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Opening invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Mayor Wolff called the meeting to order at 6 PM.

Roll Call showed all members present.

Previous minutes were approved as read.


The Airport Car was totaled in the recent accident. The city collected $5,000.00 in insurance funds on it. Mayor Wolff proposed purchasing van/SUV style vehicle to replace it. Motion to do so was approved by unanimous vote.

Old Business:

1. Council person Caylor presented a franchise agreement between the city and Mediacom. The council voted unanimously to accept the franchise as proposed.

2. Liquor Licenses Sunday Sales resolution was introduced by Attorney Hartley. This resolution covers all businesses with alcohol sales that are in the cooperative district. Motion to accept was made. Attorney Hartley advised that it would call for a voice vote for registering purposes. It also needed all voting members to announce their decision on this resolution. The final vote resulted in 4 Ayes, 1 Nay and 1 Abstain. Council person Fountain voted no and Council person Davis abstained. Motion carried by majority vote.

3. Bids for the roofing job on the old fire station were presented by Superintendent Sullivan. Only one bid was returned, this from Amerson Roofing in the amount of $12,845.00.00 for labor only. Mr. Sullivan said he thought the bid was a little high and, after discussion, it was determined to table this issue until the next meeting. Mr. Sullivan noted that Amerson Roofing had bid on two other jobs they were not awarded. He stated they told him if they did not get this bid they would not bid again.

4. Mr. Sullivan announced he was in receipt of a letter dealing with Magnolia Heights area. Dirt is being taken from the area and there is a concern that there may be some mold problems.

Mr. Sullivan noted that Robbie’s Dozier Service had been tasked with removing, fencing and barricading the area as well as back filling it with dirt. Hopefully this will make the Magnolia nightmare go away. When this project was put to vote Council person Caylor abstained and all others voted Aye.

New Business:

1. A municipal Water Pollution Prevention Resolution passed by unanimous vote.

2. The headache property located at 408 Reynolds Avenue has been cleared for Mr. McNeil to move to the next step in getting the area cleaned up.

3. Mr. McNeil noted Ms. Booker has received a 3 month extension and has someone prepared to clean up her property.

4. Mr. McNeil is to get the paperwork for the “Chuck Morris Extension” straight and ready for signature.

5. By unanimous vote it was determined that Finch Street would be renamed Fleming Street.

6. Mr. Chris Hines, local Evergreen resident and Hillcrest graduate is currently in China assisting the in their basketball program. A motion was made to have Mr. Hines named an Ambassador-at-Large from Evergreen. Passed by unanimous vote.

Council person Caylor commended Council person Fountain on a superb graduation ceremony.

Accounts Payable: Motion passed unanimously.

Adjourn: 6:28 PM