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City Council 4 Feb 2020

Invocation given by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order by Mayor Wolff at 6 PM. Council person Caylor asked if it was on the agenda to recognize the passing of City Attorney Harley. Mayor Wolff stated it would be covered in Mayor’s comments section.

All member were present for roll call except Council person Upton

Minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Mayor’s report and comments:

Mayor Wolff noted City Attorney Richard Hartley had passed away. A moment of silence was called for in remembrance of Mr. Hartley’s service to Evergreen.

Mayor Wolff noted he had attended the funeral that morning.

The fire house next to city hall is in need of a face lift. Painting rotted wood replacement, windows, etc. This place needs to be up to speed for the impending city election. City Clerk for action.

Old Business:


New Business:

The city is planning to do a loan consolidation with the Bank of Evergreen. This comes after a discussion with Mr. Ken Funderburk who is going to assist in getting all the bonds refinanced. This will combine everything owed into one payment.

Thanks to the efforts of Attorney Hartley, this is becoming a reality. Motion made and passed by unanimous vote.

4 July Fireworks:

City Clerk Carrie Moore produced a contract set for 3 July at a cost of $7,525. This is with the same company used last year. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Discussion on the fireworks display revealed other cities use their Fire Departments to set off their fireworks display. Ms. Moore was tasked with looking into and getting members of our Fire Department qualified to perform this task for the 2021 display.

Council person Fountain stated J. J. Jones had approached her questioning why she had not been selected to provide the music for the Mardi Gras parade.

Ms. Moore, City Clerk, stated that the plans and layout for this parade did not include any music setups in No Man’s Land. Ms. Moore noted that should Ms. Jones want a float to put the music on, it was her decision but it would not be a city sponsored thing.

Mental Health building use request:

The 4H club representative, Ms. Carla Robinson, approached the council requesting the use of the Mental Health building on Magnolia Avenue for assorted 4H club activities to include cooking, sewing, art, animal husbandry, etc. classes. Currently they are working out of the David Burt building requiring their equipment having to be moved in and out after every class. The Mental Health building would give them a more stable place to have their meetings and classes. This would also increase their ability to offer more than one class at a time.

Currently there are 340 4H club members in Conecuh.

Ms. Robinson also works to acquire grants for their projects and classes.

Motion to approve the request met with unanimous favorable vote.

Annual Heritage Day:

The Annual Heritage Day will be held at the Veterans Memorial Park on Friday, 1 May. All are invited to this annual event in hopes it will enlighten peoples understanding about the rich heritage they have from their Conecuh County forbearers.

Accounts Payable:

Nothing brought forward

Anticipating the 2018 audit completion this week and immediate start of the 2019 audit.

Adjourn: 6:16 PM