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Commission Work Session 9 June 2020

Call to order at 9:05 AM by Chairman Millender.

Agenda items: 1. Help funding a boat for the Conecuh Rescue Squad, 2. Mr. Bob Watts, Community Development Group, Public Hearing, 3. Mr. Jimmy Bell, Revenue Commissioner, 4. Other issues.

Commissioner Andrews, District 3 announced his district was in need of truck driver, Equipment Operator 3. The current driver stepped down and Mr. Andrews wants permission to advertise for a replacement.

County Engineer Foshee advised the commission body that the road going to the new pit is in bad shape and needs repairs to be able to continue use. He noted he has already started work on it and has received support but feels this support should be spread though out the other districts. Mr. Foshee said he will need a dozer operator plus a dump truck.

Mr. Foshee also wants to get the guard rail on the bride on C. R. 63 installed A. S. A. P.

Chairman Millender talked of the new sign made for the newly acquired property on C. R. 29, formerly belonging to Louisiana Pacific. He suggested the commissioners make a trip to the site after the meeting and select the spot where the sign would be placed. He also questioned Mr. Foshee about the cleanup of some trash piles and other debris in the area. Mr. Foshee advised the area was cleared.

Revenue Commissioner Bell advised that tomorrow, 10 May, was the date for the delinquent tax land tax sale. Mr. Bell asked for some guidelines he could follow in the event the sale could not be conducted on the courthouse steps. Holding the sale in the large courtroom or possibly the safe room were options discussed.

Mr. Bell noted anything held inside in the courthouse would be very uncomfortable due to no A/C. Ultimate decision, he will proceed with the sale on the courthouse steps and will deal with it should the weather not cooperate.

The lack of A/C was addressed by County Administrator Brown. She stated KemAcqua has diagnosed the problem to be a poor outlet to the chemical control and noted a GFI outlet needs replacing. Estimated cost for this repair is $2,375.08. This is in addition to the $23,000.00+++ for the repair to the cooling tower. Chairman Millender tasked Commissioner Riley to check into this and see if there might be a more economical repair available.

Mr. Robby Moore, Conecuh County Rescue Squad, came before the commission body asking for a $2,500.00 donation to help fund a needed rescue boat. He noted that currently the rescue squad has been using personal boats and/or other rescue units when a water recovery is required. Mr. Moore noted the City of Evergreen has pledged a like amount to help the rescue squad.

Discussion on this donation amongst the commissioners showed 2 commissioners were not in favor of donating the full amount of money. Commissioner Campbell noted that should they contribute to the Rescue Squad there were 21 other volunteer rescue agencies in the county that would be asking for help too and the county simply cannot meet all their needs. Commissioner Riley noted that the budget for this year is not in the best shape, revenues are down and suggested a contribution of a lesser nature. The 3 remaining commissioners were in favor of the funding.

Mr. Bob Watts and County Engineer Foshee discussed the road CDBG. Mr. Watts noted that survey forms for number of buildings and residents had been circulated. He noted these surveys are important and needed. He also advised any changes should be noted and updated. Mr. Foshee’s road repair/paving plan has been in place for quite some time and the consensus is to continue following it.

Projected costs of improvements and projected CDBG funds (with match) equals $481,894.00. These are estimated cost with the counties match bearing portion being $114,220.00. Approximately $17,674.00 will be the cash amount needed.

Ms. Brown noted she was in receipt of a thank you letter from the David Burt Building dealing with getting ServPro to take care of them.

Meeting adjourned at 9:58 AM.