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Commission Work Session 12 Feb 2019

Work session commenced at 9 AM.

1. Revenue Commissioner Bell was first on the work session agenda. He asked the commission permission to hire one person to fully staff his office.

Discussion on this issue revealed the position had been unoccupied for 5 years. Mr. Bell had approached the commission in the past asking that this position be done away with and the pay set aside for it and it be given to the remaining employees. When it was determined the way Mr. Bell had attempted to handle this position was not legal, the position was dropped with no money in the budget to pick it back up.

It was discussed that during the next budget preparation the position could be

put back into play with funding and Mr. Bell could hire someone to fill it.

This did not satisfy Mr. Bell but after further discussion he seemed to determine

it could be in his best interest to wait.

2. County Engineer…. Mr. Foshee was not available for the meeting.

3. County Administrator Report:

Ms. Brown noted that she is the County Administrator but it seems that when problems arise everyone thinks it is her responsibility. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a matter of A/C not working to plugged drains to leaks, Ms. Brown is the person they make a bee line for.

It was determined that the need of hiring a maintenance person to be the point of contact for these problems. This maintenance person should be someone with contacts and people in a variety of repair areas such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Commission Riley volunteered to contact some prospects to cover the maintenance problems associated with the builds under the counties care.

An item for discussion in the regular meeting will be the proper way to handle emergency procedures, such as who, what, where, etc. To EMA Director Brock for his assistance in this effort too.

Ms. Brown requested consideration be given to purchasing blinds for some office windows in the court house. As of now if she is in her office conducting business by virtue of no coverings on her windows, everything she is doing is open to the public.

Ms. Brown announced the state has approved the travel pay rate to increase to $.58 per mile, current pay is $.54.5. It will be determined during the meeting which amount is adopted.

Ms. Brown announced she had received several request from the newly opened animal shelter dealing with hours of operation, intake and adoption of animals, how many animals they can operate with. This is to be taken up during the regular meeting.

Ms. Brown advised the commission board that a meeting will be held at Hillcrest High School and it has been requested that at least one commissioner be on hand to field any questions. This meeting will be 14 February from 9 AM-12 PM.

4. County Attorney:

Mr. Bishop announced he had finished the amendment of the Economic Developers contracts and should have them ready for file after signatures.

Mr. Bishop also noted he has prepared contracts for the polling areas during elections.

He has also prepared a resolution for the recommended ACCA tax proposal that will be addressed later.

Mr. Bishop hopes to have an opinion from the office of the Attorney General in reference to a question posed via the commission body.

5. Commissioner Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Riley announced he needs to hire a person to bring his road crew up to the 3 people he is authorized and needs.

Commissioner Andrews made a recommendation that once an issue comes up that it remain an agenda item until it is completed.

He also noted that each district in the county is responsible for 80 miles of dirt road and that each district should have 3 employees minimum.

Commissioner Millender noted that, in his opinion, the county would be better off to adopt the unit system of handling personnel and equipment.

The work session ended here at 10:01 AM.