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Commission Work Session 26 Nov 2019 and Commission Meeting 26 Nov 2019

The work session was called to order by Chairman Riley at 9 AM.

1. EMA Director Johnny Brock was first on the agenda. He reported on a Courthouse evacuation plan he had been working on. Each Commissioner was given a written report on what had transpired to date and asked if they had suggestions or input to what Mr. Brock was working on.

Mr. Brock advised that at least 2 employees at the courthouse were members of a fire/rescue group and asked what their status would be in the event of an emergency at the building.

It was determined that when at work their job took precedence over their fire/rescue positions. They remain responsible to the county due an emergency. Several aspects of how people should be checking on others, most especially members of the public, during an emergency. It was noted someone needed to be designated to check the bathrooms and other unoccupied rooms during the emergency. It was recommended Department Heads check the building and furnish Mr. Brock with clear list.

Mr. Brock also addressed some items at the safe room. He has checked on the pricing of having phone and internet installed. Media Com will service the building for TV at no charge because of its emergency housing status. AT&T indicated it would provide their services for a cost of $232.00 per month.

2. County Engineer Foshee was not on hand for the meeting.

3. County Administrator:

Ms. Brown advised the commission of 2 invoices in the amount of $6,000.00.

She pointed out that the second meeting in December would fall on the 24 and asked them what their intentions were. A suggestion to move the meeting to 30 December was made into a motion and passed by unanimous vote.

It was determined the courthouse would be closed for 1.5 hours on the day of the Christmas party.

It was noted that without some action the gasoline fund was too short on funds to pay the bills due from it.

4. Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

The bridge on County Road 63 that was busted due to overweight county equipment being driven over it was discussed. The bridge is open but there are no guard rails on it at this time. The engineer is working to get them installed. Approximate cost is $20,000.00. Commissioner Campbell asked why this job needed to be bid out. He noted that the engineering department had put guardrails in place on other bridges. The primary answer was a lack of manpower.

Commissioner Riley announced he had been contacted by Ms. Kirskey notifying the commissioners that the Castleberry Christmas Parade would be held 7 December at 9:30 AM. She cordially invited all the commissioners to attend.

Commissioner Millender addressed wasting of funds. He noted the engineering department seemed to lead the group on spending more so than other departments.

Mr. Millender noted that the county needed to start adhering to the handbook on the use of county vehicles. By the handbook should anyone use a county vehicle to travel to and from work, they should have to pay $3.00 per day for the use of this vehicle.

Motion to adjourn at 0951 approved by unanimous vote.

Commission Meeting 26 Nov 2019

Call to order at 10 AM by Chairman Riley. An opening benediction and the Pledge of Allegiance followed.

Roll call showed all members except District 3 representative Andrews to be present.

The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

1. Payroll/personnel There has been 1 separation from the jail department, the nurse. There are 3 new hires, 1 in the revenue department, and 2 for the jail.

There are 24 hours of overtime in District 4 and 2 hours in the engineering department.

Prior to voting, discussion on the lack of a nurse at the jail was center court. Now that we have Federal Inmates it is a requirement that a person with a medical background be on the jail staff. The nurse that was there and left (as noted in the losses) has agreed to work with the department to ensure they stay within compliance until a new person can be found.

Commissioner Byrd made a motion to accept the payroll/personnel report as stands.

Mr. Byrd withdrew this motion after discussion.

Sheriff Brock noted he has been to Franklin Medical Center and expects help from them after the holidays.

Motion to approve the payroll/personnel report with the exception of Nurse Shell, passed by unanimous vote.

2. Approve the claims:

There are no over the limit claims. Motion to pay the bills passed by unanimous vote.

County Engineer: Not available.

County Administrator:

1. Ms. Brown asked for and received permission to move $100,000.00 into the gasoline fund. She was granted this and in addition, she was authorized to take any further funding needed to keep the county solvent.

2. When she addressed the date change of the 24 December meeting it was approved by unanimous vote.

Commissioners Comments:

1. Mr. Millender suggested the county follow the handbook dealing with the use of county vehicles. No motion was needed considering this is already in effect and should be followed.

New Media:

1. Again I addressed the elephant in the room no one seems to want to see. The situation dealing with county dirt being transported by a county driver in a county truck loaded by county equipment from the current county dirt pit.

I was advised that there should be an answer to that question by next week.

Motion to adjourn: 10:35

My Space.

In another conversation later in the day I was told the dirt that had been hauled had not been paid for and the owner of the pit was considering options on how to get his missing funds.

Each time I find it difficult to believe our county can sink any lower someone manages to jump up and show me. Has everyone in this county lost their moral compass? Is there no sense of right or wrong? What is it going to take to wake us up and put us on the right track?

Personally I’m kind of tired of being the laughing stock of the state. Every time I hear the name Conecuh or Evergreen mentioned I cringe wondering what kind of stupid thing someone else has done to put us in the forefront.

We’ve got a body of 5 people elected to run and see to the business of our county yet I don’t think they pass a word expect it be in the commission chambers and then it’s just to keep something ongoing.

Citizens please take note. If you’re happy with the things are going you are in serious need of head help.