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Commission Mtg. 14 November 2018

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Andrews. Invocation offered by Commissioner Campbell followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call showed all members present with the exception of Commissioner Millender.

Approve the Agenda:

Approved by unanimous vote.

Approve previous minutes of both commission and E-911:

Approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/personnel Report:

Ms. Brown made this report.

There were no new hires, one separation from the jail and 2.5 hours of overtime. After review payroll/personnel report was approved by unanimous vote.

Approval of Claims:

There were no over the limit claims for the gasoline fund however, the general fund had 2 over the limit claims and 2 invoices. The invoices were for Baldwin County Juvenile detention facilities at a cost of $6,405.00. Economic Developer Suttles submitted an invoice for $231.19. Claims were approved by unanimous vote.

Revenue Commissioner:

Mr. Bell informed the commission body that he needed chairman’s signature on two projects, one dealing with a copier lease and the other for the flyover county mapping. This was already in the budget so the commissioners agreed to approve.

Sheriff’s Department:

Sheriff Brock was on hand to discuss the surplus vehicles on the Gov. Deal list. It was determined to sell these vehicles for the current bids.

EMA Director:

The camera system was discussed briefly before a motion was made to move and shift camera’s as recommended by Mr. Brock. This motion passed by unanimous vote.


Mr. Foshee introduced his recommendation on the bridge repair on County Road 63. He advised that he had taken all the low bids. Total cost to the county for this repair; $398,926.96. Approved by unanimous vote.

Mr. Foshee suggested coordinating plans for the Christmas Party.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown recommended an amendment to the budget to add funds to the Sheriff’s budget to cover cleaning he needs done. This meet with full approval.

2019 weather holidays tax exempt days. Ms. Brown advised the commission they could continue to vote on these tax exempt dates annually or, they could approve them to continue until otherwise changed by the commission. A unanimous vote to continue until changed was registered.

The current County Depositories were approved by unanimous vote.

The Holiday Schedule was approved as written by Ms. Brown. The general concession was to handle any conflicts as they arose.

It was suggested the Christmas Party be handled as last year whereby each person pay $10.00 and the party be catered.

The water intrusion problem will be investigated by Commissioner Riley.

It was determined to advertise for the Animal Shelter position and move forward with filling that position as soon as possible.

Commissioner Campbell nominated Ms. Jane Hawsey to replace Mr. Aubury Padgett on the Merit Board. Approved by unanimous vote.

Motion to adjourn at 10:34 was approved.