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City Council 19 June 2018

Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff. Roll called showed all members available. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.

Mayor’s report and comments:

At the previous meeting a situation with a dog in a neighborhood wreaking havoc on cats has been resolved according to the Mayor.

Zaxby’s has won the Ziggy award, an award only given to 5 out of 900 stores per year nationwide. The award is because of excellence shown in employee training, service and other customer related areas. A representative from Zaxby’s home office will be on hand to present this award to our local store.

A thank you letter for the city’s help with the Heritage Day celebration has been received from the Black Belt Heritage Group, Mr. David Peters, president, Ms. Francis Floyd, director. Mr. Brian Martin was specifically mentioned as being an excellent representative of the city.

Mayor Wolff asked Council person Skinner if he had any remarks. Mr. Skinner spoke of the football program insurance noting that the city has paid the premium on this for several previous years and it is due again. A motion to pay the $1,000.00 premium was made and passed by unanimous vote.

A motion to give the Hillcrest Band Line Camp a $2,500.00 contribution was made and seconded by Council persons Upton and Davis. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Council person Upton noted that he would soon be asking the city for a $5,000.00 contribution for football uniforms.

Council person Fountain was recognized by the mayor next. Ms. Fountain noted that mini blinds for Carver Rec Center had been approved during a meeting last year yet no blinds have been received. City Clerk, Ms. Smith, said she would take this for action. Council person Davis noted that several items, desk, printer, computer and other items were also needed for Carver. Mayor Wolff directed her to do up a laundry list of what was needed and submit it.

Ms. Davis also asked why Ms. Riley, the Center’s Summer Activities Program Director, could not purchase her own supplies. City Clerk Smith responded that the list Ms. Riley submitted were duplicate orders and suggested that a responsible person do an inventory and submit request for needed items. It was noted the locks on the Carver Building had been changed and only 2 keys were in existence. One is held by the new Parks and Recreation Director Mr. Gray, who was on hand.

The response to the changing of locks was due to the loss of key control by whoever had been in charge of the keys in the past and it was necessary the city regain control of who has access to the building.

It was also noted that on Thursday, 21 June, a representative of the company that currently has the security camera contract will be coming to the city to set and adjust the security code for access to the camera at Carver. After that only persons with the code will be able to view recordings.

Council person Davis suggested that more games and entertainment items need to be purchased for Carver. City Clerk Smith responded that more than anything, organization was needed. She noted there were at least 4 packs of Uno cards in a big stack. Ms. Smith also noted that a locking supply cabinet was needed for security purposes.

Council person Davis suggested that more people be hired to help Ms. Riley oversee the children. Ms. Smith stated that the standard norm for supervision of the youth is based on 1 supervisor per 25 children. Currently the staff consists of Ms. Riley and 3 life guards. There was a 4 life guard to have been hired but some problems with qualifying this person were encountered. Currently a total of 49 children are schedule 2 days per week. On the 1 adult per 25 children theory there should be ample supervision at all times therefore no additional help will be hired.

Carver is only open 5 days per week, Monday-Friday; it is closed on weekends to accommodate private events where the center is rented out.

Council person Upton noted the old city school, currently referred to as the Cultural Center, has a leaking roof. A motion open up for bids on roof repair was made by Mr. Upton and seconded from the floor. A unanimous vote to do so was offered.

Old Business:

City Clerks Pay and Salary review:

Ms. Smith completed her 6 month probationary period this past March yet she has had no salary increase. The previous city clerk, Mr. Bob Hinson, was receiving a salary of $68,000.00 annually and had things totally screwed up. Ms. Smith’s current pay was based on an hourly salary and she now has a cost analysis available for council review along with budget input. She has, on several occasions put in overtime but due to the city’s no overtime policy, she attempted to take comp time instead of receiving overtime charges.

Mayor Wolff suggested Ms. Smith’s salary be set at $62,400.00 per year. Council person Fountain asked the mayor where the funding would come from. It was also noted that the original job posting had set the salary range from $40,000.00-60,000.00 per year. Mayor Wolff responded that the money would come out of the general fund and funding was on hand to do so. A heated discussion ensued from this point reminiscent of an older Castleberry City Council meeting format.

Council person Upton had stepped out for a moment and Mayor Wolff directed the E. P. D. officer to recall Mr. Upton. Upon Upton’s return the Mayor noted that he would appreciate a motion to move the clerk’s pay to $52,500.00. Council person Upton so moved and Council person Caylor seconded. Motion carried by a 4-2 vote with Council persons Fountain and Davis voting nay.

Officer Tristan Robinson was recently elevated to the position of Lt. on the E. P. D. force. Chief Simpson had recommended a 6% raise be included with this promotion. It was noted that Officer Robinson was a step 10, grade 8. After some discussion it was determined the best and most financial gain for Robinson would be to promote him to Lt. first, then approve the recommended 6% raise. That procedure was forwarded and passed unanimously.

Statement of Economic Interest:

The City Clerk said that anyone writing and signing a P. O. needs to do an economic interest statement. No further action taken.

Truck for Park Director:

Mayor Wolff requested permission to shop the state bid list for a truck. Cost normally runs $15,000-21,000.00.

Council person Fountain wanted to know why a new truck was not being considered. Mayor Wolff noted he has extensive knowledge about vehicles and acquiring them. The cost factor between a new truck and a good used truck is quite pricy. Mayor Wolff also noted the last new truck purchased was for Chief Simpson. Resolved by giving Mayor Wolff permission to shop the state bid list.

New Business:

A drug education council program was next. Program supervisor Roz Henley was present. The presentation covers several areas to assist in preventing drug, suicide, and other growing substance abusers among our young people. It helps those trained in recognizing these factors and getting help and assistance to the troubled young people. There is a drug “take back” program, held on the last Saturday in April and October whereby old prescription drugs can be turned in to participating pharmacies and sheriff’s departments. A motion was made to support this program and it passed by unanimous vote.

Resolution Magnolia Avenue D. Stanton residence.

Compliance Officer Bobby McNeil brought forth a request for the city to clean up around the above residence. The weeds and undergrowth are becoming a problem along with trash and litter. Motion to approve passed by unanimous vote.

Accounts Payable:

Pay the bills passed by unanimous vote.

Adjourn: 6:55 PM

Due to holiday scheduling the next meeting will not be held until Tuesday, 17 July, 2018

This meeting was akin to rock’em, sock’em robots with interruptions from the audience allowed at any given time. Too much time spent bickering and arguing to accomplish anything.