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City Council 21 Jan 2020

Opening invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff

Roll Call showed all members present.

Previous minutes approved as read.

Mayor’s remarks and comments.

If you want to place a float in the Mardi gras parade please contact the Chamber of Commerce.

Old Business:

Still waiting on Wise Buys to open. Somewhere near the 1 of February is target date.

New Business:

Dealing with the Old City School building and rehab there. They plan to put city office building there and have it set up where people can do a drive thru bill payment window. The current problem with moving on with this is, they need a portion of property owned by Ms. Skipper who expressed her intent to sell the city to this property. In the meantime Ms. Skipper has become ill and there is no paperwork, letter of intent or anything to cover this agreement bring things to a halt. Her son, Mr. Andy Skipper, is working now to get the paperwork completed.

It was discussed that the bid project for this job be released soon and hopefully that ugly creature called imminent domain will not rear its head but is an option if all else fails.

A pay request for work at the municipal park project was introduced. An outstanding invoice from Robbie’s Dozer Service in the amount of $111,443.00, an invoice for Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood for $3,400 and an invoice for Grant Writer Cara Stallman in the amount of $12,375.0 were approved for pay by unanimous vote.

City Superintendent Sullivan requested the council approve a contract with Republic Services for the impending year for the removal of garbage/debris. Contract approved by unanimous vote.

A section of Spears Lane off of Hwy. 31N needs a section of road widened so emergency vehicles can gain access to the houses and residents at the end of the road. Negotiations with the land owner about allowing the widening of the road have not worked out at this time. Again the possibility of imminent domain or condemnation of the land was mentioned. Hopefully this can be worked out. Those residents really need to be in a position where fire trucks/ambulances can gain access.

Accounts payable was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15