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Commission Work Session 23 July 2019

Chairman Riley started the work session at 9 AM by calling on EMA Director Brock.

Mr. Brock stated that, as directed, he had contacted Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood about the perceived A/C problems at the safe room. Complaints had been turned in that one of the A/C units did not seem to be performing.

Mr. Brock reported that there is no further warranty on the A/C units other than a warranty on the compressor. This will necessitate that someone in the A/C business be contacted to check out what problem(s) may exist with the A/C units.

The lack of warranty on the A/C units led to further discussion about what kind of bang are we getting for our buck in the warranty world. Commissioner Millender voiced that the warranties offered by what seems to be a continuing group of flim-flam artist need to have a closer (legal) look at them and the county needs to find a way to hold the contractor responsible.

It was also noted that the rental agreement for the safe room needs to be reevaluated and some changes incorporated. Back to back (weekend) rental possibilities need to be worked out as to key pickup and return. Also, cleanup of the building and how it’s to be handled is another subject for discussion. It was noted that smaller trash cans and bags need to be available.

The rental contract also needs a cancellation clause in it. We can’t lose sight of what that building was built for and the fact that it was paid for from grant money. Safety of citizens is the top priority and in the event of inclement weather, that building must be made available to those seeking/needing shelter/safety.

EMA Director Brock noted that WIFI and TV needed to be available in the building so those in shelter there will be able to communicate and determine what is going on weather-wise.

County Engineer Foshee was unavailable for the meeting.

County Administrator Brown:

Ms. Brown advised the commission body of cost associated with a variety of A/C components that need replacing. This is to be addressed in the regular meeting.

She also talked to the commissioners about the Economical Director’s contract. In conjunction with the contract, there was some discussion about funding of the Economic Department for the remainder of this year and next year requirements. We are now down to 1 Economic Director.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Chairman Riley advised the commissioners that he had been on the courthouse roof to look things over and see what he could about the leakage problem we’ve had. He noted there were several minor cracks. In his opinion, the roof needs resealing and re-flashing.

Leakage around the windows in the courthouse is also a problem. It seems that seals around the windows are allowing water to come through and creating more leak problems. Commissioner Millender stated that he thought the windows in question were supposed to have a lifetime warranty on them.

Commissioner Millender recommended that someone be hired to do the repair job ASAP before these problems lead to more.

More discussion about A/C units and their warranty ensued. It was pointed out that the A/C units purchased and in use by the county were consider commercial units and the warranty of commercial units was less than that of residences. Commissioner Campbell stated he knew someone in the business and he would check with them and get a good insight of what is and is not supposed to be covered under warranty.

There were no news media comments.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 AM with regular commission meeting to start at 10 AM.