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Commission Work Session 28 Jan 2020​

Mr. Johnny Brock- EMA Director:

1. Safe-room---Camera System. Has estimate from Miller Alarm for 8 cameras, 1 monitor and 16 video recorder. No other bids received at this time. Commissioners recommend resending bid options to get a possible better price. Bids will be looked at next meeting.

2. Safe-room- contract agreement: needs doctoring up some. Fire alarms went off during one of the periods the room was rented out. Turns out someone was frying chicken in the warming kitchen and caused the alarms to trigger. Update contract to show no cooking in the building.

3. EMA/E-911 bathroom fire. Insurance adjuster desires estimates. Policy is a $1,000.00 deducible. One bid in at this time from Darwin Covin $3,000.00.

4. Thanks to Mr. Brock’s efforts, Conecuh County has successfully met EMA requirements and had in hand a check for $29,824.00 to turn into the county.

Winston Foshee, County Engineer:

1. Mr. Foshee noted that a grant applied for under the program “Rebuild AL” fell short and we did not get it. It can be reapplied for later this year.

2. When questioned about CDBG road grants, Mr. Foshee noted they too were unsuccessful. Must wait until next year to reapply.

3. When asked about the cleanup at the Louisiana Pacific area he responded that the work was completed except for the debris cleanup which should be completed soon.

4. The county is set to move forward on cutting and selling the timber on the new site. Some discussion on how to get pay for it, either by lump sum or tonnage sale. Discussion on what to do with the proceeds from this timber sale leaned in favor of putting the money back into the area for further improvement and potential salability. The recommendation was for Mr. Foshee to head up the “timber project.”

Stephanie Brown, County Administrator:

1. Ms. Brown noted she had a bid for ceiling repair in the animal shelter. $875.54 submitted by Salter’s Construction. Commissioners instructed her to send out other bid packages.

2. Ms. Brown advised the Commissioners they were invited to Courtroom A at 11 AM Friday for the swearing in ceremony of new District Judge Clinton Hyde.

Commissioner’s Comments and Announcements:

1. Mr. Matt Salter with Salter’s A/C noted maintenance on the cooling tower has not been accomplished. Mr. Salter noted that problems within the system with the boilers used for warmth are not working. The product used to clean these items are feeding directly into them vice circulating. It gets more complicated. If you want more info, talk to the A/C man.

2. Commissioner Millender noted that current Economic Developer, Jeff Taylor, plans on staying through the completion of the LA-PAC project however, how does the county propose to compensate him?

Coupled with this, Mr. Millender stated his belief that the county needs to increase efforts to find someone to take Mr. Taylor’s place and allow them to become involved in this project too.

(Side note) Conecuh seems to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel that might not be an oncoming train only to lose the talents of Mr. Taylor. You know he must have some redeemable features of the Governor of Kentucky, Mr. Taylor’s home state, has contacted him and asked him to come to work for the state. What a gain for Kentucky, what a loss for Conecuh.

3. Commissioner Campbell questioned Mr. Foshee if there would be any problem with putting county signs on the sides of trucks and assigning a truck number to them.

Mr. Campbell also asked about possible GPS for trucks. Mr. Foshee said he could check into the GPS situation but felt certain it was available.

Mr. Campbell also asked about random drug screening for employees. After discussion it was determined the County Employee Handbook had a section dealing with this and should be followed.

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