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Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order by Mayor Wolff at 6 PM. All council members present for roll call. The previous minutes were approved as written.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

Ms. Pamela Rogers presented all council members a booklet about the Boys and Girls Club of America. A study is underway to start a chapter in Evergreen. This program is aimed at youth 6-18 years old. It is hoped to get 100 or more members to participate.

There is a membership fee of $30.00 per year per person. Conecuh currently ranks as #64 of the 67 counties in Alabama in child well-being. It is hoped by establishing this club, it will be an avenue of escape for our young people and will give them something to pursue other than getting into trouble.

They are in need of a place to meet. After discussion it was determined the city would allow them to use the old National Guard armory building for meetings and a motion to give them $3000.00 passed by unanimous vote.

Old Business:

Nominations for the equalization board are needed. Larry Ryland is currently serving and two more nominees are needed. It was determined that a special call meeting to handle these nominations will be held on 27 August at 6 PM.

Compliance Officer Bobby McNeil reported that people purchasing portable buildings are not acquiring the proper permits nor are they showing any care in where they place these buildings. There are some rules involved in the placement of these buildings such as “X” distance from power lines, water lines and sewer lines are to be observed. Consumers are ignoring these rules and creating potential problems. Persons making a purchase on a “rent to own” basis are not being required to get a permit. It was forwarded that anyone purchasing a portable building will have to purchase a $25.00 permit. This action was placed in a hold status until it could be reviewed by the attorney.

New Business:

Jail fees being paid by the city are a point of contention. A set amount is charged to the city for each prisoner housed in the jail by the Evergreen Police Department. Mayor Wolff wants these fees to come down some.

Again another set of fees has come out with different money amounts from what has been discussed at county commission meetings. I strongly suggest all parties involved, the city, the county and the sheriff get together and discuss this issue, establish a fee and get on with business.

The city voted to add an additional $20.00 per day to any inmate fines to help recover some of the money the city is paying out on their behalf. Based on input from C. O. P. of Repton, this fee is already being charged to Repton inmates.

Electronic Voting Machines:

A resolution to use Electronic voting machines for elections passed by unanimous vote.

Rebuild Alabama Street:

Discussion of how to spend the impending gas tax that should soon be coming in noted that Main Street needed paving and it will be the first street in Evergreen to receive the benefits of this new tax.

Clerk Carrie Parker noted the 2017 audit results should be available by the end of September. The 2018 audit will be ready prior to the end of the year.

Way to go Carrie, something the person you replaced could not get done for years and he was drawing a much higher paycheck.

Take note. Poor management is no excuse to allow someone to rake the city over the coals and to ignore those bailing your tail out of the fire.

Accounts Payable:

Motion to pay the bills passed by unanimous vote.

Motion to adjourn: 6:50 PM