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Commission Work Session and

Commission Regular Meeting

10 Dec. 2019

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Riley.

1. Mr. Jimmy Bell, Revenue Commissioner.

Mr. Bell spoke of the open window scheme to his office anyone traveling through the hall can see directly into his spaces to see what’s going on. Even more troubling is his workers being distracted by people waving or knocking on the windows.

Mr. Bell believes if mirror tint or blinds are put up it would solve this problem for him.

Mr. Bell was told blinds should fit into the décor better than tint. He is to investigate, get a price and bring it back.

2. Probate Judge Fleming is busy covering other duties.

3. Johnny Brock, EMA director:

Mr. Brock reported that to get phone and internet services to the Safe Room will cost approximately $192.00 per month. He noted Media Com TV service will be furnished at no cost.

Key control for the Safe Room was discussed briefly until it was determined with key control being in the hands of the crew designated to prepare and make the safe room ready.

Mr. Brock also reported the estimates for the E911/EMA building are in.

4. Winston Foshee, County Engineer: Not available.

5. County Administrator, Stephanie Brown:

Ms. Brown has 2 invoices to brief the commission on. The first is for the juvenile holding cell in Escambia County. The other is an invoice from Evergreen Veterinary Service, Dr. Hal Noble, reflecting charges for continuing training for Ms. Windham.

The commission body thought that upon completion of euthanasia school Ms. Windham would be completely qualified to conduct that portion of the job. Ms. Windham attended the school in Birmingham, AL. and returned knowing she had further training to do. The administrator’s problem with the invoice, as she said, this continued training had not been voted on.

After discussion it was determined to have Ms. Windham attend the next meeting and see what needs to be worked out.

There was some discussion that it may well be cheaper to return to the method of allowing the Vet to euthanize the animals.

This will be something worked out at the next meeting.

Ms. Brown noted one employee has not worked enough time to qualify for the county to pay for their insurance. To qualify, an employee must work at least 15 days.

Ms. Brown also noted a payment for the Sheriff’s Department Silverado was due now and another would be due in April. These are $11,836.71 payments. Ms. Brown advised there is a shortage of money to pay this bill right now.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Andrews noted that both the sheriff and the engineer were absent and there were questions the commissioners needed answering by both these individuals. He suggested taking an extra effort to ensure both of these “players” would be available for meetings.

Commissioner Riley noted that using dirt tally sheets he and the engineer had determined that between the pit and the trucks there was a 58 load difference. (Unaccounted for dirt).

For clarification, this is a difference in loads that have been documented. If, for whatever reason, a driver in need of dirt went to the pit, loaded their truck and did not write it down, there would be no way to know that would be a missing load.

Motion to Adjourn: 9:35 AM



Call to order at 1000 AM by Chairman Riley:

Benediction by Commissioner Campbell followed by the pledge of Allegiance and roll call. All members present.

1. Approve the agenda: Chairman Riley attempted to amend the executive session on the agenda to include a “Good Name and Character” along with the matters of commerce already on the schedule. Agenda approved by unanimous vote with no changes.

2. Approve previous minutes: The previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

3. Payroll/personnel report: There was 1 new hire for the Sheriff’s Department, 1 new hire for corrections officer. There was on separation from the jail, and one adjustment from full time to part time with the jail nurse.

The jail had 30.5 hours overtime, 24 hours overtime to the engineering department and 8 hours overtime to district 4 for a total of 62.5 hours

4. Approve the claims: There were 2 claims over the $500.00 and no over the limit for the $3,000.00.

5. Engineer: Not available.

6. County Administrator:

A. Ms. Brown has paperwork needing the chairman’s signature for procession.

B. Silverado Payment. To come out of the General Fund. Will be discussed further at the next work session with the sheriff in attendance.

C. It was noted the County Engineer’s contract needed renewing. It is a self-contained contract that renews with no additional items for discussion.

7. Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioners Campbell asked about the standing of getting the cat ceiling repaired along with fixing the front room lighting in the Animal Shelter.

Commissioner Andrews reiterated his request the sheriff and engineer attend work sessions.

A question arose about the cost of using county vehicles. Under the handbook there should be an equipment supervisor assigned. Who is it? Commissioner Andrews indicated he thought it should be the engineer.

8. News Media:

I ask Commissioner Campbell what the status of the ongoing investigation of the illegal dirt transfer by one of his employees. He stated he had hoped to be ready with answers today but it would be the next meeting before he could respond.

I told Mr. Campbell it was becoming an embarrassment to me to have to continue asking what is going on and it should certainly be an embarrassment to him. I stated that if the county handbook was being utilized, as it should be the proper instrument for any action in this situation there should be no need to continue drawing it out. Just follow the handbook.

9. Executive Session: Matters of Commerce: All Districts voted yes to enter into executive session.

Executive session ended at 10:50 AM.

Regular session resumed at 10:50 AM.

Commissioner Millender announced the county has entered into a contract with Louisiana Pacific to purchase a large partial of land on Hwy. 29 for business development. For any further information it was encouraged to contact Economic Director Taylor.

Motion to adjourn: 10:55 AM