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Commission Work Session 8 Jan 2019

Meeting started with County Administrator Stephanie Brown reminding the commissioners an invoice from Baldwin County jail has been submitted covering juvenile detention. The invoice is in the amount of $3,150.00 and is for November 2018.

The lease agreement on the David Burt Building was discussed. Current lease payment is $2,666.66 per month which equals $12.70 per square foot. Discussion of doing requested updates and improvements linked with increasing the rental amount was introduced. No real decision on doing the updates were forthcoming.

Declarations requiring the chairman’s signature were introduced. Most dealt with insurance coverage.

One area of discussion was the county IDB which is, in essence, a non-functioning board that seems unable to be staffed and does not meet. The insurance for this entity is $5,000.00 per year. After discussion about how to get this board active and working with our Economic Developers, it was determined, regardless of the status of the board, the insurance must be paid. Commissioner Millender’s closing statement was “we need a functioning board.”

Owner and editor of what was the Monthly View and is now the Countian, Jim Allen, submitted a request for the commission to continue the county advertising policy in his new edition as they had with the Monthly View. After discussion, mostly on cost, it was determined Mr. Allen charged a flat rate $95.00 per item in the paper.

Ms. Brown advised of a meeting taking place in Grove Hill on 24 January 2019. Commissioners Riley and Andrews will attend.

Ms. Brown advised the commission of requisitions dealing with bridge work on County Road 63. To be discussed further with the engineer.

Engineers Report:

Mr. Foshee stated that the bridge work was set to go upon approval from the commission body. Total cost is estimated at $400,000.00. A discussion as to where the funds were to come from ensued. Commissioner Riley stated he was under the belief the commission had approved a $500,000.00 fund transfer and new bank account to cover the cost of this work. After further checking of previous minutes it was determined that the $500,000.00 had not been earmarked for this project but was for paving in the county and other projects.

Commissioner Millender suggested they hold a budget meeting to determine where and how to set these funds up. It was determined that a budget meeting will be held on 22 January during the work session.

Mr. Foshee also informed the commission that the state will be doing a paving/resurfacing of Hwy. 84 at the old Kendrick’s store location where County Road 7 intersects with 84. The state intends to resurface a portion of County Road 7 for a short distance out each side. Mr. Foshee stated that, although it will be a help, the state’s project will still be short of covering the bad area at the intersection. Foshee said he had talked to the person in charge of the paving project and they would increase the amount of paving they would do to cover the bad areas on C. R. 7, however, it would require the county paying an additional $3,100.00 in cost to accomplish this. Compared to what it would cost the county to hire a contractor to cover this, this is a small price to pay. It will be discussed at the regular meeting.

Commissioners Remarks:

Commissioner Millender noted that the Merit Board had met dealing with the applications received for the position of Chief Impounding Officer the Animal Shelter. It was determined the commission body needed to conduct interviews and hire someone to run the shelter.

Chairman Andrews appointed Commissioners Millender and Riley, Administrator Brown and Payroll/personnel clerk Leigh to hold these interviews. They are scheduled for start at 10 AM on 14 January 2019.

Commissioner Riley reported he had checked on the water leak at the DHR building and repaired the same. Leak is fixed, kudo’s to Commissioner Riley.

Commissioner Andrews ask for directions on what to do about an old trailer he had gotten rid of several months back. It is currently located at the Nall pit. It was determined to put it on Gov. Deals, buy where at, pick up where at.

Commissioner Millender noted they need to get with the county attorney and press the Attorney General for a determination as to who is or is not a merit employee.

Job descriptions are in and reviewed by the Department Heads. The commission will review and take action from there.

9:45 work session ended to resume with regular meeting at 11 AM.

Commission Meeting 8 January 2019

Meeting called to order and opened with prayer and pledge at 11 AM.

Roll call showed all members present.

The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/personnel Report:

It was reported the Merit Board results for the hiring of a Chief Impounding Officer were in. An interview committee consisting of Commissioners Millender, Riley, Administrator Brown and Payroll/personnel clerk Leigh is to meet and conduct interviews on 14 January 2019 at 10 AM.

Claims Approval:

There were 4 invoices over the amount of $500.00 requiring approval from the General Fund. 2 Invoices over $3,000.00 was approved from the Gasoline Fund.

County Engineers Report:

A budget hearing/work session meeting will be held 22 January to discuss how to pay for the bridge repair on C. R. 63.

A payment cost of $3,100.00 was approved for the state to extend their proposed resurfacing of a section of C. R. 7 that borders Hwy. 84.

County Administrator:

An invoice from Baldwin County for $3,100.00 dealing with juvenile detention was approved for payment.

Liability insurance coverage for the IDB was approved in a total amount $194,942.00 was approved.

David Burt Building repairs as requested were approved.

Commissioner Riley made a motion to approve continuing payment to Mr. Jim Allen for advertising in the Countian newspaper. Motion died due to a lack of second.

County Attorney, nothing to report.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements: None

Media Comments: None

Executive Session to discuss Matter of Trade and Commerce. Approved by unanimous vote.

Closed to the public.


Meeting recessed to complete E-911 meeting.

E911 nothing to report. Meeting adjourned 12:10.

Commission recessed until 1 PM.

Resumed 1 PM. Immediate executive session called and approved 1:05 PM.

Reconvened 1:50PM, motion to adjourn forwarded at 1:51 PM. Approved.

That’s all folks, almost 2 PM. I’m at the point that if you want to know what’s going on, attend the meeting. Another day I can’t get back wasted.