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City Council Meeting 19 May 2020

The council meeting was conducted in the center conference room in the depot.

Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order by Mayor Wolff at 6 PM.

Roll Call, Council person Skinner reported late to the meeting otherwise everyone was present.

The minutes of previous meeting was approved.

Mayor’s report and comments:

Hoping to have the splash pad open 1 June.

Northbound I-65 will be closed for approximately 10 months. Traffic will be routed through town.

Shrimp Basket should be opening in about 1 week.

Ballpark bleachers were given by the Board of Education for use at the park.


Cemetery maintenance bid was awarded to Garrick Lawn Service at a cost of $1,671.00 for 1 year contract. Only a $2.00 raise over last contract.

Crowder Gulf is extending its Pre-Disaster debris removal. This extension to the contract is at no additional cost to the city.


The council approved a proposal from Conecuh Sausage to put “Conecuh Sausage” on the water tank at exit 96. All cost to be borne by Mr. Sessions.

A motion to donate $2,500.00 to the Conecuh Rescue Squad for the purchase of their boat passed by unanimous vote. Total cost $8,100.00. Currently the radio station has raised some of the funds. A fund raising drive is still ongoing on WPPG.

Back to school tax exempt holiday is scheduled for 17-19 July. Passed by unanimous vote.

The MWPP report (waste water management program) requires approval via resolution. A resolution was made and a motion forwarded. Passed by unanimous vote.

The city has opted to pick up a fire department cancer policy at a total cost of $7,374.72. Passed by unanimous vote.

The Underground Right of Way Contract deals with the laying of cables inside the city. Companies such as AT & T; Mediacom, etc. are laying these cables without notify or seeking approval from the city. Dual reasons for this, city employees will know where to watch out when it is necessary they excavate certain areas and for possible revenue to the city.

The city proposes hiring Osmose, the company that counted the poles in the city, to contract and investigate who and how much cable is buried and to assist in mapping this out.

Based on information from the League of Municipalities the city can collect fees for the use of city property.

Offer of property dedication to the city from Dr. Steven West to provide a motorist turnaround.

Compliance Officer Bobby McNeil appeared before the council requesting a resolution on property at 112 Brunner Avenue. The house is in deplorable condition and is an eyesore. It is currently in foreclosure. Mr. McNeil has contacted Chase Bank and has been informed Ms. Lucinda Stallworth is the registered owner and point of contact for improvements. Permission was granted for him to get a resolution from the bank stating this.

Mr. McNeil also brought up some fire damaged property on Rural Street in need of removal. This land was sold and the new owner was in attendance and requested a 30 day period to allow him to clean up the property. The council granted this request.

It was announced Mr. Ryland had made a land purchase on Ted Bates road from Probate Judge Fleming. The stated intention is to place rental trailer on the property. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Accounts payable were approved.

Adjourn: 6:30 PM