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Call to order at 10 AM by Chairman Millender who also offered an opening prayer.

The Pledge of Allegiance followed.

Roll Call was conducted by Ms. Brown. Roll call showed one member missing, Mr. Byrd, Commissioner District 4 was unavailable.

Next agenda item is to approve the agenda. The motion and vote to approve was unanimous.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written.

Payroll/personnel report:

Reported by Ms. Lee.

Ms. Lee noted that she has been on the receiving end of threatening phone calls from some county workers family members. I would really like to think Conecuh County has smarter people than that. Trust me; you don’t want to be on the other end of a threating phone call to a government official.

Several new hires were approved, mostly for the jail.

It was noted that a lot of overtime is being documented. The jail has 20 hours, the sheriff’s department 14.5, District One 32 hours, District Two 20 hours and District Three 4 hours.

Commissioner Campbell, District One, stated he remembered a meeting whereby overtime payments were not necessary to vote on, they simply needed payment. Chairman Millender told Mr. Campbell he needed to re-look into the reporting of overtime. Overtime is computed into the budget and when it is expended it must come before the board for approval.

Currently Commissioner Campbell’s district is the only one that is over budget in overtime. Mr. Campbell stated that he has a call out team, like the other districts and, if there is no overtime money available to pay them, they need to be taken out of the call-out rotation. (It is rumored that some commissioners have used their overtime money as an extra incentive pay for their crews by granting overtime when there is no need for it). The call-out crew routine is established at the same time the chairmanship routine is set up, typically the first meeting of a new administration.

Chairman Millender said that call-out crews will receive their overtime payment but care needs to be taken in other uses of overtime and any item over budget requires board approval.

Ms. Lee was directed to contact Maria about some questions arising over leave and call out procedures. Answers to come!!!!!!

Claims Approval:

None over the 3K level limit for the gasoline fund.

There were charges over the $500 limit general fund. Of the 5 over the limit charges the largest one that constantly eats the most funds is for juvenile detention. We do not have the authorized clearance to house juveniles in our jail system after arrest, instead they are housed in Escambia County detention facilities and billed to us, and it’s normally a healthy bill.

Tasking to the sheriff to talk to Escambia and to investigate what we need to do to upgrade our jail and see if we want to try and take on a juvenile detention facility of our own.

The constant ongoing courthouse air conditioning problems lives on. An estimate has been offered and when put to the vote it passed unanimously except for an abstention vote from Commissioner Riley.

Engineers Report:

Mr. Foshee advised the dump truck for District 4 will be ready this week. The repair company has requested a check to be presented at pickup time. Final cost in excess of $41,000.00 in repairs.

County Road 63 Bridge is open. The final $21,600.00 invoice is paid. Resurfacing bids are to be opened next meeting.

Administrators Report:

Ms. Brown received an email from the USDA dealing with rental of a portion of the David Burt Building. It is an annual rental of $32,000.00, recommended by the attorney, was approved by unanimous vote.

Expected election results cost in the area of $6,724.10.

Commissioner’s Comments and Announcements:

The last oil check was less than $36,000.00, ½ of which goes to Board of Education. This is a far cry from what we’ve drawn in the past with some payments in excess of $1,000,000.00. Pay attention, our oil revenues are drying up and we have nothing to fall back on and we’ve had nothing move in to help us tax wise. Any wrongful or improper use of county resources whether it be dirt, culverts, machinery or overtime, is hurting all the county residents.

It was pointed out by several commissioners that the quality of dirt coming from the current pit is very low quality and not getting the job done. Commissioner Andrews recommended moving to the Nall pit. There is quality dirt in this pit but Mr. Nall does have some restrictions/request. The foremost of these is, DON’T TAKE ANY TOP SOIL. Mr. Andrews also noted there is a dugout or lowered area running next to a pit road that Mr. Nall, for safety reasons, request they put a guard rail at the edge of the road to prevent a possible accident.

When asked how long it would take to set up and get this pit operating, Mr. Foshee stated he would move in the needed equipment this afternoon and be ready to run.

Motion to move to the Nall pit approved by unanimous vote.

Commissioner Riley suggested setting up 2 crews with equipment that be assigned to road upkeep county wide. He asked that Mr. Foshee be authorized to look into the cost and feasibility of purchasing 2 back hoes and 2 trucks and go from there.

Chairman Millender reminded everyone that the economic development of the LP property needs to remain a top priority.

Questions arose about how a member of the “on call” crew should be treated if they were on vacation. There were various opinions offered. Mr. Andrews believes a person going on vacation should take care of their on call status before starting vacation; they have the responsibility to cover business. Mr. Campbell believes a person’s leave is their leave and if an “on call” situation comes up, it should not be a problem for the person on vacation.

Ms. Lee was directed to call Auburn and get their input into how to handle the leave/on call situation.

It is noted that culvert pipe has escalated to quite a healthy chunk of change and the county seems to be going through a lot. Measures need to be incorporated to ensure the pipe is being paid for and used properly.  

Adjourn 11:05

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