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Commission Meeting 11 June 2018

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd, prayer by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call showed all members present.

The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote. Commissioner Millender remarked that the minutes of the regular meeting may create a cause for concern with auditors if and when the next audit comes. He was concerned about motion made about the redistribution of funds already in the budget. Primarily $240k designated for dirt roads was put back in the general fund. Again, his concern was how to answer the auditors should the occasion arise.

Payroll/personnel report:

There was one new hire at the jail as a Corrections Officer and one separation in the engineering department. There were 2 hours of overtime claimed by the motor vehicle department. Report was approved by unanimous vote.

Claims Approval:

There were 9 claims over the $500.00 limit in the general fund and 1 claim over the $3,000.00 limit in the gasoline fund. Claims were approved by unanimous vote.

Conecuh Safe Room:

Ms. Stallman was on hand to encourage the commission to approve a motion requesting the additional funding that should be the counties for claiming so far as the safe room goes. It was noted that the commission did not feel the contractors should be released as there had been no final punch list walk through. EMA Director Brock noted there had been a problem noted when he attempted to get telephones installed in the building. There is some type of wiring problem whereby the phones could not be installed. Ms. Stallman advised the commission body to withhold the final payment due the contractor until all concerns were met and corrected.

James Leon Windham-Concerned Citizen:

I was granted the opportunity to speak on my feelings about the impending chairmanship change due on 22-23 June. See a copy of my statement at the end of this report.

Jerome Gray and Jerome Boykin-NAACP Concerns for county matters:

Mr. Gray came before the commission to address the seeming lack of concern for the citizens of Pleasant Hill/Spring Hill and the county road there. Mr. Gray gave his analogy including some comparisons to a TV program dealing with brides and dresses and stated the citizens on the road in question were much like the actors in the program. He stated that when all the smoke clears the commission needs to buy some dresses for those citizens.

Basically what has happened (as I see it) the citizens of Pleasant Hill/Spring Hill area have been pushed backwards for at least the past 12 years with promises of road paving being given and then taken away. Today’s point by both Mr.’s Gray and Boykin was a movement attempting to get the commission to agree to pave the road now. No decision was made at this time.

EMA Director:

Mr. Johnny Brock addressed the commission body about the camera situation again. He had attempted to get the grant requests scheduled to another time as he felt there was not enough time to complete the project and the county would be held responsible for the cost if the project was not completed. Mr. Brock noted he had been granted an increase in the time table until 31 August which would give about 5 weeks to complete the project if they could roll now and establish a company to complete the work. Most discussion leaned toward the probable factor the job could not be finished in the time. The commission body put the onus on Mr. Brocks back asking him to rebid the contract and see what might possibly come up.

Mr. Brock also noted that in conjunction with the county safety incentive program whereby the county has been successful in getting additional funds in the past, a new requirement has been added in that buildings and vehicles will now fall under the same inspection program. It was noted that this program needed a coordinator. Mr. Brock was appointed to be this coordinator by unanimous vote.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee announced some bids needed to be opened dealing with surface treatment of C. R.’s 32; 33 and 19. When the bids were opened S & C of Troy Alabama was the lowest bidder. Mr. Foshee noted the county had worked with them before and had no problems; he went on to recommend they be awarded the bid. Motion to approve passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Foshee advised the old motor graders of the county would be actioned off Wednesday in Montgomery.

Mr. Foshee also advised the commission that, after he had been tasked with an estimated cost for an arena access road, he estimated the cost to be between $170-200K.

andrews stated to Mr. Foshee that he understood the new motor graders came with a series of bells and whistles to include being able to tell when that motor grader was in operation, what road(s) it was doing and the actual performance factor of the work being done. When Foshee answered in the affirmative andrews then asked, considering three different motor graders operated in his district, if he could get a printed read out of those motor graders. He feels as if some of his constituents may be getting shorted or ignored currently. Foshee responded there would be no problem supplying him with this.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown is in receipt of an invoice from one of the voting houses for a $225.00 rental fee. It has been the norm in the past to pay $100.00. This is one of those special deals that, until things get relocated properly, the county is going to be stuck with this bill. It was duly noted that if actions are not taken immediately, all the voting houses will want to increase their fee’s to this amount.

Commissioner Riley noted this was a special circumstance and recommend they pay the $225.00 for the past cycle and the upcoming runoff cycle. Commissioner Millender noted that to facilitate the situation and give the commission a time frame to work in to get this issue behind us that the $225.00 fee is paid through the November general election. That way it would relieve some of the heat on the commission to find another location. Motion made and passed by unanimous vote.

It was noted that Ms. Leigh had attended and passed all courses for her initial round of becoming qualified in her position. It is now time for round two to start. The funding for these classes is paid through ATRC.

It was noted that some problems with payment to the current janitorial crew has put them in a position where they have to jockey hours between employees and they’ve asked for some help. Ms. Brown was told to advertise for the position of part time janitorial worker. A motion to approve was passed by unanimous vote.

Ms. Brown noted that the commission chairmanship was due to rotate with 22 June being Mr. Byrd’s last day and 23 June being andrews first day. Commissioner Riley noted that he felt there should be some discussion to be held on this move before finalizing it.

It was first suggested that a special meeting be called and, when asked, the attorney stated there should be five day notice before the meeting could be called. The attorney noted that a special call meeting only needed 24 hours but a motion must be passed by unanimous vote. When a motion to have an emergency call meeting was made all commissioners with the exception of andrew’s voted yes.

A special call meeting set for Friday, 15 June at 9 AM passed by a vote of 4-1 with andrew’s again being the negative vote. Andrew’s was on the verge of tears asking the attorney isn’t a person presumed innocent until proven guilty. (The hit dog hollers loudest).

The meeting was originally scheduled as an executive session meeting under good name and character until I told the commission body that they could not do this for an elected official. After they consulted with the attorney, he stated he was in belief I was correct but he would investigate and find out.

County Attorney:

Mr. Anthony Bishop noted that non-disclosure agreements should be a standard portion of interviews.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

andrews noted that a problem had arisen in Castleberry this past Saturday. A train parked in such a manner it blocked both R/R crossings in Castleberry. An issue of what would have happened had there been a medical emergency occur during the SEVERAL hours these crossing were blocked. Decision to allow both the County Sheriff and the County EMA to contact and discuss this problem with CSX.

andrews stated he had checked the pay of poll workers in surrounding counties and stated that Escambia County pays their workers an additional $25.00 per work day.

Commissioner Riley noted he had heard the same thing.

Before a motion to increase their pay it was suggested that the sheriff and probate judge be involved in any discussions.

Commissioner Byrd asked for permission to do a temp. hire for his road crew. One of his crew will be on medical leave due to an operation caused by an on-the-job injury.

Request received unanimous approval.

Motion to adjourn approved by unanimous vote.