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County Commission Meeting 28 Apr. 2020

Call to order by Chairman Millender at 10 A. M.

Commissioner Byrd gave the invocation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call showed all members present.

The agenda and previous minutes were approved as read.

Payroll/personnel report:

There were 3 new hires in the jail, all as corrections officers. There were no separations. A total of 68 hours overtime was approved. Engineering Department had the lions share. Both the jail and District 1 logged overtime. Recent weather conditions created problems with trees across roads.

Claims approval:

There were 3 claims over the $500.00 level needing approval; all others were within set limits. Motion met with approval by vote of 4 ayes, 1 abstaining.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown noted she had received a letter from Castleberry requesting voting machines for the upcoming 21 August municipal election.

Prior to voting on Castleberry’s request Commissioner Andrews asked if Repton had made any request for voting support. Nothing at this time on record. He suggested including Repton in the motion to approve. Compromise made on waiting for the vote until Probate Judge could be advised and his input returned. (Not sure of the Probate Judges involvement in municipal elections).

An outrageous bid for roof repair has been received. $8,000,000.00. Action delayed. Having alternative sources contacted to seek other options.

Commissioner Riley asked if the parts for the cooling towers had arrived. No.

Discussion on how to pay the bill for a recently wrecked dump truck in District 4 was discussed. Total damage to the truck is $43,555.43. There is$2,000.00 insurance deductible. At question is, what fund does the $2,000.00 come from.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

The issue of staffing county offices was addressed. Chairman Millender noted he had received some phone calls questioning why residents attempting to call in or conduct business were unable to make contact.

It seems some confusion existed about what was set up and what actually happened with the offices. The commissioners, in hopes of clearing up any confusion, made a motion that county offices are to be manned during normal working hours. The motion stated that offices shall be staffed as necessary to conduct business.

It was noted that Governor Ivey was having a news conference at 11 A. M. dealing with Alabama and recovery from the current Corona Virus “shelter at home” status.

Chairman Millender expressed that he feels the county needs more testing before reopening. There have only been a total of 92 persons tested. Current figures show 8 persons testing positive and no related deaths. General consensus among the commission is in line with Mr. Millender’s thoughts.

Commissioner Millender advised he had been in contact with Franklin Medical and current plans are to test citizens for the virus starting at 9:30 on Friday and continuing until 3:30. This test will be done at no cost to the residents; it will include Monroe County people too.

Franklin has elected to conduct this test but has asked the commission for consideration for possible assistance with cost of some items, gowns, gloves, etc. from the county if needed. It was voted that should Franklin need this assistance, the county would pick up the tab.

Franklin prefers and request that, if at all possible, to make appointments to get this testing done.

I will publish a phone number to call later today. This is an update to a previous report on testing.

Date of next meeting was discussed. It is currently set for 12 May but could have a special call meeting earlier if needed.

Motion to adjourn by Commissioner Campbell at 10:26 A. M.

Phone number for appointment with 

Franklin Medical:

251 578 2507

Franklin Direct Line: 251 444 1122