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Evergreen City Council, 26 March 2019     

Invocation offered by council person Caylor.

Council person Caylor asked to speak before the meeting got underway. He then asked Mayor Wolff why the meeting scheduled for 19 March 2019 had been postponed and rescheduled until tonight.

Mayor Wolff answered that he had rescheduled due to his inability to attend the 19 March meeting. Mr. Caylor then asked “why,” one pony doesn’t stop the show, the mayor was on hand and the meeting could have and should have occurred on schedule.

Mayor Wolff thanked Council person Caylor for his thoughts and announced they would move forward with the meeting.

Call to order at 6:05 PM by Mayor Wolff. Council person Fountain was the only member absent.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

Members of the IDB board were on hand to present a check for $175,000.00 as a repayment for a loan made in 2012 dealing with upgrading the “Gerber Building” to accommodate a company called “Evergreen Wood Products.” Mayor Wolff accepted the check and thanked the IDB.

Old Business:

The paving of a turnabout on Pemberton Road was introduced. Mr. Darrell Davis donated a portion of land he owned to the city to allow them to install this turnabout to stop the problem of trucks entering Pemberton Road from having to turn around in resident’s yards. Superintendent Sullivan informed the council that the turnabout would consist of 2” of asphalt. Bid responses were already on hand with the low bid being Robbie’s Dozier. Motion to accept passed unanimously.

Compliance Officer McNeil advised the council of measures that had been taken in getting properties on S. Jordan Street and Highland Court to come into compliance. After it was determined by majority vote that once the city starts working with a property owner and sets a time limit for improvements to be met, once that time line has been reached the city will go forward with action to correct the problems. It has been the norm in the past that extensions are offered over and over. By all appearances, these extensions are to be a thing of the past.

New Business:

A resolution dealing with abatements on an expansion of Conecuh Sausage was offered and agreed to by unanimous vote.

Superintendent Davis advised the council that his department desired to purchase a “right-of-way” tractor to clean and remove debris and growth in the city and work areas. Motion to accept Council person Upton, 2 by Council person Davis. Motion passed.

In a coordinated effort, the Park Department and Street Department requested permission to purchase new lawn mowers and a Kubota Tractor. After o purchase was made and passed by unanimous vote.

Accounts Payable:

Approved by unanimous vote.

Adjourn: 6:25 PM