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Commission Meeting 23 July 2019

Called to order at 10 AM by Chairman Riley, invocation offered by Commissioner Campbell followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call showed District 4 Commissioner Byrd absent, all others present.

The agenda and previous minutes were approved as presented.

Payroll/personnel report:

There has been one new hire in the jail and one separation in the jail. There was no overtime to approve.


There were no over-the-limit claims for approval. Unanimous vote to pay the bills.


A proclamation was read honoring the 50 annual Evans-Jacobs Family Reunion in the China community. This proclamation was adopted with a unanimous vote of the commission body.

EMA Directors Report:

It was noted that Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood said there was no further warranty on the A/C units with the exception of the compressor. Mighty new building and components to be having problems already. Perhaps we should take a closer look at warranties during new construction and with new purchases or perhaps we should take a closer look at who we’re doing business with.

Commissioner Campbell is going to do some additional checking on this issue.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee pointed out that the paving projects are on target.

The commission body discussed the use of sprays within the county. It was suggested that no spraying be allowed without first checking with the engineer to ensure there would be no harmful chemicals used.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown informed the commission body on A/C problems within the courthouse. Cost will be $2,279.00 for a new compressor and 3 separate valves are needed at a cost of $740.00 each for a total of $4,499,.00. Motion made and approved by unanimous vote.

Commissioner Millender noted the equalization board needed another person appointed. He recommended David Cook, in the audience, be appointed to this board. Mr. Cook agreed to the appointment and was confirmed by unanimous vote.

Discussion about the Economic Development Office budget was discussed. It was determined to make no changes at this time.

Commissioners Announcements and Comments:

Commissioner Millender noted that the Community Action Building, which also functions as a voting place for elections, needed upgrading. Currently there are no handicap bathroom facilities. After discussion it was recommended that a plan on what needs to be done be made, bids let for the improvements/changes and check if funding might be available through capitol improvement funds.

Commissioner Andrews referenced a letter submitted by Mr. Jerome Boykin at the last meeting dealing with perceived unfair hiring practices. Mr. Andrews continued saying that after careful reading of the letter he agreed with Mr. Boykin. He stated that it seems this county does little to prevent problems from occurring, most especially including lawsuits of issues such as this. He went on the recommend the county get legal help in it’s hiring practices.

Commissioner Millender talked to the problems with the courthouse again saying that he felt the county should contract with Mr. Rutland about looking over the building and seeing what needed to be done and go from there.

News Media Comments:

I stood and spoke on the paving projects being done by the various commissioners and the engineer. I am aware of one road being paved that the entire paved area contains a total of 2 houses, one of which is occupied. I noted that an alternate section of road that, In my opinion, should have ranked much higher on the paving scale contained 33 houses in a 7/10 mile area yet it remains unpaved after more than 12 years of request to the commission.

I delivered by a county department head asking that their road not be paved. If the survey is not going to be considered, why waste time filling them out? I asked the commission body how they could sit and say they were serving the people of the county when so many are ignored and a select few get what they want also noted that I had been contacted by the people in another paving project area that contained 3 houses and, the residents of all 3 of these houses filled out a survey.