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Commission Mtg. 10 September 2018

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Andrews. Commissioner Byrd gave the invocation which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/personnel report:

There were 2 new deputies hired in the sheriff’s department. There were no separations and no overtime reported.

Commissioner Millender reminded everyone the new handbook comes into effect on 1 October yet there have been no provisions set for the Sheriff’s department employees and no discussions on how to handle them. He noted this was unfair to Ms. Leigh and the employees. He stated that should an employee from the sheriff’s department come to her seeking advice, help or any other issue she was not in a position to assist them.

It was determined that Ms. Leigh should contact the sheriff and set a meeting for discussion of what parts of the county handbook will/will not pertain to the Sheriff’s department and how to handle situations arising from the sheriff department employees.

Claims Approval:

There were no over the limit claims in the gasoline fund. The general fund ($500.00 limit) had 8 claims needing approval. Motion to accept approved by unanimous vote.

Commissioner Millender noted that budget meetings need to continue and the county also needs to establish a date to cut off issuing P.O.’s. It was determined that 17 September would be the cutoff date which means any P.O.’s issued after 17 September will require of the Administrator, Ms. Brown.

Conecuh Safe Room:

An invoice for appliances for the safe room was approved in the amount of $20,008.00. This should be the final invoice from the safe room.

It was noted that there were still no procedures set in place for use of the building.

An opening ribbon cutting date of 20 November was established as the official opening date for the safe room.

Economic Development:

Mr. Green was on hand to give a briefing on the “how goes it” list. Currently both of the economic develops are on schedule to rub elbows in Montgomery on Thursday.

J. M. Woods:

A proposal from Woods Corporation for the county to enter into allowing Woods to buy/sell county equipment and to advise and make recommendations to the county on what equipment needed to be moved and what equipment needed to be bought based on current trends. For example, the ten-speed dump truck transmissions are not a desirable as an automatic transmission and, at the current market, will bring less money when sold. Woods, as part of this contract, has agreed to work with the commission and engineer to improve our purchases and sells. No action at this time.

Motorola Grant:

Mr. Thad House gave the commission body an update on problems faced by the fire/rescue responders. He noted the AT & T transmissions lines are not overly reliable. He expressed hope that the proposed broadband being investigated now will come to be. He stated this would cure service problems in the county.

EMA Director:

Mr. Johnny Brock stated EMA had (again) qualified for a $25,583.00 monetary pay by meeting all expectations. This check will require the signature of the chairman.

Mr. Millender asked if Mr. Brock could work toward getting a second camera monitor at the lower entrance door for monitoring purposes.

County Engineer:

A work session to discuss the equipment issues brought forward by J. M. Woods Company is scheduled to be held next week. The meeting is scheduled for 10 AM and is to be followed by a budget hearing.

Commissioner Riley pointed out that due to changes and wording in the new county handbook, the pay for weekend people scheduled on the call out list will also be discussed.

County Admin Report:

Ms. Brown noted that the juvenile incarnation bedding contract needed approval. This is an annual contract on where Conecuh’s juveniles are to be kept when they are jailed. Baldwin County has been the contracted place for many years now and the commission voted to renew the contract with them. Needs chairman signature.

Ms. Brown noted that, as per the auditor, the county could open another bank account and she expressed a desire to do so. A unanimous vote to allow Ms. Brown to do so following her request

County Attorney:

Mr. Bishop was unavailable for this meeting.

Commissioner Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Millender presented the body with the labor price to complete the work on the animal shelter. This was approved by unanimous vote.

It was announced the shelter should be opened within 3 weeks.

Mr. Millender stated the commission body needs to meet and establish the procedures the animal shelter will operate under.

It was noted that admin is receiving invoices for some items and there is no signature of who may have picked up the item. It was directed that anyone picking up for the county is to sign the invoice in the event there may be questions.

News Media:

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Adjourn: 10:15 AM