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County Commission Work Session 30 Dec 2019

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Riley.

1. Mr. Tim Covan came before the commission to talk once more of building an arena. He announced that this year’s calf show is scheduled for Saturday, 29 February, 2020.

He also spoke of getting a stage built. The city has agreed to support him in building this stage. Cost is a little over $10,000.00. He asked the commission for assistance in funding this. The stage will be a multi-purpose usage item. The commission agreed to talk to the city and meet again on giving assistance.

2. Revenue Commissioner Jimmie Bell came before the commission to respond to tasking giving him at the last meeting. Mr. Bell asked for either blinds or tint for the windows in his office spaces that face the hall. He was told to get prices and return. The prices are: Tint….$200.00……Blinds $310.48.

To have action taken during meeting.

3. County Engineer Winston Foshee had nothing to report. Mr. Foshee was asked about the impending charge to be levied on employees using county vehicles to travel from home to work and return.

There is a fee of $3.00 supposed to be charged when an employee takes a county vehicle home. Mr. Foshee noted that call out crews should not have to pay the usage fee when they are being called out. Everyone agrees. General consensus was, it’s in the handbook and should be followed that employees using a county vehicle to travel to and from home to work and back should/would be charged the $3.00. More to follow.

4. County Administrator Stephanie Brown advised the commission body that District Judge Brock will be retiring on 14 January. She also informed the commissioners there will be a district meeting on 7 January 2020 at 6 PM.

Ms. Brown also addressed an issue from the previous meeting dealing with a dirt county discrepancy. Each time a load is taken from a pit it is to be documented to ensure the pit owner gets proper pay and help the county keep tab on usage. It was noted there was a difference of 58 loads between the excavator driver and truck drivers. This equates to lousy bookkeeping and inattention to detail.

It was noted that the employees involved in loading and moving dirt need to pay more attention to detail. It was also noted that dirt sheets needed to be turned in monthly for review. It was established the last day of the month was turn in time for these dirt sheets.

It was also noted graffiti had been painted on the side of the safe house. After discussion it was determined EMA Director Brock would take care of getting the graffiti removed and check into having cameras installed to help prevent these instances from occurring.

5. Animal Shelter Chief Impounding Officer Theresa Windham.

Ms. Windham came before the commission to explain the cost affiliated with her euthanize qualifications. She explained that the school she attended did not issue final qualification, she was required to work with a local vet and had some other requirements before she could be certified, plus this certification is an on- going program. She explained how, after completing the local training, she has to submit an application to the board of veterinary medicine for approval. They, in turn, come and inspect the facility and issue a permit. She will then be issued a DEA license to be able to acquire and order the medicine needed.

In conjunction with this explanation, she also informed the commission body that the ceiling in the front room has yet to be repaired, it is still on the verge of falling down. Also, the front office lights are not working properly. She was advised to see what see could do toward getting these problems fixed.

6. Commissioner’s Comments and Announcements.

District 2 Commissioner Riley announced that one of his employees was retiring and he requested that he be allowed to do an “in house” advertising for replacement.

7. News Media Comments: Nothing

Adjourn: 9:40 AM