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Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff, Roll call showed all members present.

Approval of the minutes:

Previous minutes approved as read.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

City Clerk Moore announced they were 16 poll workers short on the number needed to man the polls on voting day. The Secretary of State has been contacted and she deferred the decision to the Governor. Clerk is waiting for Governor’s response. Has requested they be allowed to use county poll workers.

It was also announced there had been 75 absentee ballots received. Numerous requests for absentees have been received and sent out. Ms. Moore noted the rules for absentee ballots will be obeyed explicitly. No one is allowed to hand carry and turn in any ballots for someone else. Ms. Moore also announced that Federal poll workers have been on hand for previous elections and will be on hand for this one also.

Ms. Moore cautioned candidates and helpers to only place signs where they have permission to do so. If planning to put them on state right of way it takes between 6-8 months to gain this approval. If placed on private property, ensure the property owner has agreed.

Old Business:

1. Public Building Authority for Bond Issue:

At last meeting it was requested council members submit name(s) to be members of the Public Building Authority. Council person Skinner submitted Superintendent Sullivan as a member, Mr. Caylor submitted Mr. Bill Hart, Council person Davis deferred submitting a name until Wednesday, 5 Aug., Mayor Wolff submitted Larry Ryland and Council person Fountain declined to place a name on the board.

2. Osmose- Larry Ryland

Larry Ryland introduced the Osmose Representative who gave a presentation on the number of poles, location of the same, what companies are attached to them, etc. The monies received so far have paid the efforts for this study.

3. Spears Lane- Tatum Family, presented by Mr. Sullivan

An additional 10 feet of land is needed to make Spears Lane large enough for emergency equipment to gain access to the buildings at the end of the Lane. Mr. Sullivan has sent many letters to the family requesting this additional footage but has had no success. Recently he encountered a maintenance worker on the property and asked for a method of contact. He was given a phone number to call the daughter of the property owner.

Mr. Sullivan contacted this family member and after talks, stated that he has high hopes of coming to an agreement within a month.

4. Dog Park Update—Mr. Sullivan

A ribbon cutting ceremony is being planned for a newly opened doggie walk park at the Liberty Hill Plaza area. This will give travelers an opportunity to excise their critters as they travel on the Interstate.

5. Aircraft Repainting at Airport, Mr. Sullivan

After a Navy inspection on the Aircraft at the airport the city has been granted 60 days to let bids on repainting of these monuments.

6. Mr. Bobby McNeil brought forth 2 residencies at different locations.

112 Bruner Ave. owner has approached the council in the past asking for more time to clean up the area. To date, nothing more has been done. Mr. McNeil request a resolution be passed to put a lien on the property to get the area cleaned up.

Included with this is also 108 Floyd Street. It is requested this property receive the same treatment as the other. Some overheard discussion among council members indicates they think the owner of the 112 Bruner property may be receiving unfair treatment.

New Business:

The Shrimp Basket has requested a name change on their liquor license. Approved by unanimous vote.

Accounts payable approved by unanimous vote.

Motion to adjourn approved at 6:50 PM