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Commission Mtg. 25 Feb 2020

Call to order at 10 AM by Chairman Millender. Prayer offered by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call showed all Commissioners present.

The agenda and minutes from previous meetings were approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

There were 2 new hires as dispatchers for the jail. There was 1 separation from dispatcher at the jail.

16 hours of overtime from District One needed approval. Approved by unanimous vote.

Ms. Lee informed the commissioners that she had 2 people willing to be drug testers for the re-instated drug testing program. Ms. Caylor and Mr. Taylor have offered themselves for the position. After discussion it was determined to invite them to a work session to answer any question the commissioners may have. One will be invited for the work session on 12 March and the other for 24 March.

The question arose as to how the random list would be generated. This detail will be worked out at the next session also.

The charge for driving a county vehicle to and from home has been re-instituted. If you drive a county vehicle and use it to go home overnight you will be charged $3.00 usage fee for it. Program has started.


There were no over the limit claims for presentation.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee advised the commissioners the gas fund money should be forthcoming soon. The amount has changed. We did get $533,000.00, that figure has dropped to $400,000.00. Let’s keep an eyeball out and see what roads these funds are spent on.

Foshee is calling for all districts to bring their dump trucks to Engineering Department for GPS installation. There will be a monthly charge for this service but it is overdue. Had there been GPS on these trucks before perhaps all those loads of dirt delivered to an individual could have been stopped.

Time for bid opening. Mr. Foshee noted the bids were for guard rails on the bridge on County Road 63 near Travis Bridge

Upon opening the bids the job was awarded to the low bidder, C and H Construction for a bid of $21,600.00. This should just about be the end of the road for the bridge replacement. Figures I’ve computed out from information given out at meeting puts that bridge replacement cost at approximately $476,000.00. This was another “shoot ourselves in the foot” cost. An over the weight limit county truck had driven across the bridge causing it to collapse. How many miles of pavement could we have done with that $476,000.00 figure? Just the cost of doing business passed on to our tax payer base.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown addressed the cooling tower and needed repairs for it. ProAir has given an estimate of $24,230.00. This is for cooling the courthouse and is an absolutely needed item and a must do before hot season gets here. Commissioner Campbell requested there be more time for research. He was tasked with getting information together and be prepared to present at the next work session.

The stage project at the park was addressed with the commission agreeing to pay the cost of the concrete work at a total of $8,950.00, to be paid after work is done and invoice offered. A requirement that Mayor Wolff, city of Evergreen, also sight a letter of agreement showing the city will also pay, at a minimum, that amount of money on the project too.

Commissioner’s comments and announcements:

Discussion of the number of beds being used by Federal inmates ensued. Also, the amount of funds being paid to the county was addressed. The only thing it seemed to show here was, no one was sure what amount of income the county received for this program.

Sheriff Brock (in the hospital) had passed to Commissioner Millender that he would like to request another part-time driver to assist in pickup and delivery of the Fed inmates. Not more than 30 hours per week. Motion to approve received unanimous approval.

Again discussion on the need of a maintenance person was addressed. This issue is to be addressed at the next work session. It was suggested the job description be reviewed and any updates made.

Commissioner Campbell made a motion that GPS units be added to the pickup truck population owned by the county. After discussion and a call for vote the motion failed on a 2 ayes – 3 nays vote. The 3 commissioners voting No said they did so, not because the GPS system was a bad idea or system but because they wanted some guarantees that a person violating the procedure would face some type of disciplinary procedures, unlike what has happened recently.

News Media Comments: None

Adjourn: 10:40 AM