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Commission Work Session 10 Mar 2020

Meeting started by Chairman Millender at 9 AM.

1. Anthony Thames, Conecuh Country Prevention Coalition.

Mr. Thames introduced himself as a Drug Education Council Prevention Specialist. He described his job and responsibilities and asks for an office space that could be made available for his use 2-3 times per week.

After discussion and questions from the commission body Mr. Thames was advised help would be available to him but it was requested he first check with Circuit Judge Weaver to see how his position might interplay with the Judge’s desires on handling drug cases.

2. Ms. Felicia Parham:

Ms. Parham was not available. She represents the Board of Education Transportation Division and her scheduled topic was to be roads.

3. County Engineer:

Mr. Winston Foshee came before the commissioners to remind them the old Federal Aid Funded money is no longer available under the name, guise and regulations in place before. He did remind them a new program was in place and the county should be getting approximately $400,000.00 to be used in a less restrictive environment than the previous funds.

4. County Administrator:

Ms. Brown talked to the commission body about the ongoing problem and need

of a maintenance person. Everyone is still in agreement that a maintenance

person is needed. Ms. Brown wanted to know if there was a need to advertise

for the position.

The job description for a maintenance person was also discussed. Commissioners Millender and Andrews both spoke on the need of reviewing and upgrading the job description from its current description. It was noted that any changes would need to be presented to the Merit Board for their approval.

It was also noted the Merit Board is scheduled to meet on 11 March. General consensus is, get this info to the Merit Board and seek their approval on job description changes now.

E911 bathroom repair was also discussed. Final cost for repairs after the fire are $21,919.64.

Ms. Brown announced that the “Don’t Drop it on Alabama” program is scheduled to encompass the month of April.

Ms. Brown is attempting to procure a sign for the Louisiana-Pacific property on the Owassa Road. She had some options for the commissioners to work with. Commissioner Millender noted he has been in contact with Mr. Taylor, our former economic director and they had also discussed how to best identify the property.

Ms. Brown noted that both she and Mr. Taylor had been in contact with the owner of Southern Advertising and everyone seems to be chasing the same rabbit toward the hole on the sign part.

Ms. Brown advised the commission body she had been in contact with Auburn University as to how to incorporate the newly approved GPS systems in the dump trucks. She told the commissioners that Auburn recommended they establish a policy that did not consist of targeting a select group of employees and that a written policy did need to be in place.

5. Commissioner Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Campbell was recognized. Mr. Campbell noted he had been in contact with other counties who had also installed GPS on vehicles and noted they said it helped correct a lot of things they found to be wrong. Mr. Campbell went on to tell Commissioner Millender that he always told him to do what is right and now he wants to know why, after a 3-2 vote to put GPS on dump trucks Mr. Millender has not had it installed on his truck as of yet.

Millender admitted he did not have GPS on his trucks and told Campbell that he had already had a discussion on the GPS. Millender noted it cost extra to have the GPS installed and he had no problem with that provided a person caught breaking the rules received punitive action. Mr. Millender went on to say that the recent situation dealing with one of Mr. Campbell’s workers making dirt deliveries to a private individual in another commissioner’s district.

Mr. Millender went on to indicate that Mr. Campbell’s handling of that situation was not proper or in accordance with the handbook and he refuses to pay the additional funds for the GPS tracking until an agreement has been reached as to what actions will be taken when the rules are being broken. In addition, Mr. Millender indicated that he felt the GPS being put on the dump trucks might very well fit the description of “targeting” that Auburn had cautioned them about.

He continued and added that the only reason GPS was being put on the trucks was because there are Commissioners that cannot control their men and are trying to create an alibi to cover them for the last incident that happened.

Mr. Campbell responded that the GPS would give an opportunity to check what and where the truck had been. He went on to state that he had no witnesses come to him about the last incident.

Commissioner Andrews asked the county attorney if a new policy dealing with the GPS aspect needed to be added to the handbook. The attorney stated that the handbook already had comprehensive coverage for dealing with violations of the rules and regulation.

Commissioner Millender again questioned if the picking of the 6 trucks could constitute targeting. Commissioner Campbell responded by saying that it could help keep track of loads of dirt.

Mr. Andrews asked if the body wanted to increase the targeting area by including the pickups and motor graders. It was noted motor graders already have GPS’s on them but the contract for them is about to run out.

Mr. Campbell stated the installed stated he could come back on Friday to install the GPS units.

Commissioner Millender asked if there were any more comments.

The Chairman moved to the area of pickup trucks and the $3.00 charge applied to using them. He noted that the agreement had been if the vehicles were left at a designated yard there would be no charge however, some of the people taking these vehicles home were not paying the required charges. He proceeded to ask Mr. Andrews where his yard was at, to which Andrews responded at his foreman’s home, where it’s been since well before he became a commissioner. When Commissioner Riley was asked he responded with his designated yard. The same with Mr. Byrd. Commissioner Campbell stated he had a bunch of them.

Mr. Millender noted that Mr. Campbell’s response was exactly what was wrong with the system. Mr. Millender noted that his men paid the $3.00 per day as did all the other employees in the other districts yet, because Mr. Campbell has established all these yards, his people pay no extra fee for driving a county vehicle home. Mr. Millender went on to say that he had heard Mr. Campbell’s man had said he was not going to pay the fee. Mr. Campbell further identified his employee driving the truck as “Chris” who has always driven a county vehicle home. He went on to ask if he could park his vehicle down the road.

Millender immediately informed him that was not the issue that had been voted on. The issue was either park the vehicle at the designated yard or pay the $3.00, something Mr. Campbell has tried to forestall by the establishment of yards all over the county.

Mr. Millender then addressed another subject dealing with emergency call out and pay. Quite some time back a callout procedure was established with rotating districts and the engineering department being on call to handle after hour emergencies. Along with this callout procedure it was established that any group called out regardless of how much time was involved, they would receive at least 4 hours worth of pay. What should be a reasonably simple system has morphed into an excuse to get overtime. (Note the commission meeting report of District 1 getting 20 hours of overtime).

The procedure for call out is E911 will have a listing of who is on call for that period of off duty time. It has come to light that sometime the crew that is on callout does not respond therefore another crew is called out. Sometimes there are more than one crew called out.

Commissioner Millender questioned Commissioner Campbell about the air conditioning work he had checked on. Mr. Campbell said he had been unable to locate anyone to do the job.

The meeting closed out