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Commission Mtg. 12 Feb 2019

Call to order at 10:02 by Chairman Andrews, prayer offered by newly elected Probate Judge Fleming followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

All members present for the meeting. The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/personnel report:

No new hires, one separation. There were 2 hours of overtime. Motion to approve met with unanimous vote.

Claims approval:

There were 5 claims over the $500.00 limit in the general fund and 2 claims over the $3,000.00 limit in the gasoline fund. A motion to approve all claims with the exception of City of Evergreen utility funds was approved by unanimous vote. The City’s claims will be addressed after further discussion.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee was unavailable.

County Administrators Report:

Ms. Brown addressed the situation about putting a maintenance contractor in place to solve the variety of problems that seem to plague the court house maintenance wise.

Commission Riley will take this for action and report back.

The state approved travel rate increase to $.58 was approved by a vote of 4-1 with Commissioner Riley voting in the negative.

The county pledge from the grocery store and the Shrimp Basket was received in the amount of $11,440.56.

Baldwin Juvenile Detention invoice in the amount of $1,365.00 was approved. Again, this is the county tax dollars paying for the lack of proper upbringing on our youth. Get with it parents, if you can’t raise them right don’t push them on us.

Commissioner Riley made a motion that Revenue Commissioner Bell and all the districts with less than 3 employees be allowed to hire and build themselves up to speed. Motion failed on a 2 Ayes-3 Nays vote.

Ms. Brown recommended the board pass a motion to allow the chairman to sign required Liberty Insurance paperwork. Unanimous.

A motion to allow the cleaning and repair to the water tower was approved.

Lewis pest control Termite contact was renewed at a cost of $175.00

They are no new ABC licenses applied for, it was recommended and approved the chairman be allowed to sign those in existence.

The Restaurant Sweet Pea’s was reissued a restaurant retail license.

It was approved to pay $40,540.00 for a new Tahoe for the Sheriff’s department.

A new Copier renewal lease was approved at an amount of $175.00 per month for 4 years.

A gas tax increase strongly recommended by ACCA met with approval. A copy of this will be posted with this story.

County Attorney:

Contracts for polling places will be addressed at the next meeting.

Commissioners Comments/Announcements:

Commissioner Riley made a motion that all recommendation from the Animal Shelter Director be adopted. This motion died due to a lack of a second with a promise it will be addressed at the next meeting.

It was recommended the engineer and grant writer meet and plan on applying for grants. The engineer is to select which grants he believes will do the county the most good.