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Conecuh County Work Session 22 October 2019

Meeting started at 9 AM by Chairman Riley.

First on the agenda was County Engineer Foshee:

1. Mr. Foshee seeks permission to look at trading out dump trucks. This will just be a quick look see to check if it’s feasible to sell our old ones and purchase new ones.

2. Mr. Foshee advised that a grant has been applied for. No feedback on it yet but there is another grant available in the amount of $250,000.00. We are also eligible for this grant and he request permission to apply for it too.

3. Mr. Foshee advised we are in receipt of an invoice for the tires we needed to put on dump truck sold last June. Total $8,500.00.

4. He has a check in the amount of $5,000.00 to pay for damage to a guard rail on County Road 6. Request permission to proceed with repair.

5. Mr. Foshee advised that the old tin removed from the animal shelter when the roof was repaired is being stored by the engineering department. He request it be declared as surplus and he be allowed to sell to the highest bidder.

County Administrator, Stephanie Brown:

1. Sales tax due Shrimp Basket and Piggley Wiggle is in; $10,947.50.

2. Request permission to pay for the security system at DHR. Total cost $650.00

Commissioners comments and announcements: None

News media: Nothing

Meeting closed at 9:20 AM.

Regular meeting to start at 10:00 AM.

County Commission Meeting 22 October 2019

Call to order at 10 AM by Chairman Riley.

All commission members present.

The agenda (with one amendment) and the previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

The only thing to report is 2 separations, one from the sheriff’s department and the other is a correctional officer.

Claims: None over the limit. All outstanding claims were approved by unanimous vote.

Felicia Parham, Transportation Director for Schools

Ms. Parham came before the commission body to talk about road conditions, especially in District 2. Her chief complaints were Dallas Road and the Old Federal Road.

She stated that some relief must be found. Her school buses are sliding into the ditch and getting stuck and the expense of having them pulled out is putting a hardship on her budget.

The Old Federal Road is the line marker for the end of Conecuh County and the beginning of Monroe County. It is supposed to be a joint effort of both counties to keep this road in good condition.

Commissioner Riley noted that all the houses on the road section she is complaining about are on the Monroe County side of the line but he also said that did not stop him from doing everything he could to keep the road in as good a condition as he could. He noted he works that road hard and tries to keep it passable for the school buses but when circumstances hit as they have lately it’s just not possible to get ahead of the rain. He also noted that log trucks us that road extensively and everyone knows what shape wet dirt roads get in after log trucks have driven on them.

Commissioner Riley assured Ms. Parham he would do everything he could to keep these roads in as good a shape as possible but again noted, Monroe County is also responsible for upkeep.

County Engineer:

Mr. Winston Foshee reminded the commissioners that he wanted permission to look at and investigate the feasibility of purchasing new dump trucks. Permission granted.

He also requested permission to apply for a $250,000.00 grant. Permission granted.

The invoice of $8,500.00 for tires for the dump trucks sold last year was discussed. Ms. Brown and Mr. Foshee were tasked with figuring out where the money will be drawn from to pay this.

Asked for and received permission to proceed with the repair to the damaged guard rail on C. R. 6. Has $5,000.00 check in hand for repairs.

Approximately 20 pieces of tin left from Animal Shelter roof repair are to be declared as surplus material and sold based on sealed bids. Mr. Foshee for action.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown reminded the commissioners the sales tax rebate in the amount of $10,947.50 to the Shrimp Basket and Piggly Wiggly was approved for payment.

The $650.00 security system upgrade for DHR was approved by unanimous vote.

It was noted that the county has received no fees for housing Federal inmates at this time. Ms. Brown tasked with setting up an auto pay whereby the money (when it comes) will be a direct deposit.

County Attorney:

Mr. Bishop noted that he is happy with the latest contract lease agreement with Mediacom. Everything was good until Commissioner Millender asked him how much money was the county getting and where was it. Mr. Bishop will check into this and report back.

Commissioner’s Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Andrews pointed out and introduced Mr. Sam Shotz with Alabama Power.

Andrews also stated he felt as if the county is losing money dealing with RDS.

It was noted that Courtroom B would be available on 30 October for Senator Doug Jones visit. As I understand it, it’s an open meeting where those interested can come and see their current senator.

It was noted there are problems on C. R. 59 dealing with big trucks using that road as a cut through road between Hwy 84 and U. S. 31. C. R. 59 is nothing more than a farm to market road and the trucks are tearing it to pieces. Engineer tasked with getting with law enforcement and stopping this traffic.

It was noted the folks from Auburn would be here today at 3 PM to discuss the county handbook.

News Media:

I asked what the commissioner’s intent was toward taking action on illegal use of county equipment and resources. It seems a road was built on private property. By best guess, it took between 25 and 35 loads of dirt to accommodate this project.

It took place in District 5, Mr. Millender’s District. When I directly asked Mr. Millender he admitted the work had been done but was not his men or equipment. He stated his men had seen what was going on and told him about it.

Here’s the scoop folks, our county equipment and resources are being used to build a new road where none existed before and, there are rumors the person responsible for doing this received a monetary payout from the person receiving the service. Do we sit still and allow our resources to be wasted like this? Do we simply turn our backs and allow it to happen? I’m asking the county residents to join with me in condemning this action and demand someone be held accountable.

Just 3 meetings ago 2 county employees came before the commission and asked for a pay raise. How can they expect a raise when they are costing the county money by doing illegal things such as this.

I told the Commission body that I was simply making them aware of what was going on and, if they took no action I would be forced too. It’s wait and see time now.

Executive Session: Approved by unanimous vote. Start 10:40 AM End 11:10.

Motion made to accept pay raise recommendations for sheriffs department cook and dispatcher. Passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn: 11:11