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Commission Work Session 13 Aug 2019

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Riley.

1. Theresa Windham…..Animal Shelter

Ms. Windham ask that she be allowed to take some of the Animal Shelter animals to a pet adoption fair sponsored by Tractor Supply of Andalusia. Ms. Windham talked to the store manager over the weekend and they came to a mutual agreement that, should she supply animals for their adoption show, she could get all surplus dog and cat food from Tractor Supplies impending reset. What a great deal for the county. A chance to adopt some of the animals out and to get some free food for those remaining.

Ms. Windham also ask that the $25.00 adoption fee for the county be waived for one month. Something along the lines of what others are doing for a back to school special.

These issues will be taken up during the regular meeting.

2. Honorable Steve Fleming, Probate Judge

Mr. Fleming came before the commission body to request a $25.00 per day raise for poll workers. He noted it has been quiet sometime since these workers have received a raise and they are due. He also noted there will be some changes made at the polls this year. One change that is extremely noteworthy is allowing 16 year old students to observe the operation of the polls and what happens during a voting cycle. A little show and tell beneficial to all.

The judge also pointed out a needed upgrade to the software systems used by the probate office and by the motor vehicle registration office.

It will initially cost $30K per office to introduce, however, there will be no charge to the county because he has budgeted for these upgrades. He also believes that within a year the cost of the system for the probate office may well be paying for itself.

3. Johnny Brock EMA Director

Mr. Brock informed the commission body the A/C in the Safe Room has been repaired at a very minimal cost. Seems there was a broken belt on one of the A/C units and it now runs like a champ.

Discussion of rental agreements, key turnover and procedures to be followed with the Safe Room were discussed again. There should be an updated contract forthcoming.

4. Randy Brock Sheriff

Sheriff Brock talked of an agreement between his office and Franklin Medical about dental care for inmates. Franklin Medical has a jam-up dental facility in Brewton and what Franklin Medical has purposed would make it foolish to turn it down.

The sheriff has picked up 6 Federal inmates and has been assured he will be getting more soon. The good aspect about this is, currently each Federal inmate jailed in our facility earns the county $38.00 per day. When the money is allocated, $23.00 per day goes into the county general fund. Sheriff Brock stated that the $38.00 should increase to $45.00 soon which will put that much more money in Conecuh’s coffers.

5. Winston Foshee County Engineer

Mr. Foshee brought information that Alabama is entering into a program called ATRIP II which is similar to the old ATRIP program except this one does not call for any matching county funds etc. to be applied. Mr. Foshee noted that up to $2 Million dollars can be applied for and he wants permission to apply for it.

6. Stephanie Brown County Administrator

Ms. Brown noted that some board positions are up for re-nomination, one of which is a board Chairman Riley is currently on.

Also, Ms. Marion Booker and Ms. Mary Moncrease’s position on the DHR board is expiring.

Ms. Brown noted our budget year is approaching and suggested setting a meeting soon so the county can set up it’s 30 day until out program. She noted there are only 2 more regular commission meetings before drop dead time. It was suggested setting up a meeting on 27 Aug at 1 PM. To be addressed during regular meeting.

7. Commissioners Comments and Announcements

Commissioner Wendell Byrd noted that traditionally the 3 Saturday in August has been considered Nymph day for recognition of the community and family reunions. He asked that a resolution be passed appointing the 3 Saturday of August as Nymph day be endorsed and proclaimed. For the regular meeting.

No other business for the work session, it was closed at 9:55 AM.