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Meeting called to commence at 9 AM by Chairman Riley.

The agenda is as follows:

1. Revenue Commissioner Jimmy Bell brought forth his office computer(s) are in need of program updates. He suggested getting rid of servers and going with the “cloud” for a storage program.

He also announced that he had been in contact with “Ingenuity”, a company dealing with program updates. He also stated that he had money in his budget to cover, at least, the majority of cost associated. Ingenuity will and can do an “in house” update of all programs in both the revenue office and the appraisal office for a cost of $70,000.00 initially and a yearly fee of $27,000.00 thereafter. Using this system will ensure there are at least 3 backups of files used by both these offices. To be addressed in regular meeting.

2. County Engineer Foshee reports that a resolution has been prepared and is awaiting approval. This is for a CDBG grant regarding roads.

To be addressed in regular meeting.

3. County Administrator Stephanie Brown advised the commission that there was no A/C in the Community Action Building. To be addressed.

She also announced that both Sparta and Hillcrest schools has requested the commission to participate in placing their annual advertisement in the school news. Cost is $250.00 for each publication. To be addressed.

4. It was announced the current budget appears to be in line and meeting expectations. There will be a budget meeting on the 23 (TBA). It is requested from all departments to have budget request in by the 19. Department Heads please take heed.

5. Commissioners comments and announcements:

Commissioner Riley noted the A/C in the front section of the Animal Shelter is not functioning. This issue had come before the commission and was approved for a new purchase in May but, due to lack of funding in the Animal Shelter’s budget, it had not been repaired. It was directed that money be moved from another area and proceed with replacing the A/C. To be addressed in regular meeting.

Commissioner Millender noted problems with rental of the safe room.

Complaints of the building not being clean was forwarded to the commission

by a citizen that utilized the facility. After much discussion it was determined

that the building will be inspected before and after any privately scheduled

events. A member of the Court House cleaning staff will be responsible to

conduct this inspection.

A complaint about the A/C not cooling was also discussed. It was concluded

that, due to the excessive heat we’ve been encountering, to check the A/C and

ensure it is operating within proper parameters. If not, hello contractor.

6. There were no news media comments.

Work session adjourned.