to business show quality ready. Mayor Wolff informed the council that he had volunteered to take the responsibility of getting estimates for needed repairs.

Old Business:

1. This year’s Halloween will be a trunk or treat held in No-Man’s land between the hours of 5 and 6 PM. Participants are encouraged to decorate their vehicles in festival attire for the occasion.

2. Bid results for the roof replacement on the old city school are back. Only one bid was received and it was in the amount of $147,103.00 for labor ONLY. This bid was rejected and the project will be rebid.

3. Superintendent Sullivan reported that no response had been received for the Engine Servicing Fleet Gasoline Vehicles FY 2019 bids that were released. It was determined to rebid this project also.

New Business:

1. The disposition of the house at 420 Magnolia Avenue was discussed with the ultimate determination being to remove the structure.

2. A proposal for body cameras for the police department was approved by unanimous vote. Total cost to be $63,814.00.

3. Upton shared a copy of the League Magazine dealing with the opening of Thomasville’s Civic Center. He proposed doing something similar in Evergreen using the old City School considering the plans of the Thomasville building is virtually the same. He proposed a sales tax increase of $.01 in the city for a time frame. At the end of the 10 the tax goes away but enough funds have been raised to restore the old City School. The plans are to use a local bank loan from the Bank of Evergreen to start the project.

4. There is a controversy between the city and Mr. Bob Carter of Goodwyn, Mills Cawood dealing with the Evergreen City Park. When the park was first done the plans were drawn up by an architect without any involvement by an engineer. The city asked Goodwyn, Mills Cawood to assist in finishing the . Mr. Carter alleges the plans are no good because an engineer was not involved from the start he wants the city to pay engineering fees for his help. Typically these fees are not cheap and Goodwyn, Mills Cawood have gotten exorbitant amounts of money in the past from the city. The current city governing body feels there is no need to pay Mr. Carter as if he was involved from the start. Hence an impasse has developed. Mayor Wolff said if Mr. Carter and Goodwyn, Mills Cawood cannot or will not work with the city that it may well be time for the city to search for a different engineering firm.

My opinion: Why is an engineer needed to build a ballfield? This appears to be nothing more than a ploy to rake the city over more coals to fill their coffers. Amazingly I, along with the Old Town church youth group of yesteryear managed to lay out plenty of ballfields in Mr. Claude Gladwell’s pasture so we could have our youth get-to-gathers and there was no involvement by any engineering group.

5. Next item on the agenda was a called executive session by Mayor Wolff to discuss “Interference of Government operations by Council Members, Etc.”

Firstly there are no provisions made for this topic to be an executive session item, therefore, in my this was an illegally held executive session. Evergreen Courant owner/publisher Robert Bozeman was on hand to report the council meeting and he is very well versed in executive session meeting requirements. I cannot understand why he did not question this irregularity. Mr. Bozeman did ask if any action would be taken at the end of the executive session and was told they still had accounts payable to cover. Mr. Bozeman opted to leave the meeting then.


Secondly, Fountain expressed concerns why the agenda scheduled executive session directly mentioned council members.

Executive Session 6:19 PM

Executive Session ended 6:45 PM. There was no motion to resume regular session and no items were forwarded for a vote.

Approval of accounts payable:

Caylor refused to vote on the accounts payable motion due to Parks Superintendent Gray still submitting mileage claims for using his own vehicle on park business even though he has gotten the city to purchase him a new truck.

Motion to adjourn approved at 6:46 PM