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City Council 19 Feb 2019

Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order by Mayor Wolff at 6 PM

All members were present for roll call.

Previous minutes were approved as read.

Mayor’s report and comments:

Former Magnolia Apartments area is to become a cemetery. Fencing should available Thursday. More to follow.

Complaints of non-handicapped persons using handicap parking spaces. Mayor has directed EPD to issue tickets for infractions.

National Guard Armory is getting an outside facelift in accordance with Ms. Davis’s desires.

The city clerk informed the council that two loans from Bankcorp need signatures. One is for Tahoes and the other is for the streetsweeper. This paperwork was signed once before but Bankcorp said they needed originals.

Old Business:

The parks Babe Ruth field grading is going to be accomplished in part by Superintendent Sullivan’s department. Bids were let and 5 companies responded with Grady Ralls and Sons being the low bidder at $48,000.00. Contract awarded by unanimous vote.

The sales tax increase ordinance was rewritten by Attorney Hartley. His rewrite was approved unanimously by voice vote.

Dealings with MediaCom were tabled until next meeting.

New Business:

Arbor Day proclamation was addressed by Mayor Wolff and Superintendent Sullivan. The forestry service will be involved. The date will be 25 February and the time will be 10 AM. Call city hall for location.

Resolution for acceptance of gift of property: Property is to be donated by Darrel Davis. Located at the end of Pemberton Drive. Mr. Davis is donating enough property whereby a safe turn around may be executed. Motion passed unanimously.

Property located at 222 South Jordan Street was scheduled for city cleanup with a lien to follow. A perspective buyer was in attendance and asked the city to grant 30 days to give him an opportunity as a new owner to clean up the property. The 30 days were granted.

It was brought before the council to pay for the Cal Ripkin League Insurance as they have done in the past. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

South Alabama Gas presented the city with a check for $243,320.00 as their annual donation to the city.

Accounts Payable: Unanimous Vote

Adjourn: 6:29 PM