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City Council 5 June 2018

Prayer by Mike Lanier.

Call to order at 6:05 PM by Mayor Wolff.

Roll call showed everyone present except Council person Upton, who arrived late.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.

Mayor’s Comments:

The cultural center roof is in bad shape. It is now owned by the city the other group that exercised control over the cultural center has approximately $60-70,000.00. Mr. Ryland is charged with the responsibility to contact that group and get money to repair the roof.

Council person Upton was to contact the B. O. E. to discuss the gym and armory ownership. The B. O. E. currently owns the gym although the city is tasked with all upkeep of the facility, utilities and the salaries of employees there. The city is seeking to have the gym turned over to them. An environmental assessment must be conducted prior to turn over.

As to the armory, Council person Davis wants the city to either assume responsibility for it or have the B. O. E. clean up the eyesore it has become.

Council person Upton has not made contact yet but has his tasking set out.

Old Business:

Compliance Officer Bobby McNeil came before the council about property on Magnolia Avenue that is in dire need of cleaning. Mr. McNeil asked for a resolution from the council allowing the clean-up to proceed. Passed by unanimous vote.

City Clerk’s pay and salary was next for discussion. She was tasked to find the pay of city clerks in the surrounding areas. Results were emailed to the council members however; some of them did not receive the email. She made copies for everyone and passed them out. The pay factor was tabled until the next meeting.

Parks and Recreation position was next on the agenda. Greg Gray was appointed Parks and Recreation superintendent over Bryan Martin. Council person Upton made the motion, seconded by Council person Fountain. Motion carried on a split vote with Council person Skinner abstaining and Council person Caylor voting no.

The reasoning behind not giving Mr. Martin, the person who has been carrying the load for the parks and recreation area position was, they didn’t want to over task him. Mr. Martin departed the area. Shortly after this Council person Upton started looking for Mr. Martin, he wants Mr. Martin to train the new person.

(Personal observance here: If giving Mr. Martin the position would put too much on him how does it make sense to have him train the new person? In other words work hard for the city, do a good job and be crapped on. What a travesty.)

Just to show the amount of thought that went into this entire B. S. showing, the council is going to have to review Mr. Gray’s qualification prior to establishing his salary. Good planning and shows how much thought went into it.

Pre-disaster bid results:

There were two bids submitted, unfortunately one of them arrived 26 minutes after the closing time and could not be considered.

The winning contract is from DRC but is higher than last year. This is a 100% funded FEMA item so it will be no cost to the city. Superintendent Sullivan contacted DRC after the bid was awarded and expressed concerns about the re-imbursement policy and the time involved from FEMA. DRC told Mr. Sullivan they would take care of paying any outside contractors they had to rely on and would wait for FEMA money to be made available to pay them. Passed by unanimous vote.

The planned asphalt surfacing of streets within each Council person’s district will be evaluated by Mayor Wolff and Superintendent Sullivan and priority for resurfacing will be determined by them. To be addressed at the next meeting. Knoxville Road is suffering damage from oil and log truck traffic daily. Attorney Hartley noted that other cities have the companies purchase a permit and, should they cause any damage, they must pay for it. (Who is going to determine who caused the damage and how?)

New Business:

Transfer of liquor sales permit from one owner to another for the OneStop 36 on Highway 84 was approved by unanimous vote.

Summer parks and recreation program:

Ms. Beverly Riley is in charge of this program. The City Clerk has made numerous attempts to contact Ms. Riley to find out how many children are involved, what is planned and what does the city need to do. To date, she has been unable to contact Ms. Riley.

The Clerk also discovered there is a problem with one of the pipes in the pool and the cost of repairs is $6,100.00. Work is currently scheduled to start on Thursday. Attorney Hartley wants the Clerk to ensure the pool is covered under the cities insurance.

Council person Davis stated Ms. Riley needs help. Council person Upton agreed and thought it was a good idea on getting more help for Ms. Riley. Council person Skinner was quick to point out they needed more information. If only 2-3 children are enrolled, he feels she shouldn’t need any additional help.

They supposedly have 4 life guards however, there is no certification paperwork received on 2 of them.

Allied Republic Damage to City Roadways by Superintendent Sullivan:

At every Republic stop for garbage pickup there is damaged roadway due to fluid leakage from the trucks. The pavement is deteriorating and breaking apart. Mr. Sullivan has spoken to Republic about repairing their trucks to stop the leaks. He has been assured by Republic they will do these repairs but they have been slow to do these repairs. If Republic does not take action to correct these problems Mr. Sullivan asked for a $100,000.00 bond to facilitate road repairs. The council agreed and passed the motion unanimously.

Future Bridge Replacement Project:

Sandy Creek Bridge on County Road 29, within the city limits, is deteriorating. County Engineer Foshee stated the best, easiest and most economical way to repair it is by installing box culverts. Cost is $50,000.00, city will be tasked with paying half and the other half will be paid by the county.

Dog nuisance complaint District 2:

Superintendent Sullivan noted that 5 different families have complained to him about a dog killing cats on Travis Avenue. He informed the council that he and animal control officer John Dees went to the residence on Monday to talk with the owners and they were escorted off the property. Mayor Wolff directed E. P. D. to look into the situation on Tuesday. Sgt. Robinson went out in the morning and discovered the dog to be on a chain. They were told the dog sometime slipped the chain. The dog was left in place because the dog was secured at the time they saw it.

Mr. Sullivan presented pictures of deceased cats with one picture actually showing the dog with the cat in its mouth. Attorney Hartley informed the police that there is a vicious dog ordinance and they may pick up the animal.

The owner then must show some action on correcting the problem in order to get the dog back. If problems persist, the animal could be euthanized. Mayor Wolff made the remark he did not believe in euthanasia.

Council person Davis asked if any of the animals showed any bodily damage to which Sgt. Robinson responded that when he saw them, they were dead.

Electrical Upgrades and Inspection:

Prior policy only had inspections done when there was a new service or transfer of service. Current policy is, if and should it been seen that there are potential problems with electrical connections or boxes, it will be inspected to protect the city from possible legal actions. If the unit does not pass the inspection it is the home owner’s responsibility to bring it into compliance. The meter department will conduct inspections.

Chief Simpson, new equipment:

A list of requested items was presented to the council for the police department. The list includes 5 new Tahoe’s, cost $39,221.00 each; Radar at a cost of $1,812.50 each; additional body cam and police cameras for cars at a cost of $69,000.00. Total cost, $200,000.00. All old cars are paid off.

Motion to purchase everything made and passed by unanimous vote.

Officer Gessner presented a letter to each council member stating that Chief Simpson had directed they be given this after the equipment had been approved. What was contained in the letter was tabled until the next meeting.

City Clerk:

Ms. Smith was approved to attend the semi-annual city clerk conference on 27-29 June.

Accounts Approval:

Unanimous vote.

Adjourned at 7:15 PM