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Commission Mtg. 9 June 2020

Call to order by Chairman Millender at 10 AM.

Invocation offered by Commissioner Byrd.

Pledge of allegiance by all.

Roll call showed all members present.

Agenda: Approved as presented

Minutes: Previous minute’s unanimous approval as read.

Payroll/personnel report:

2 New hires as Jail CO’s.

2 New separations, one from Jail; one from District 3.

27 hours of overtime submitted from jail. It was noted that several departments need to check their budgets for overtime. Most are getting rather close.

Ms. Lee made a request of all commissioners to submit the location of their yard(s) within the districts.

Approve claims:

There were 3 claims over the $500.00 limit requiring approval.

No claims over the $3,000.00 limit required approval.

Motion to approve the claims approved by unanimous vote.

County Engineers Report:

C. R. 6 work is scheduled to be let on the 3 Wednesday of the month. Both Federal Aid and gasoline funds will be used to complete this work which should be set for work start in September.

Mr. Foshee stressed the importance of completing the survey forms and keeping them up to date.

Mr. Foshee noted the need for help on the pit road. Again the needs are 1 dump truck, 1 man. To be coordinated through the chairman.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown noted she had a legal appointment form and the commission body needed to nominate someone to serve on this group. Commissioner Riley nominated Commissioner Byrd. Results, Mr. Byrd was selected by unanimous vote.

Ms. Brown noted Theresa Windham, Chief Animal Control Officer, had completed her euthanasia classes and now, to move forward, needs the commission to approve the fees to have the shelter registered as an animal euthanasia facility.

Commissioner Millender questioned the cost effectiveness of continuing her qualifications noting that, at this time, the cost of doing euthanasia on the animals was not a high dollar expense. Commissioner Andrews said that one of the prerequisites of her taking that job was she became qualified to perform this duty and that it was listed in her job qualifications. He stated she had upheld her part of the bargain and it was only fair and right the commission uphold theirs and made a motion they pay. Commissioner Riley agreed with Mr. Andrews and seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Millender directed Ms. Brown to do a review of all job descriptions in the County Handbook completed by Auburn. He suspects there may be several other job descriptions that can be removed, changed or altered that could save the county money in the future.

The request from the County Rescue Squad was next. They had requested $2,500.00 (a matching fund to the city) be donated to help purchase a rescue boat.

Commissioner Riley noted he was not averse to making a donation to the Rescue Squad but, with the current budget situation and the current drop in oil revenues, wondered if the county could afford the $2,500.00 amount.

Commissioner Campbell stated he was not in favor of the donation noting there were 21 other volunteer rescue stations that should be just as entitled to additional funding if this were to be approved.

Commissioner Andrews made a motion to contribute the money to the Rescue Squad and the motion carried by unanimous vote.

Commissioner Andrews was granted permission to advertise for an operator 3 position to replace one of his workers.

It was pointed out that some courthouse offices had Plexiglas blockers/diverters in place to protect employees. These items will be needed in the polling places on voting day. In fact there will be more needed than are currently ready. Skipper construction has agreed to manufacture these blockers for a cost of $5,344.00. This will be only a portion of what is needed to protect the poll workers. Further negotiations with Mr. Skipper will be forthcoming.

Meeting adjourned: 10:34 AM