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Invocation offered by Council person Caylor.

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff with all council members present.

Previous minutes were approved as read.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

Mayor Wolff recognized Council person Davis for the good work she has done in her district.

The Mayor noted that Guyoung Tech is getting robots in to do a portion of the production they handle. Still on schedule to move into the Gerber Building. Currently putting equipment in the building now.

Old Business:

1. Franchise Agreement with Mediacom-Council person Caylor reports;

The agreement is in a rough draft form still being worked on. Council person Davis and Larry Ryland are committee members.

The city has been in contact with Christopher Lloyd of Mediacom. He stated that with only 350 customers a local office for Evergreen is not feasible. It was also noted that anytime the City wanted Mediacom at a meeting it would require 30 days advance notification.

They are currently in a 10 year agreement plan.

Mediacom has agreed to pay the city for any poles that need to be anchored.

Mediacom is willing to set up another local pay office for cable bills. Location not yet established but perhaps the Pic and Save. Currently bill can be paid at the Piggly Wiggly.

Mediacom is willing supply a camera, at no cost, to record council meetings thereby making them available for broadcast on Evergreen’s community channel TV.

Attorney Hartley has this for action and will have paperwork finalized for a vote at the next meeting.

Channel 12 is cost prohibitive to get on local Mediacom.

2. Pole Attachment Agreement: Larry Ryland

A new agreement with Medicom has led to an increase in payments to the city. A monetary amount of $79,488.72 was negotiated for a 2 year period.

3. An agreement with Southeast Power was discussed. The city is attempting to dissolve an agreement releasing them from having to purchase power from them. Currently the city gets 25% of their power from them and it comes at a very high cost. This agreement has a clause contained therein states the city must give 25 month notice before any changes can happen. Attorney Hartley has redrawn an agreement whereby on a 30 day notification is necessary. Motion to approve the agreement made by Council persons Upton and Caylor passed by unanimous vote.

4. It was announced Shoney’s needs an extension with the bank and, considering the current agreement, it requires both the city and Cooperative Districts approval. Motion made and passed by unanimous vote for the city.

New Business:

1. Liquor License Shrimp Basket- Attorney Hartley reports;

Attorney Hartley reported that, under the law, Cooperative Districts are under a different set of rules dealing with alcohol sales on Sunday. They are allowed to do so provided the City has passed an ordinance allowing them to do so. This covers Shoney’s, The Shrimp Basket and the Piggly Wiggly.

Considering this is the first time Sunday liquor sales has come before the council a motion to suspend the rules to allow it to be voted on was necessary. The suspension of the rules requires a 100% yes voice vote. When the voice vote was called for, Council person Davis voted nay killing the movement. It was then tabled until the next meeting.

Approval of Accounts Payable:

Motion to approve followed by unanimous vote.

Council person Caylor gave a short report on the League of Municipalities meeting he attended. He noted there were 923 delegates in attendance, 100 more than last year. It was a well-attended and well managed agenda.

Mr. Ronnie Marks, the Mayor of Athens, was elected as the new League President.

Next meeting will take place in Tuscaloosa AL.

Mr. Daryl Davis, Water Department Superintendent, reported that he has responded to ADEM about violations. A $5,300.00 fine has been levied against the city but hopes are that will be dismissed after the submission of this paperwork.

There is a letter Mayor Wolff must sign and a consent order has been issued stating they must get in compliance within 2 years. Letter must be received in Montgomery today, 8 May 2019.

City Clerk Carrie Salter announced that all city council members now has an email address for city business only. Also, mailboxes for council members are to be put in the hallway under surveillance of the EPD dispatcher for correspondence. It came to light that using officers of the EPD to deliver agenda packets to council members is a misuse of city employees.

Adjourn: 6:32 PM