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Conecuh County Commission Work Session Meeting 26 March 2019

The informal work session meeting began at 9 AM with Mr. Bob Watts, perspective grant writer introducing himself and listing some of his accomplishments. He stated he had an 85% success rating with submitted grants and that he started first writing grants in 1985.

Mr. Watts noted that he was prepared to start working immediately. He was advised the commission would take everything under consideration.

Next to speak was Ms. Tiffany Kaylor employed by the Judicial System. Ms. Kaylor has been working in Escambia County and is planning a move to Conecuh County. She hopes to pick up her work within the 35 judicial system. Her work takes nothing away in county funds, it is a self-sustaining business paid by the Department of Corrections. As she described it, she works with people who have problems within the legal system but are redeemable. Her job is to help these people back into regular society.

County Engineer Foshee talked to the commission body about purchasing a 500-gallon herbicide tank with a trailer for use in the county to hold back on unwanted growth on our roads, both dirt and paved, during the impending spring/summer rush. He noted that these tanks are $6,200.00 each and encouraged the commission body to seriously consider getting one on hand for consideration. If it works, another can be purchased.

County Administrator Brown advised the commission body of things that would need to be voted on during the regular meeting.

1. The extension office desires to expand their spaces by adding a storage shed to the back of the building.

2. An ALATOM meeting is scheduled for 10 April in Jackson, AL There will be a $20.00 fee for any attending. Commissioners need to let her know soon.

3. Conecuh Oldtown Black Belt Heritage group has asked to use the Veterans Monument for their annual Heritage Day celebration to take place on 10 May.

4. The polling place in Belleville is still a topic of conversation. Commissioner Millender suggested Judge Fleming, Probate Judge, take a look at the situation surrounding this polling place.

The county attorney was not available for his spot on the agenda.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Millender, District 5, addressed the ongoing attempt to acquire an animal arena. He suggested Ms. Fortis, assisted by Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood be allowed to move forward with plans for the best utilization of the (in planning) multi-purpose arena.

Commissioner Andrews noted District 3 was in dire need of a backhoe.

Economic Director:

The county was presented with a proposed formal guideline to be used in conjunction with Economic Development within the county. It outlines guides with figures and time computed in for any impending businesses planning to move into the area. It basically outlines how much money, land, tax breaks, etc. a company can count on the county for. The more that is realistically offered, the more the county will strive to work with them.

It was noted the current industrial average salary is a touch over $16.00 per hour.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 AM