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27 August 2019

Commission Work Session: 9 AM Start

1. Ms. Pam Rogers was scheduled to give a report on a possible Boys and Girls Club coming to Evergreen. She passed this opportunity to Mr. Tim Wills, CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Alabama.

Mr. Wills’ presentation dealt with the possibility of this group coming to Evergreen. They’ve already got a site picked out (the old Armory) for them to operate from.

The program is aimed at 6-18 year olds. During the school year a membership fee will be charged to those opting to be a member. This fee is $30.00 each member. The fee will go up during the out of school time.

Mr. Wills is looking for the city, county and board of education to contribute to keep this program going. I heard Mr. Wills mention 2 different figures, one of $200,000.00 and another of $150,000.00 per city and county. The Board of Education has agreed to do payment in kind by providing transportation.

Mr. Wills stated they anticipate serving approximately 100 youth and teens each day.

The commissioners asked Mr. Wills to send a letter outlining and asking what requirements they would need from the county to make this program roll.

2. EMA:

Mr. Johnny Brock noted he had a $1,000.00 check for the commission. This was presented to Conecuh EMA’s number 2 ranking in Low Risk Loss Ratios. Mr. Brock noted it was not the work of one person but a group working together to be able to enjoy the fruits of this award.

When asked, Mr. Brock stated there would be a presentation on the safe room at the next meeting.

3. County Engineer:

Not available at this time.

4. County Administrator:

Ms. Brown advised the commission body that paperwork for the recently fill DHR position must be redone. Ms. Dianne Moncrease was appointed to the position, not Ms. Mary Moncrease.

The security system for DHR is in need of an upgrade. Originally installed in 1995.

Juvie Detention bill to Escambia County was $4,200.00.

The cages for the animal shelter were discussed.

Ms. Brown noted that purchase orders are not being filled out completely. This is a problem with almost all departments.

Ms. Brown advised the commission body that we are about to go into our last month of this year’s budget. She will prepare a memo noting that emergency purchases only are to be considered. As of 15 September no purchasing is allowed.

5. Commissioners Comments and Announcements.

Chairman Riley noted that the board needed to make a decision on Probate Judge Fleming’s software request.

The situation of surplus equipment and it’s disposition was discussed.

A question of person’s being allowed to give some of their sick days to others was discussed.

News Media Comments:

The Conecuh County News and Views asked a question dealing with the transfer of sick leave time. When a person in a higher pay bracket donates leave to a person at a lower rate of pay, how much compensation does the person receiving the additional leave get? They are paid at their normal rate.

Question to Mr. Wills with Boys and Girls Clubs. Currently it is projected there will be 100 persons per day using their facilities, what impact will lesser participation have on the program? No answer forthcoming.

The Conecuh County News and Views shared the information of a letter from the law firm of Larson-O’brien dealing with scheduled meetings about the impending “bike trail,” also known as the abandon railroad track and possible eminent domain claims to be forthcoming.

There are two meetings scheduled, aimed primarily at assisting and directing landowners as to their best move in view of government actions.

It was the intent of the Conecuh County News and Views to ensure the commission body be aware of these meetings in the event any of them wanted to attend.

Meeting closed at 10:04  


County Commission Meeting 27 August 2019

Call to order at 10:06 by Chairman Riley.

Prayer by Chairman Riley followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Roll Call showed all members present.

1. Approval of the agenda was done by unanimous vote.

2. Previous minutes were approved as read.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

1. No new hires, no separations, no overtime for approval.

County Engineer: Mr. Foshee was unavailable for this meeting.

County Administrator:

1. Ms. Brown advised the commission again about the name change to the DHR board. Situation corrected by placing Ms. Dianne Moncrease’s name on the board.

2. The juvenile detention invoice from Escambia County was approved for a payment of $4,200.00.

3. Discussion of the Animal Shelter and the cages needed. It was determined the quality of the cages needed were fulfilled by only one bidder, Miller Trading Company. Motion to purchase was passed by 4 ayes-1 abstention vote.

Commissioners Comments and announcements:

1. The situation of surplus material on hand was discussed. It was determined move out what is not practical or usable.

2. Commissioner Millender questioned what progress has been made toward getting a maintenance man in place. So far that program is sadly lagging.

3. The request put forth by the Probate Judge for software updating was approved by unanimous vote.

4. Duly noted the wheelchair lift is not usable due to being to narrow in width. Cannot get a chair into it.

5. There has been no report back from the people who looked at the roof.

6. There is a problem about some of the polling places not having handicap restrooms available.

No further statements.

Motion to adjourn at 10:30 AM