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Commission Work Session 25 Feb 2020

Meeting called to order at 9 AM by Chairman Millender.

1. Anthony R. Thames-County Prevention Coalition. Not here.

2. Tim Covin- Arena

Mr. Covin has been working for quite some time to get an arena in the local area. He is still working that project but has introduced an alternate way to go at things just to get it kicked off.

He proposed a stage be built first and can be used for a variety of projects. The project in mind for this part is the “Back To School Bash.” He introduced this at the last work session and was asked to work up some plans and talk with the city as to what they would cover.

Tim has come back with the plans for a 20 X 30 stage with a 10’ oval toward the front. The back is to be covered in and top overlapped so any electrical instruments used will have a place out of any inclement weather. Total cost comes in at $19,850.00 and the city has agreed to spend up to $10,000.00. The stage is to be built in steps using local contractors to supply items such as, Evergreen Concrete suppling all concrete parts.

After discussion the commission determined they would accept and pay invoices for portions of the stage. They ultimately agreed to pay $8,000.00 + dollars to pay for the concrete and one other portion of the work. To be addressed in the regular session.

3. County Engineer Foshee:

Mr. Foshee informed the commission that he had taken action on getting the GPS for 6 dumptrucks. Cost $25.00 per month. Can install tomorrow (Wednesday 26 Feb. 2020) starting at 9 AM.

Mr. Foshee also noted he has bids to open on guard rails for the bridge on C. R. 63. Approximately 1-1 ½ hrs. per truck.

4. County Administrator:

Ms. Brown advised the commission that PROAIR has an estimate of $24,230.00 for the cooling tower refurbishment. To be addressed during regular meeting.

Ms. Brown asked how the commission desired to incorporate the random drug testing procedures they have approved. She informed them that 2 qualified drug testers had expressed desire to work with the county on this. To be addressed in regular meeting.

The county website will no longer be maintained as it was. Changes in software suppliers, etc. necessitates changes be made. Due to changes in the Probate and Revenue Offices IMS will not be hosting the county website. Ms. Brown is looking now for someone to pick up the slack and host the county website. When this finally comes to a transaction she is sure the web site material will be transferred to a new website and more info will be distributed.

5. Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Campbell asked the age of the cooling tower.

Chairman Millender directed Campbell coordinate and find out all info he can on the cool tower and be prepared to give a report during next work session. Need to take action prior to hot days ahead and fears that the current system cannot hold up to another years demands.

Commissioner Andrews stressed the need that the county needed a maintenance man to keep county buildings and equipment up.

6. News Media:

I asked if Economic Director Taylor was still affiliated with the county or was he completely out of the picture. Unfortunately, Mr. Taylor has moved on to greener pastures.

Work session ended. Stand by for regular meeting at 10 AM.