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Conecuh County Work Session 14 Jan 2020

Work session opened at 9 AM by Chairman Riley.

1. Ms. Cindy Knowlton, Extension Services:

Ms. Knowlton gave an extensive report on items and issues the extension service has been, is, or will be involved in.

They are still working toward installing splash pads at the Ever Fun Park this spring.

She announced there will be different gardening classes in March to be held at the David Burt Building. Check with the extension office for dates on this.

Bee keeping and handling classes will resume later this month.

There is a planned renovation of the tennis courts both near the jail and at the park.

They are looking at buying gardening pots for our city to give it a fresh look.

They are looking at establishing a food pharmacy to get special food stuffs together for people with special needs.

For any further questions please contact Ms. Knowlton at the office.

2. Mr. Winston Foshee, County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee had questions for the commissioners dealing with the impending elections and the handling of voting machines. He noted in the past his department had been responsible for getting the voting machines out. Gonn happen this year too.

3. Ms. Stephanie Brown, County Administrator:

Ms. Brown reported a problem with ants infiltrating the safe room. She has checked with the county exterminator who informed her the safe room could be treated for $40.00 and added to the regular checklist for an addition $40.00 per month.

Ms. Brown noted she has received the title application paperwork for the newly purchased property on the Owassa Road. Requested permission to pay.

The mileage rate has been set at $.57.5 per mile. She asked for guidance on whether to pay that figure or continue to pay under the old figure.

Ms. Brown has a quote for $1,186.00 to install new lights in the Animal Shelter. Commissioner Millender noted the Community Action Building also had lighting problems and asked that a bid for repair/replace there was also needed. This is not to interfere with the work needed at the animal shelter.

Classes to be held in Prattville 8-9 April that are necessary for the Administrator to attend. Ms. Brown also request Ms. Lee be allowed to attend.

4. Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Byrd talked of the 4 hour call out pay and how it should be interpreted. Does the crew deserve 4 hours pay each time they are called out? Mr. Byrd’s opinion is yes they do.

Commissioner Riley commented on employees that, for whatever reason, get insufficient time to pay their portion of insurance. He is in search of some way to keep a person already facing hardships due to illness from having to pay for the insurance.

Commissioner Andrews addressed the shortages of payments to the owners of the dirt pits. Ms. Brown noted that all load turned in at this time had been paid. Mr. Riley noted, in his opinion, the most accurate count would come from the pitman’s count record. Mr. Millender was concerned as to who kept count when the pit man was not on hand.

Work Session adjourned at 9:53 AM.