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Commission Work Session:

9 AM

Ms. Cindy Knowlton from the Extension Office gave an update report to the commission body. She spoke on the HIPPY program, a variety of 4-H spring projects and a steer and heifer show scheduled for 25 February. She announced there will be a beekeepers handling and training meeting the last Tuesday of each month. Starting time is 6 PM.

Ms. Knowlton spoke of a CDC 5 year grant. This grant is in its second 5 year period. Conecuh was not included in the first segment. There will be a total of 3 more periods over the time allotted. This round is to investigate and conduct training in areas where people are considered obese. Conecuh and 12 other counties are involved in this how we live study group. An overview of findings will be conducted in March or April. This overview will come with recommendations.

County Engineer Foshee addressed the commission body about the bridge repair on County Road 63. He stated he had a contract sitting at the ready to start the project. This will be addressed in the commission meeting after the budget planning meeting today.

Mr. Foshee stated he had some P. O.’s dealing with C. R. 19 and 63 in need of approving.

The engineer announced that we should be changing pits this week. They are planning on moving to a pit on Panther Creek Road and owned by the Cook family.

A discussion on which roads were to receive paving in each district was briefly discussed. District 1 plans of doing a portion of Santee Road and the Bull Slough Road, unsure of which road(s) District 2 plans on spending its money on. District 3 will be doing McInnis Road, District 4 Cherry Lane and a portion of Santee Road. District 5 will be working the China Road and Ikner Road.

The County Administrator advised the commission that Lyeffion Water Authority had advanced 2 board members names asking for their re-election to the board. Mr. Nelson Crandall and Mr. Antonio Woods Sr. are the names to be considered.

It was noted the new Probate Judge has asked for new carpet in the office. Cost is $1,882.80. To be handled in commission meeting.

Ms. Brown noted that at one time the employees had name tags to identify them. She requested the commissioners return to this system provided the cost was not prohibitive.

County Attorney Bishop briefly discussed what constitutes a merit employee. A request for a definition has been made to the Attorney General but as of now there is no reply. This is to help the payroll/personnel clerk to know how to handle the Sheriff’s Department employees

During the remarks and announcements portion Commissioner Millender addressed the work session/meeting time format. He noted that when the commission body started working on the combined meetings it was in search of the best way to conduct business. He noted that today’s agenda had called for a 2 hours work session with commission meeting to start at 11. He noted that the work session was almost over and there was still a good bit of time left until 11. Mr. Millender noted that what we currently have is a mismanagement of time. In his opinion and on his recommendation a motion will be introduced in the regular meeting to set the commission meeting to start 1 hour after the beginning of the work session.

News Media:

Work session adjourned and budget hearing started immediately.