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Commission Work & Regular Meetings 12 Nov. 2019

Work Session:

Call to order at 9 AM by Commission Chairman Riley.

Following the Agenda:

1. Ms. Yolanda Watkins-Bailey from AVENU Client Services.

Ms. Yolanda represents the company that collects taxes for the county. She noted her company had been in business for 45 years and has worked with Conecuh for several years now. She noted 45 counties in Alabama rely on their service. Tax revenue for 2018-2019 time frame was up by 17.89% over the previous year. She explained that the state handles the returns to the counties and it is population based on the amount. She also noted the number one mainstay for taxes are Gasoline oriented businesses.

2. Theresa Windham, Chief Impounding Officer:

Ms. Windham reported she had attended the school for euthanization in Birmingham. She noted she must work under the guidance of a local vet who will ultimately give her euthanizing clearance when he is satisfied of her abilities.

Ms. Windham informed the commissioners that it had been most strongly recommended she and any other shelter employees receive a rabies shot as a safety measure to protect them from possible harm. The commissioners directed her to get with the personnel clerk to coordinate getting these shots.

She informed the commission body that the ceiling in the cat room is still in need of repair. Commissioner Millender has this for action.

A discussion of installing cameras at the building resulted in the commission making a decision to put game cameras in place in an effort to stop illegal after hour’s drop-offs. In conjunction with the cameras, signs are to be put in place also. Ms. Windham for action.

She asked for permission to put up a Christmas tree at the shelter with envelopes on the tree. Anyone interested in helping the animals can come by, draw an envelope and purchase whatever is inside. The gifts will be all animal related. Any gift given in the form of money will be turned over to the county administrator to be added to the county general fund.

Ms. Windham is responsible by law to make a monthly written report to go to the commissioners and to be kept on file in the event the state held and inspection on the facility. Ms. Windham has been submitting a very in-depth report and was asked to cut back on the amount of information she was submitting.

3. Johnny Brock, EMA Director:

Mr. Brock advised he had conducted a fire drill at the courthouse during this time frame. The results were satisfactory but Mr. Brock said more practice would not be a bad thing. Fire drills will be a topic for discussion at the next work session.

4. Winston Foshee, County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee talked of the truck sale again. He had some figures as to what we would be guaranteed sell practices. After discussion it was determined that the county would table any more discussion on this issue and address it at the next meeting.

Mr. Foshee noted that grant money in the amount of $250,000.00 could be applied for and he asked permission to be allowed to do so. He talked about the impending gasoline fund that should be coming to the county around Feb. He ensured everyone was on track to use some of those funds to rework and pave.

Mr. Foshee noted that C. R. 63 Bridge still needed some work. Guard rails, etc.

5. County Administrator Brown:

Ms. Brown noted that it was almost 10 AM, time for the regular commission meeting. She deemed to forgo any discussion in work session to put the next meeting on schedule.

6. Commissioners Comments:

Put off due to time.

7. News media deferred as well.

Work session closed at 9:57 AM

Commission Meeting 12 Nov 2019

Call to order by Chairman Riley at 10 AM.

Prayer led by Mr. Foshee followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call showed all members present.

1. Approve the Agenda. Unanimous vote to approve

2. Approve previous minutes: Unanimous vote to approve.

3. Payroll/personnel report:

One new hire, one separation this pay period. No overtime. Regular bills need approval for payment. Unanimous vote to approve.

4. Approve Claims: There were no claims over the set limits.

5. Mr. Donald Lee, China Community:

Mr. Lee spoke of a community project in the China area dealing with building a ball field. He said they had a grant for this but needed help with matching funds.

Commissioner Millender explained that ALATOM was very much up on this type action and he would address it at their next meeting. Motion to approve received unanimous vote of approval.

6. Sheriff Brock advised the commission body that Federal Prisoner monies have started to come in. A meeting is required to figure out the disbursement of these funds. After they figure out the disbursement, the sheriff and commission chair will need to sign paperwork. A motion to make this happen met with unanimous vote of support.

7. County Engineer Foshee:

Mister Foshee presented the dump truck sale plan again. After talk, it was determined to put selling these trucks in a hold status to be discussed at the next meeting.

Mr. Foshee also asked permission to apply for a $250,000.00 grant for road repair. Permission to apply approved.

He requested permission to let bids to complete the bridge repair on C. R. 63. Granted.

He also has some surplus old tin and asked if he could bid it off. Permission granted.

8. County Administrator:

Ms. Brown informed the commissioners that an upgrade to the internet feed system was needed. It is a new switch at a cost of $1,265.00. Unanimous vote to purchase made.

Ms. Brown asked that any request for software purchase must be processed through the admin office. Her request was approved by unanimous vote.

Ms. Brown advised the commissioner the new software company recommended they purchase new computers. Cost for 4 $5,637.00.

Next for discussion was what holiday schedule would be adopted for 2020. Ms. Brown recommended adopting the state schedule. Her recommendation was approved.

She advised the Christmas party was scheduled for 18 December.

Commissioner comments and announcements: No comments

News Media:

I stood and addressed the commission body as to why they have not taken any action on the illegal actions taken by a worker who moved dirt from the county pit to a private resident in a district assigned to another work crew. This is the one I addressed at the meeting of 22 Oct. 2019 approved by this same group in October of 2018. The handbook breaks down transgressions by placing them in two categories. Category one is for lesser offenses and outlines the procedures to be followed when taking corrective action for those problems listed.

Category two is for serious offenses. In my interpretation the actions of the employee easily fall within the standards of group two.

It plainly states that for a 1 offense dismissal is appropriate. It does note that mitigating circumstances can be considered. I asked what mitigating circumstances can you apply to an employee who has just stolen from you?

I told the commissioners that my eyes were on them as were the eyes of the residents of the county. They are the governing body In charge of protecting our assets and they were not doing their job.

I gave the commissioners a chance to respond and the only one to speak was Commissioner Campbell, District One. He noted that he was working on some actions to take. I told him that we were working our way toward 6 weeks since this came to light and they needed to move a little faster. At this time I relinquished the floor and sat down. We’ll see what happens from here.

Motion to go into executive session approved:

Executive session starts 10:40 AM

Executive session ends 10:55 AM.

Motion to adjourn approved 10:57