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County Commission Mtg. 13 August 2018

Call to order by Chairman Andrews at 9 Ami. Invocation by Commissioner Byrd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of the Agenda:

Commissioner Millender asked for clarification dealing with item #9 on the agenda (Economic Development Report). Mr. Millender noted this seemed to be an open-ended subject and noted that in the past some explanation of what “economic development” consisted of. Chairman Andrews stated that he and the County Administrator Brown had discussed this item and he had determined it could/would be a good place to get any reports on the economic development aspects.

Commissioner Millender stated that he believed the heading needed additional details, more of a who, what, when situation. He asked if Mr. Boykin (in the audience) were to show up with an economic development report would he be allowed to give it in that slot.

The agenda was approved after this discussion.

Approval of the previous minutes:

Commissioner Millender noted that Mr. Bell (Tax Revenue) gave an omission and errors report at the last meeting and this issue had not been voted on for approval by the commission. , Mr. Bell will provide the commission body with another copy by the next meeting for the counties pleasure. The remainder of the minutes was approved as read.

Payroll/personnel Report:

There were no new hires, no separations no overtime. Ms. Leigh noted that Office Clerk had received 5 hours overtime for her work during the Election Day returns. Commissioner Millender questioned this 5 hours of pay noting it had not come before the commission body for approval. Chairman Andrews noted he had approved it based on the belief it had been approved in the past knowing that overtime would be involved in the voting returns.

After it was determined that all overtime request are to come before the commission board for approval.

Claims Approval:

There were four (4) claims over the general fund limit of $500.00 that required approval. There were no claims over the gasoline fund limit of $3,000.00 requiring approval.

Economic Development Report:

Economic Developer Mr. Suttles reported that he and Mr. Taylor would be on hand most of this week noting that this was to be a “push” week for them. Mr. Suttles stated he had attended the EDAA Conference last week and was able to touch base with several of his contacts and noting they were aware of his accepting a position at Conecuh County.

Ms. Brown spoke on the behalf of County Attorney Bishop saying Bishop suggested a meeting between all the groups dealing with economic development. This is to be a public meeting. A primary topic seems to be who will be showing the Gerber Building to potential clients.

After it was determined that a meeting will be arranged as soon as possible but the economic directors for both the city and county should be left out of this meeting.

Mr. Bishop and Ms. Brown were tasked to work together to set up this meeting.

EMA Director:

Mr. Johnny Brock gave a report on the installation project. He informed the commission work was starting today and should be finished by the end of the week. There was some discussion about camera placement. Mr. Brock noted this is a grant reimbursed expense and it is also time sensitive. He advised the commission that as soon as the invoice appears from the merchant it needs paying and signing so the bill can be forwarded immediately. The commissioners agreed to allow the chairman to sign the payment when the bill is presented.

County Engineer Foshee was unavailable for the meeting.

County Admin Report:

1. The ADF renewal is due. Cost of $32.50. Passed by unanimous vote.

2. Delta Software Agreement. Cost Revenue Office, $1,100.00; Tags, $1,240.00; Appraisal Office, $795.00; and Probate Office, $215.00. Unanimous vote to continue this service at these rates.

3. ACRC Project Host agreement, $1,000.00. Approved.

4. Water intrusion problems the public entrance. The project engineer who designed the building offered his services to study the problem for a cost of $6,100.00. Commissioner Millender stated it seemed to be foolish to pay to a person who was well paid to design the building and suggested seeking some alternate. Also, water intrusion in the probate office. King Glass has been contacted in the past. Suggested re-contacting them for evaluation.

5. Mr. Ben Harper turned down the counties offer of a part-time position for maintenance. Another gentleman has agreed to do maintenance under a $2,000.00 per month contract. After it was determined that further information was needed as to what this contract would cover.

6. Ms. Brown noted that we were not that far from an annual audit. It has been the standard in the past to hire an accounting group to prepare the books for the audit. Ms. Brown noted the auditors will not come in until this procedure is completed. Tabled for further discussion.

7. Ms. Brown is in receipt of a letter from Mr. Grace on the DHR board. He will no longer be available to serve. Mr. Grace did give a recommendation for someone to take his place. In conjunction with this, Mr. Tim Covin noted he desired to continue serving on the board. Mr. Covin was put in a position he had to resign while running for political office. Discussion on these issues of DHR board appointments were tabled until it could be determined if the persons being consider would be available for the board meetings.

8. ADEM right of way clean up agreement expires 30 Oct. Commissioner Millender suggested this issue be sent to the County Engineer for his evaluation.

9. ACCA special endorsement for nurse. It will cost $8,535.00 for nurse to get a special endorsement. No real way around this. Motion to approve passed.

10. A/C compressor replacement prices. Total cost $10,155.75. Commissioner Millender suggested taking bids for entire replacement of this ongoing problem.

County Attorney Anthony Bishop was unavailable.

Commissioners Comments and Announcement:

Commissioner Campbell noted the C. R. 63 Bridge was out and the road was closed. He also noted the bridge in Horton Curve on C. R. 42 was in dire straits for replacement. Approximant cost for these 2 bridges is roughly $1,000,000.00. A discussion of where and how to get this money ensued. Commissioner Millender suggested the county explore using a portion of the “Rainy Day” Fund. No absolute resolution to this situation occurred at this time. consensus is, the money has to come from somewhere.

Commissioner Millender reported on the Animal Shelter. He noted the cost factor is going up due to not before listed problems. His desire is to get a top quality building for the money we are spending on it.

Commissioner Riley suggested talking to the gentleman offering his services for County Maintenance work and see if he would accept an hourly rate.

There will be a Department Head Budget meeting after the next commission meeting.

News Media Comments:

I asked if the county ever conducted any road use checks. The response was yes, they are primarily conducted by the engineering department.

I suggested they take a close look at road use dealing with these high dollar bridges in the planning.

Adjourn: 10:20 AM