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Commission Meeting 14 Jan 2020

Call to order by Chairman Riley at 10 AM.

Mr. Foshee offered the opening prayer which was followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Roll call showed all members present.

1. Agenda… Approved as presented.

2. Minutes…Previous minutes were approved as read.

Payroll/personnel report:

Showed at total of 3 new hires and 2 separations. There was no overtime for approval.

Claims approval:

There were 3 claims above the $500.00 limit, that and the regular bills were approved for payment by unanimous vote.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee noted he will get with the probate judge upon his return and the voting machines will be handled.

Mr. Foshee also noted that Mr. Will Cook be paid for the dirt hauled from his pit.

A motion to pay Mr. Cook passed by unanimous vote. Commissioner Millender gave a resounding Nay vote stating he wanted this blight on the counties record resolved but he also wanted to be fair to Mr. Cook and as of now anything he would be paid for would be nothing more than a guess. When asked about giving an estimate on the number of loads of dirt taken to the private residence, Mr. Foshee said what had been done was illegal and he did not want to get involved in any manner with illegal items.

Commissioner Millender stated that in his opinion there was a “cover-up” operation going on to try and sweep this issue under the rug.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown noted the total estimate to fix the air-conditioning

Ms. reminded the commissioners about the lighting at the animal shelter. A motion was made to repair/replace the lighting ($1,180.96) passed by unanimous vote. Commissioner Millender noted that the animal shelter repairman needs to look at the community action center too.

Ms. Brown asked the commissioners what position did they wish to take on the payment of mileage. A motion to adopt the $.57.5 per mile passed with a recommendation a resolution also be done to accompany this document.

Ms. Brown noted that she and Ms. Lee desired to attend an office manages course being given in Prattville 8-9 April. Permission grated by unanimous vote.

Deputy Randall Brown has left the sheriff’s department. As per his contract, he must pay back the funds spent by the county to get him to the spot he’s currently at.

A question on splitting holiday pay was addressed. There will be no splitting of holiday pays.

The sheriff’s department has rehired Mr. Andre Drakeford to the force. Based on a ruling that one cannot be rehired for 6 months, it will require a waiver because Mr. Drakeford has not been gone that long. The commissioners voted to allow Mr. Drakeford to be rehired..

A motion to pay the $1,507.00 for the title to the Lousiana Pacific property on the Owassa Highway passed.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Millender advised the commission body that repairs and upgrades need to be done to several polling places in the county. No handicap bathrooms. Must build to the outside to accommodate them.

Chairman Riley is in receipt of a letter from the ATCA thanking the Conecuh Commissioners for their hosting of the last district meeting.

News Media Comments:

I had several comments to make primarily about the illegal dirt movement and the handling of that situation. I told the commissioners that I felt they were dismal failures in their jobs, they had violated their oaths of office and let all the citizens of the county down by their FAILURE to handle the situation of the stolen dirt. I asked them when did a person become a thief, was it when a penny was stolen or when a million dollars was stolen.

Executive session-Good name and character:

All districts voted to go into executive session by voice vote. Time in: 10:55

Executive session ended at 11:01

A motion to adjourn at 11:01:

Meeting over.